Reverse racism, Fit-shaming, Fighting Stereotypes, And The War On Men In Commercials

First of all, my spiritual father is a black man. Being black white or, Asian, do not define who we are. We are created in the image of God, and whatever color or race we are, God has created us so. But I fight against discrimination and racism, body shaming and enforcing a particular ideology on society as the dominant ideology when in reality it is not. In fact in this argument, I had a  significant support from my black friends who are tired of these commercials designed to make “black people” feel good which downwardly send the message that “black people don’t feel good and we need to force them to feel good” while they already feel good and consider this as reverse racism.

The subliminal content of commercials, music clips, and moral messages are universally anti-white, anti-male and anti-fit people. Why commercials around the western world ARE ideologically coordinated to transmit a unique message? Why is this happening only in white-western countries while in China, the Chinese feature only Chinese people and in India, the Indians feature only Indian people, in Arab countries they feature Arab people and in Africa, commercials feature ONLY black people?

For the last few years the pattern in all commercials is:

80% of people featured in Western commercials are black.

10% of people featured in Western commercials are Asian, Indian, and Arabs

The other 10% are very ordinary white people carefully selected for having dark hair and dark eyes and not being fit.

Within five commercials only one features a white blonde for a few seconds in a 3rd or 4th role regarding its importance

Families are ALL interracial where one of the parents is forcefully black, and the other is Asian

The white male is a stupid moron

The white guy is a fool token, and the black guy is the strength,

If the commercial has only one black person, he is the boss, or is the one who sets everything straight,

Gay people are the voice of reason,

Women are genius superwomen,

The increase in the appearance of black people in ads to form 80% of commercials while the ratio of black people in the US is 12% of the population, raises eyebrows.  Asians make 4-5% of the US population. Interracial marriages constitute 1% of the population. Transgender people make 0.01% of the entire population, and they are all over the commercials just like their social ratio is higher, but it is not. Every race in an ad is CAREFULLY thought out and selected for a reason.

The White male is the only group with no voice.

If a black person looks stupid, it would be racist, and the ad would be pulled off, and the company would immediately issue a public apology otherwise will be broke.

So why the demographics don’t fit the market? The pendulum has swung too far the other way. Is this because black people are richer and live a luxury life and buy more stuff, so ads are redirected to them? If so, where is the racism in America? And isn’t it racist to feature people who are rich only if they are black? Do you see it? There are many nods in here, but we simply pass by.

This is not because white liberal CEOs have a built-in shame-guilt complex about America’s history, and they want to demonstrate how evolved, open-minded and ‘non-racist’ they are because 1- many of them know nothing about the history and the past 2- they cannot be as coordinated as we see in this westernized pattern. They are commanded to do so and probably there is a filter that if they don’t, their commercial won’t pass. But filter by who? Which authority?

It’s not just in commercials… It’s also on TV shows, series, music videos, and Hollywood movies even in cartoons.

Take the Simpsons. Lenny is not so bright, but Carl is the smart guy; he has a master degree in Nuclear Physics, and Dr. Hibbert is a doctor for Homer, who is racially dumb.

I have selected some of these commercials here.











Glorifying Buffoon type of male by Gucci


The rest like:

1-Home Depot) The black guy asks the white worker who looks dumb several questions and he answers all the questions correctly. Then black guy puts on his vest to show that he is the white guy’s manager.

2-Southwest Airlines) The white guy is perplexed by all the charges for amenities and the black kid says “is this your first flight?”

3-Motel 6) White guy is a total caffeine freak and black guy takes the cup of coffee from him.

4-Avis Rental Car) The black guy opens his mouth and music come out while the white guy is dumbfounded, and the woman says she’ll take care of it then she and the black guy start a “conversation” in music.

5-Honda) The white guy is a moron says things like “my Civic is cool. It’s really fast!” The black guy is in the know saying “it gets 30 miles to the gallon and has anti-lock brakes.”

6-Cingular Wireless) Every single commercial feature a dumb white guy and an intelligent Asian guy.

And the list goes on…

Then there is reverse sexism where dad is a moron and mom is the only one that keeps things together. Dad does everything that mom says and is afraid of her.


And this video is made in 2013. Now in 2019, the attacks and making man-child characters is intensive.


But I think this Gillette Commercial is the most disgusting one they have ever made to attack boys, men, dads and the foundation of the family. Just like every man is a sexual predator in the eyes of deranged feminists of #metoo movement and again look at the ratio of black and Asian men in the clip.


And this was a brave response to man-shaming Gilette ad by Egard Watches


There is a cable commercial with a Hispanic family. A phone commercial with a black family. A car commercial with some Asians and the list goes on but there is no only white family as one of the parents, and some of the children are always black.

Then there are universities and job warranties.  I personally conducted research on racial recruitment which is terribly going on in silence and will be the subject of another article, but as an example, the University of Michigan gives black people 20 point bonus on their application just for being black, which blasts a combined 9 points for an outstanding essay, evidence of leadership and personal achievement. The trend is racial quota over merit.


The ad’s message is ‘it is hip to be black” but if it really is, why anybody needs to remind this to black people??

The overdoing of Oprah/Obama trend to the extent of exclusion of other significant races is racist. The scenario’s they concoct, and the dialogues are unnatural. Making the main white guy in the commercial the buffoon or idiot only results in the backlash, turning off the TV, and boycotting the company.

Then it is sports reporters where the majority of hockey reporters and anchors are east-Indian or Arabic, with blacks and then Asians finishing 4th and 5th in that department while withing all hockey players you may find only one Arab guy so why is this unrealistic push happening?

Programs with an overabundance of politically correct messages are disgusting because when I want to ease my mind and need to have 10 minutes away from all the political correctness during the day, and yet some phony company doesn’t respect my way of thinking and wants to  shove more political correctness down my throat to inspire ME to BUY!! its trash by featuring a disproportionate number of racial messages in their ads, I just memorize the name of that company to blacklist it from all my lists. It’s just like they say I hate you and I demonize you but buy me!

De-evolution of the culture doesn’t make anyone pay for anything. Show reality and not a fairy tale. What about the FBI’s crime stats?

Premiered Commercials which patronize a business that goes way overboard in portraying blacks over whites, women over men and gays over straights or pretty blondes who have a crush or are dating black men are far in excess of what happens in the overall US population and extremely far in excess of what really happens in the actual world. Unless things are not reflecting the real life in America, not one that makes American people look stupid in the eyes of people in other countries, you should just turn it off and boycott their products, movies, and TV shows.


Then there are all commercials and especially moral messages of companies who are anti-ethics and pretend to believe in ethics, featuring overweight women and skinny macaroni soy-boys as men to fit-shame people. Their content says it’s cool to be obese and ‘body positive” with an excessive belly bumping out of a tight and short t-shirt. They accuse other people of “fat shaming” and promote “body acceptance while fit-shaming fit people. Instead of reminding overweight people that being fat is not healthy and taking their health seriously is necessary; the trend is the reverse shaming.

So fit people are bad because they spend a lot of time curing themselves, pay attention to their health and what they eat. Recently I see a pattern in swimming pools and beaches that women with excessive proportions and not pretty faces attack those who are fit and ask them to cover themselves because overweight people are offended by their bodies. The pattern of blaming other people for your shortcomings is evident here. If you are obese and you are ok with it. Then be ok with it, but if you are really ok with it, you won’t be offended by a body which is fit and if you are offended, instead of asking other people to become different to make you feel better, do something about the source of your happiness.


The ad below was up in Sadiq Khan’s Londonistan who pulled it down for BODY SHAMING!! He claimed it has offended those who do not have a bikini body and the leftists anchor claims they have received thousands of requests to remove this offending ad.

Do you have any doubt who can protest against a “more than normal image” that for decades was a stereotype, feminine and fit?

I am sure this is not a western protest and I am confident that these claims come from the Muslim population in London and its Muslim mayor and their problem is not being fit but being naked.


Karl Lagerfeld,  Abercrombie & Fitch, have caused public outrage by choosing oversized models but the flipside of fit shaming is ok. A skinny bitch, narcissist, body fascist, and fat-nazi are new fit-shaming verbal attacks.

Fat glorifying is now a feminist cause. Physically discipline, watching what to eat, and exercising five times a week is now ‘weakness” and being fat is “self-acceptance base on strength.” Today a fit woman shouldn’t say: “it takes willpower to stay slim” or “it would be easier just to eat anything I want, but I don’t”; or ” I’m often hungry mid-morning, but I wait until lunchtime.” Above all, it’s a crime to say “I prefer being slim.”

They have associated both obesity (men-women) and noodleism (for men)  with feminism, race and religion and demand obesity and soy-boy category should be distinguished as any other race and if you look closer you will see these type of “obesity parade” actually happens in feminist communities no matter if they are men or women. Conservative Americans who are overweight (and they are many) love fit people and are aware of their condition and either don’t care or are never offended by seeing another dude with a six-pack.

So now being overweight is a race and manufacturers are trying to make bigger chairs not to be racist. It has been added to the list of “phobias” and “body positives” attack other people if they stare at them with the “fat-phobia” accusation. Again, demonizing other people for what you are not comfortable with? What’s wrong if people look at people?



Obesity is not a race, sexual preference nor a religion. It is not good for our heart, respiratory system, our hips, joints, liver, and it is not healthy. Obesity and refusing to take care of our health kill people and serve the depopulation agenda and that’s exactly why they push it. People die of heart attacks resulting from obesity, high blood pressure, cancers, asthma, joint break, and consequent fallings. It is a health condition. Your doctor will call it a disorder and you can’t be happy with a disorder as much as you can’t be happy with obesity but if you are wrongly ok with that, it is your  PERSONAL choice, but nothing to be proud of. We are not talking about having a couple of pounds more and your body doesn’t give a damn that you have been abused in your childhood or you have no one to take care of your emotions. It will explode one way or another.

Cutting somebody down for adopting a healthier lifestyle, or being muscular, ripped and powerful, or body confident to increase your self-esteem is not healthy and it is wrong.

In the sportive fight to stereotypes, while shaming feminine Baywatch stereotypes, they promote very muscular women with male proportions. The goal is to unify sexes. Men who look weak and women who look like men and in metropolitan fight against stereotypes, they are promoting women either with big paunches and dangling flesh or those skinny types with no breasts who put manly makeups and wear men’s wear while for men, they promote men with no mass muscular wearing stupid and Buffone clothing to say white man is stupid cuckold.


Victoria Secret’s “perfect body” ad faced a huge backlash almost close to pulling it off. Although the company is very diverse in her models’ origins, it is struggling with other fashion designers and the Fashion mafia who asked its CEO to include transgenders in its shows and as he didn’t accept, the company now is closing more than 30 stores only in America.

Paying close attention to the satanic trend dominating the fashion industry and the United Nations’ war on white,white-blonde, white male and straight males, and our above discussion about eliminating white and blondes from commercials, it becomes clear that the only American company which still features old school feminity and hasn’t been degraded into the bloody faces, beheaded heads in hands, drag queens and gender dysphoria is victoria secret.

And we also understand, no matter how gigantic the company is if it resists the cabal, its downfall is imminent.

Regardless of what the mockingbird media and “people behind filters” are intentionally promoting, useful idiots who have the honorable job of chewing the crap that the media feeds them over-complicate their lives by blaming the fitness lifestyle choices of others. Fit people’s bare-abs are not there on the internet to demean people who are struggling with their unhealthy lifestyle but yet, the complicated people criticize them for their healthy eating routine as too uptight or their gym habit as an obsession which disrespects them because they like the way they are!


Sarah Stage in her 8th month of pregnancy was extremely attacked on her Instagram for “not looking pregnant enough”

My question is do plus-sized people encourage others to be fat? A big no! So why the fit ones are accused of making others feel uncomfortable if just like obese people, it’s only a matter of choice??

Let me tell you why. If they do, it is because those fit people, by refusing some food and maintaining certain habits,  highlight their (critics) lack of severe control and determination. In other words, if fit people by a healthy behavior manifest healthy habits, the other side’s eating disorder will not be a diagnosis anymore but an accusation.

What they are doing is equating food with morality and bullying fit people is reverse food-shaming.

I see absurd titles like: “We need to mock people with rock-hard abs – for their own good.”  ??!


Or “if you want to have rock hard abs and gigantic arms, just because, you’re a weirdo.”


Then they don’t stop there and bully the entire process of “getting ripped” accusing people of an  “extraordinary commitment” to build the muscles with regular weight lifting and dropping the fat with extreme cardio which takes  an hour a day and a serious low calorie diet of no sugar, no beer, and no fun and spending endless hours exercising in gym while there are many books to read (comrade’s book perhaps),  art to see (Abramovic modern art probably), natural wonders (sex with nature by chance) and people to meet (pink punk feminists perhaps).

Uggg…each time I see one of these self-torturing figures on TV, I just remember to go to the gym.

Now they go even further and attack being fit as a privilege that cannot be shamed in the same way as fatness and just as “whiteness” they associate it with institutionalized privilege and relations of power; claiming thin people are currently privileged in our society, regardless of their level of fitness.  Now gyms have rambling dress codes that require people to cover up their midriffs and shoulders, which is discriminatory and should be illegal. They claim that Muscular shoulders and six-pack abs offend overweight people.


As I wrote in my new book Agenda 2030; An Imminent Danger To Humanity, infringing individuals rights vs. “public good” is a weapon to violating people’s rights in their very private and personal issues of life to resent them. This has always been the left’s strategy to advance their cause and hide their shortcomings. People who feel uncomfortable around such fit bodies need to reconsider the source of their discomfort located in their self-esteem.

Bottom-line; If you’re black, then be proud to be black, if you are white,  be proud to be white and re-learn to be white, and start to act when morons want to tell you otherwise. If you are obese, or slightly overweight and you feel ok with that, it’s okay but if you are fit, and people fit shaming or food-shaming you (just these expressions make me vomit), then put those shoulders and abs under the sun, kick off the gym and let them shine because you have worked for it and whoever attacks you it is just out of jealousy.

Instead when the entertainment industry features women wearing flat brim ball caps and pants hanging off their butt and especially little black girls being raised with the culture of shaking their big butt trying to be the number one in thrusting their hips like cheap strippers; turn off that crap as this obviously was not what Martin Luther King dreamed about.

Dumbing down and de-evolution of the population is a severe issue but to get back to our main question on why all these commercials are co-ordinated in the west and they all feature the same thing with the same purpose and the same frequency, the answer is the is the United Nations’ agreements and resolutions that demand diversity and by diversity they mean discriminating the white race and especially the white male.


And by the way, wear your bikinis with no fear.


This article answers our question.

Did You Know That A “Black Nobility” World Government Is Already In Power And Its “Constitution” Overrules Your Constitution?

But for a deeper explanation, you need to read my new book here



AGENDA 2030; An Imminent Danger: They Are Coming For Your Food & Meat
































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