New Propaganda: The Divine Mother

Watch the signs. (Forehead, the rod, and the Luciferian goat style crown)
This picture belongs to an old Hindu mystic symbol, and newly widespread persona named:
Adi Parashakti, The Divine Mother”
Now there is a woman pretending to be unified with this mystic figure and now she is the Divine Mother alive.
Her name is Sudhamani, born in 1953, officially claiming to be God. She is calling herself Amma.
On her website we read:
“I am the energy of the feminine aspect of that which you call God. I am not embodied in any one person”
“I am your mother. You grew in my womb before you grew within the human womb that bore you.”
Look and see who is she close to. Pay attention to this new Female God whispers and other infiltrating doctrines like Gaya, Mother Earth, Earth Worshipping, Chrislam (half Islam, half Christianity) all promoted by Pope Francis.
Watch Pope Francis: The Fake Pope.