The “Global Governance 2025” Is A Joint Agreement Between The UN & The EU, Taking Control Before 2025, Due To A Pandemic, Biological Attack, or An Asteroid

“The “Global Governance 2025” document  is a joint agreement between the UN and the EU, created by the top intelligence agencies of the United States government (including CIA) and the top intelligence agencies of Europe and the report imagines a great unprecedented event that the whole world and governments are so scared amid a catastrophe that will universally accept a worldwide government in mutual defense of one another against this unprecedented event. It imagines this event in different episodes as a biological attack, an asteroid or a pandemic.”



These joint documents are both shocking and almost the same. An agreement first announced by one then acknowledged by the other one. These agendas ARE NOT agenda 2030 or previously agenda 21. Agenda 2030 is as powerful as it is designed to be and it is not going anywhere, anytime soon unless people understand the danger threatening our lives. we are facing many dangerous plots designed by public officials of the UN, EU, CIA, and WHO.


As I go forward on page 35, it talks about “the emergence of the new form of humanity”…


When these intelligence agencies predict such a catastrophe, believe me, it is not coming from anywhere but themselves. They know what they are doing behind the scenes. They don’t just organize these huge conferences and issue reports like these for fun. They don’t make the stuff up. They have invested both sides of wars, have created all ISMs and doctrines, have crushed the markets, they are behind cancer and many other rare diseases, they know what they are talking about. They are organizing a deadly event around 2025 that puts all governments under a worldwide treaty and organization which that organization needs to pave the way for a big apocalyptic Martial Law.

We have no time people!

A new form of humanity?  And I continue to research in other platforms and I find “animals containing human material” report which I ‘ll explain in details in next part but before that look at these, Intelligence agencies, UN – EU documents, read them and ask yourself when did you authorize these organizations to decide for us and push us through these horrendous situations? PDF’s are downloadable and you better download them separately, then download my entire article at the bottom left of the page.