The Equality ACT of 2019 Or Double Portion of Rights For Some And Violation of Rights For Others?



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On May 17, 2019, the Equality Act of 2019 to ban discrimination against LGBTQ people in every social category which would extend protections in employment, housing, public accommodations, jury service, education, federal programs, and credit areas, passed the Congress.

The bill which was the top priority of House Speaker Madame Pelosi was Co-sponsored by Rep. David N. Cicilline, D-Rhode Island, who claimed that the “LGBT community had waited nearly 250 years” for such legislation to pass.

What is the problem with anti-discrimination laws?

Well, actually nothing and discrimination according to anything is horrible.


Before we investigate what rights are we talking about in this act, we have to ask what is exactly that a woman, gay, lesbian, transgender or any member of the LGBT community already doesn’t already have in America?

Have you ever seen that a gay person is denied a job because he is gay? What we see today is quite the opposite. That is every job has a higher probability of hiring for the LGBT community, women and immigrants rather than heterosexual people, mainly white male and conservative women and non-immigrant Americans in general.

So what is it that this ACT adds to their rights?

Well, the first thing it does is to override the Religious Freedom Restoration Act (RFRA). That statute, which protects religious liberty, could no longer be used in the civil rights context. In other words, it directly attacks religious freedom and consequently, the church directly as something which is not allowed in a church because the Bible says so, will be performed by the LGBT group and if the pastor objects or tries to prevent the act, the tsunami of lawsuits will close the church’s doors.

That’s what happens.

Kristen Wagner, senior vice president of Alliance Defending Freedom’s U.S. legal division, in an article for The Hill wrote that the Equality Act would undermine “the fundamental freedoms of speech, religion, and conscience that the First Amendment guarantees for every citizen.”





She said, “disagreement on important matters such as marriage and human sexuality is not discrimination.”

Waggoner compared it to similar state and local laws that would “force Americans to participate in events and speak messages that violate their core beliefs.”

Tim Schulz, president of 1st Amendment Partnership, told the Deseret News thatif the Equality Act becomes law, religiously affiliated schools and other faith-based organizations could face lawsuits over policies on self-identified LGBT students, customers or employees.”

“There would be an effort to punitively sue them into oblivion,” he said.



And it is a hundred percent true.

The primary target of this Act is the remainings of free speech and the first amendment and especially the church.

In states with such legislation, Christian adoption agencies that only place children with a mother (biologically female) and a father (biologically male) have been sued. Also, the wedding industry, like florists, photographers and bakers have been sued for not providing their services for same-sex ceremonies while such services were fully available through other vendors who would be happy to offer them. In fact, this Act is an official tool to harass Christian institutions as the main opponent of LGBT rights or those who don’t recognize same-sex marriage in their doctrine. However, they are not the only business in the market that may deliver that service.

When an institution is established based on a code of conduct that is it. We see it in modern day gyms or schools which demand a certain type of dress codes and Don’ts. Although I do not agree with some of them, there is no need for a person who has no intention to comply with those codes, to register in that institution. The same principle applies to the church and religious institutions. If an LGBT member is not happy with the bakery or florist policies, can purchase from another one who does what is that a problem?



The reality is, in spite of its deceptive name, as usual, this is an ultimate non-tolerant Act and as Waggoner says: “Our laws should respect the constitutionally guaranteed freedoms of every citizen, but the so-called ‘Equality Act’ fails to meet this basic standard,” Waggoner added. “It would undermine women’s equality and force women and girls to share private, intimate spaces with men who identify as female, in addition to denying women fair competition in sports.”

Just look at section a-1

“(1) Discrimination can occur based on the sex, sexual orientation, gender identity, or pregnancy, childbirth, or a related medical condition of an individual, as well as because of sex-based stereotypes. Each of these factors alone can serve as the basis for discrimination, and each is a form of sex discrimination.”

And section a-6

“(6) Regular and ongoing discrimination against LGBTQ people, as well as women, in accessing public accommodations contributes to negative social and economic outcomes, and in the case of public accommodations operated by State and local governments, abridges individuals’ constitutional rights.”


In section a-1, imagine a female to pregnant male transgender with beard and men’s clothing who breastfeeds her other child and is dinning in a restaurant. Look at them and you will be sued. And in section a-6, when it insists on LGBT rights than “women” rights which are not clear where on earth in America, women are not allowed to drive?? But it is also not clear that a male to female transgender, how many sets of rights will have? A set of rights because of his LGBT status and a set of rights for his “woman” status which make two sets of rights and that is exactly what’s happening in total silence and ignorance of those who are unable to read the law or worse, don’t care to read the law.

In a nutshell, these bills are official documents that are assigning a double set of rights for some people which does not include straight, white, male and nonimmigrants. That is the surprise behind the curtain.

But how possibly these policies are precisely mirroring the United Nations Agenda 2030?

Look at a passage of my book regarding the command of “Equality Rights” in agenda 2030. Yes, I use command because the entire agenda 20030, is a set of commands which are OBLIGATORY by all western nations and blue states in America are racing to obey these commands and prove to be a good puppet for their UN master.

Agenda 2030:

8.8 “Protect labor rights and promote safe and secure working environments for all workers, including migrant workers, in particular, women migrants, and those in precarious employment.”

16.b “Promote and enforce non-discriminatory laws and policies for sustainable development.

Agenda 2030; An Imminent Danger To Humanity; All Rights Reserved:

“Through the entire agenda, we don’t see other genders but only men and women. There is a very delicate and hidden trick here. That means the LGBT category is already counted under men and women because when they identify themselves as the opposite gender, the pronoun is still Ma’am or Sir, therefore, this “promote safe and secure working environments for all” refers to LGBT. This is discrimination against non-LGBT people, and the reason is they are considered twice than other people. Once they are under the category of “men-women” then, some items directly refer to LGBT and their rights. Hence the LGBT category can claim everything twice than the others.”

As an intellectual woman, I see no restriction for us. We can do anything that men can; We can vote, educate, work, progress, be good __leaders, athletes, soldiers, doctors, politicians, or presidents. There is nothing in the world that women cannot do. However, when I look back at my mother’s generation, things were not the same. They couldn’t get any job they might want to, they could be harassed in workplaces, divorced women had more problems than divorced men, serving in all parts of the army was not possible, and many other limitations which are now removed. So goal 5 and talking about “empowering” women are nothing but marginalizing men. Today, men are under attack, and being a male means being inferior, violent, and at the bottom of the list of any job. The effects are what we see in society as fatherless children are brought up with arrogance or incompetence if the idea of male inferiority has been planted in their minds by their anti-male mothers. This is not ok. Criminalizing masculinity and heterosexuality is not “equality” but shaming the other side and accusing men by printing “misogynist” on their forehead is a tool to create a soft-obedient society which cannot produce. Demonizing males, while pontificating the LGBT community is the reason for many males’ suicides and alcoholism. I presented the statistics in RING OF THE CABAL.

So here we have a United Nations which demonizes men, pushes them to the verge of unemployment and illiteracy because employment and university scholarships go to the women. At the same time, the UN focuses on “reproductive health,” which in spite of its deceptive name means “abortion and the right to abortion.” What is the result of demonizing men and pushing abortion? An automatic depopulation and subjugation at the same time because it is the potent force which resists and rises against tyranny.

I wrote about three factors which hand in hand cause a society to die, and they were 1-feminism-LGBT, 2-sperm death, and 3-marginalizing men, which lead to their depression and suicide.”


There are severe problems with the Equality Act of 2019, and RINOs didn’t prevent its passage in Congress. Now it should pass the Senate and President Trump’s signature. Talking to my friends, they mostly say they “don’t worry it won’t pass the Senate” and with many oath breaker RINOs in the Senate, I don’t believe this.


The problem is the President should face many vetos, and there is already a list of resolutions including Rep Ilhan Omar’s Anti-hate Resolution which targets Islamophobia or Reproductive Health Act (killing babies Act). The Congress is already against the President creating ongoing harassment to him and his family and signing these bills will be a dilemma of signing bad legislation or vetoing and consequently alienating a large group of voters because they don’t read the content of law and are just deceived by the title and will ask; why the President doesn’t sign an anti-discrimination Act? Why doesn’t he sign an anti-hate Resolution? Do you see? We are stuck with our own people who just don’t bother to read but have hours and hours to dedicate criticizing.


And open this thread to see who is already celebrating their victory. Groups with horrifying thoughts about children and prying on their bodies.