The New Pee-Pee Dossier; A Short Review Into The Ukraine Gate


Shokin; Ukraine’s fired prosecutor who was investigating Hunter Biden and his company “Burisma”, repeatedly insists that Burisma was the reason for his firing. That Joe Biden’s order as the U.S VP at the time to withhold the U.S aid to Ukraine acted as leverage unless the government fires “the prosecutor who is investigating his son’s corruption”. Shokin affirms the allegations in an affidavit filed earlier in January which was obtained by The Hill’s reporter; John Solomon. Shokin strongly stays on his claims that his firing was “solely happened on the demands of Joe Biden, the United States Vice President at the time because he (Shokin) refused to drop the probe into Burisma.


Link to Shokin’s Sworn Statement On Scribd.



Deploying Rudy Giuliani to Ukraine to collect the evidence against Joe Biden is no way a crime as the person of interest was the United States Vice President. The Biden corrupt family has no business to call for the firing of a Ukrainian prosecutor. Whatever the mockingbird media call it, a scandal or an impeachable offense, President Trump’s interactions with Ukrainian President Volodymyr Zelensky, will not define the nature of any crime in anytime-either before or after the phone call.

President Donald Trump meets with Ukrainian President Volodymyr Zelenskiy at the InterContinental Barclay New York hotel during the United Nations General Assembly, Wednesday, Sept. 25, 2019, in New York. (AP Photo/Evan Vucci)

Trump and Zelensky spoke on the phone on July 25 when President Trump asked Zelensky to unearth evidence related to the hacking of the Democratic National Committee’s network in 2016. That was the central issue of the phone call and nothing new here. During the same call, the President also asked Zelensky to “look into” allegations involving Joe Biden and the Shokin allegations against him. The transcripts released by White House shows the delineated points above. But the “mysterious” IC whistleblower’s complaint adds other actions and interactions to the above. I clearly see similar characteristics between the Russian gate and the Ukraine gate as the Biden family and the Clinton’s are always at the center of the show but the only difference is that the whistleblower here is solely acting as the pee-pee dossier in the Russian gate and it is phony.

Who is the whistleblower??

How is the President’s impeachment inquiry is going on according to a mysterious whistleblower claims and there is no calling for testify?

Giuliani’s meeting with Ukrainian officials on Trump’s behalf to dig up information related to the Biden allegations is no crime. Besides President Trump has been explicitly insisting that Ukraine should investigate Biden because there is something there but the mockingbird media turning the day into the night and transforming what really happened into “Trump’s request for foreign countries to investigate political opponents” is hilarious. Joe Biden WAS the United States Vice President and Trump IS the current U.S President who should be informed if the previous administration has committed any crime or favored any political interactions and it becomes even more vicious when we know that the Obama administration spied on Trump as a political opponent. So how it becomes a crime if Trump investigates the wrongdoing of a probable opponent which happens to be the former Vice President of America?

Joe and Hunter Biden

But the Democratic bulldozer and their hyperbolic allegations change the concept into “seeking electoral assistance from a foreign government” to look like an impeachable offense. That’s ridiculous and the impeachment comedy just as the Russian gate will prove it. However, what we are witnessing today in America is the political establishment’s reaction to undermining Biden as an electoral benefit to Trump. The President of the United States’ impeachment inquiry, wasting millions of dollars and the international mockery is happening because of saving the face of Biden and protecting the former administration and the famous Obama-Clinton’s club.

Although the Club is used to making big noises when the crime is big, but an actual “flatus” pass will not be covered by big noises…… smells.

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