When Will Hillary Enter The Presidential Soup?

For me it is not a matter of IF, but a matter of WHEN?


The whole political sham since 2016, the Russian Gate, Pee Gate, Ukraine Gate and the impeachment theater were not played just to entertain you but to hold the ground for Crooked Hillary to run again. The political establishment couldn’t afford to lose and when they lost the Presidential “seat”, they kept sticking to the Presidential “ground” and the false hope that they will obtain it in four years. The problem is as they couldn’t believe the first time, they will act exactly the same the second time. Elizabeth Warren, Pete Buttigieg, Kamala Harris and the rest are just spicy ingredients to flavor the Democratic dead and lifeless Presidential debate but the species by themselves won’t make the real soup.


The Presidential Soup needs real ingredients like Bernie and Creepy Joe to make it look like a real soup. To push Bernie ahead again just to steal it from him again and mark him as a real loser. To come and talk and puff and boil to make the mass believe something political is really being cooked but what is the use of the luxury theater if the one and the only one that all these shenanigans are preparing the stage for, won’t show up? All the cover-up for the illegitimate and undemocratic system in Washington for over a hundred years and especially after Ronald Reagan that “selects” people whom you are fooled to believe you elect would be useless. People come with big mottos to solve short term problems only to create long term miseries. People come just to get and not to give with one foot in and one foot out ready to be removed by the masters the second they don’t comply.



The establishment was just fertilizing the Presidential Ground. Just validating the illegitimacy and camouflaging it like it was not “the purpose” of a four-year political sham and that the background noise of  “the illegitimate president” was just an introduction to their inclination. The weird “Presidential Amalgam” is waiting for its queen. Did you really think, Joe Biden or Bernie are going even close to becoming the President of the United States??




Hillary would lose fascination if she had run earlier. She wants her glorious entry to be “breaking news” and pretend to start from scratch. She didn’t want to speak somewhere she hasn’t a voice. She wants it fast and effective with no chance to put her royal ingress in jeopardy by entering too early when the mental bandwidth of her base and her paid base are perfectly flattened by incompetent runners and give the impression that there is no competence that can beat her.



This time, she will be the volunteer victim of her own loss but I can’t wait to see it with my own eyes and feel it with every bit of my being. Yes, bring it on, let her run. Her loss is our life priority.


Look at the news and see how the media minions are preparing the arena very slowly and after you did, see how Steve Bannon, the political monster of our era had predicted this many times including this time in this article that we present at the end of mainstream media articles.



“That said — and, yes, there is a “that said” here — Clinton has said several things publicly of late that give me some pause.

In response to a President Donald Trump tweet Wednesday urging Clinton to enter the race, the former Secretary of State responded: “Don’t tempt me. Do your job.” Read More…



Hillary Clinton ‘under enormous

pressure’ to run in 2020

“Hillary Clinton has said she is “under enormous pressure” to challenge US

President Donald Trump in next year’s White House election.

The former Democratic presidential nominee refused to rule it out, telling the BBC:

“Never say never.” Mrs Clinton, 72, said she thinks “all the time” about what kind of president she

would have been if she had beaten

Mr Trump in 2016.”  Read More…




Clinton 2020 whisper campaign hits new heights

“Republicans just can’t quit Hillary Clinton

In recent weeks, as Clinton has made the rounds to promote a new book, the rumors have come fast and furious from the GOP: She’s running for president again. 


Stephen Bannon, the former adviser to President Trump, was one of the first to promote the idea of another Clinton run.” Read More…


Hillary Clinton is taunting Trump. But is she seriously eyeing another run?


Hillary Clinton muses about 2020 ‘rematch’ against Trump: ‘I can beat him again’

“Hillary Clinton could beat President Trump “again” if she decides to run for president in 2020, the former secretary of state said Tuesday in an interview.

Clinton appeared on PBS News Hour and was asked about Trump’s antagonistic attitude toward her after he goaded Clinton to run for the White House again. She called him “obsessed” for mocking her email scandal and said she could beat Trump in an electoral rematch, if she ever decided to jump back in.

“It truly is remarkable how obsessed he remains with me,” she said. “But this latest tweet is so typical of him. Nothing has been more examined and looked at than my emails. We all know that. So he’s either lying or delusional or both.” Read More…


Hillary Clinton says ‘many, many, many people’ pressuring her to consider 2020 presidential run

““I, as I say, never, never, never say never and I will certainly tell you I’m under enormous pressure from many, many, many people to think about it,” Clinton told BBC Radio. “But as of this moment, sitting here in this studio talking to you, that is absolutely not in my plans.” Read More…



And this what Steve has always said: She Will Run.

‘She is running’: Stephen Bannon says Hillary Clinton WILL try again to become President in 2020 and is waiting for Democrats to ‘sacrifice’ Joe Biden to take down Donald Trump in impeachment.

Hillary Clinton will run again in 2020 after the Democrats sacrifice Joe Biden to bring down Trump in the impeachment scandal, Steve Bannon has claimed. 

The President’s former chief strategist said that after Biden is out of the way the Democrats will shift allegiance to another candidate, including Hillary Clinton as one of the possible replacements. 

He then pointed to the former First Lady’s packed list of media appearances this week as evidence she is not out of the running as she claims. 

He told Fox Business: ‘They think they have a weak field and they’re – it’s like in chess – they’re prepared to sacrifice a rook to take down a king. 

‘They will throw Biden away to get to Trump and hope Elizabeth [Warren] or I even think Hillary Clinton or [Michael] Bloomberg or some centrist comes in here.’

Joe Biden is facing a host of questions about his son’s job working for Ukrainian gas company Burisma while he was vice president. 

He is under scrutiny after President Trump sparked moves towards his impeachment by asking the new President of Ukraine to investigate those links for evidence of corruption. 

A phone call between the two leaders was cited by a whistelbower CIA agent who accuses the President of improperly pressuring a foreign leader for political help.” Read More…




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