Uncovered: The Transcript of Hillary Clinton’s Secret Meeting With The Goldman $achs’s Board Before  2016’s Election Where She Talks About Using “Millennial-Narcissists & White-Male-Feminines” To Win The Election

Uncovered: What you read below is the transcript of Hillary Clinton’s secret meeting with the Board of Goldman Sachs before  2016’s election where she talks about using “millennial-narcissists, and white-male-feminines” to win the election. You can download the raw document which was uploaded on Scribd about Sep 2018. The raw document doesn’t include photos OR you can download this page at the bottom left of the page. Numbers refer to lines in the document.

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1Lloyd. Blankfein Thank you(.) please close the doors and ensure you have no electronic recording devices of

2any kind. Let me remind you that this discussion is under NDA. Today we are entering some

3 uncharted waters with global political instability and a barely-contained shadow-recession

4 domestically. We have always relied on partners in government and that is as true today as

5 it ever has been. Both our own internal research and Mrs. Clinton’s strategic intelligence

6 have identified emergent threats on the near-horizon.

7   Today Mrs. Clinton will discuss the possibility of domestic chaos in the coming national

8 election. I am exceptionally pleased to present former first lady and Secretary of State

9 Hillary CLINTON.

10   [ ((Applause)) ]

11 H. Clinton THANK YOU Lloyd (0.5) Friends, distinguished members of Goldman Sachs, it is a great

12 pleasure to address you here today.  As you know we are in preparation for the 2016

13 presidential campaign and I am here both to ask for your support and to apprise you of

14 what we see on the horizon.

15   Gentlemen, ladies, I’m also going to be blunt and to the point: Our time is valuable.

16 Historically the Republican party has been the party most aligned with Wall Street and the

17 Financial Services industry. Today, however, that is no longer the case.

18  Our analysis indicates that the Republican establishment firewall barely held in 2012 and

19 this cycle you will be immensely lucky to see a candidate like Mitt Romney. Because of the

20 collapse of the control systems that gave us the 2012 field, derisively called the ‘clown car,’

21 we think that 2016 will be far, far worse.

22   You are more likely to see a nominee who is a general-election non-starter. You will be

23 lucky to get a Herman Cain. You might well see Scott Walker as the GOP nominee.

24 Gentlemen, Scott Walker?

25   (0.5)

26   What we see on the left is in its way more disconcerting. The early data suggests that while

27 the minority base is probably still dominated by the Democratic messaging, a coalition of

28 sub altern interests is forming that could, with an extremely weak Republican nominee,

29 create an aperture for either a 3rd Party Victory or, in essence, an election inflection point

30 where an insurgent candidate could actually co-opt (.) Take over (.) a major party.

31   This coalition, a collection of generally under-represented, low social capital individuals has

32 become increasingly networked and increasingly motivated. This group that our analysts

33 are calling the ((Makes air quotes)) bucket of losers could not only be a significant force in

34 the next election but (.) could, on an outside percentile, even win.

35 (Chaos)

36 I’m here today to speak with you about what we see as a narrow but existential threat to

37 the political-economic complex as we know it.


38 Sarah. Smith: A third-party? Really? We’re supposed to believe—





39 H. Clinton Hear me out. This isn’t politics as usual. Our attempts to create a better society, what our

40 detractors call ‘social engineering,’ have necessarily created several sub-groups as losers.

41 After all, prosperity for all, is prosperity for none.

42  ((Nods to agreeing MDs))

43  These groups are ((Raises fingers with each point)) NEETS, who are more numerous and

44 active in politics than ever, millennial-narcissists, and white-male-feminines.

45 Craig. Broderick: Feminists?





46 H. Clinton =Feminines=. White males who exhibit traditionally feminine markers.





47 Edit. Cooper: Such as?





48 H. Clinton ((Irritable look)) Such as the sub-culture self-described as ((Makes air-quotes)) bronies. Male

49 Millennials who are fans of the young girl’s cartoon My Little Pony, Friendship is Magic,


50 devoting social energy and capital to viewing, discussing, and dressing up as the non-

51 human characters.

52 Edit. Cooper: DRESSING UP?

53 H. Clinton We understand there are (.) special outfits. Suits.

54 E. Cooper: And this is widespread?



55 H. Clinton How many is too many?

56 Edit. Cooper Fair.

57 (Quiet Discussion All Around)

58 H. Clinton If these forces continue to grow and if they are allowed to continue networking and

59 communicating there is a possibility for the election of a completely ungoverned candidate.

60 Michael. Sherwood: Ungoverned?

61 H. Clinton Yes. Potentially.




62 M. Sherwood Such as? Who are we talking about?

63 H. Clinton There could be a number of emergents from any quadrant. Right now our worst-case is Jill

64 Stein.


65 Greg Palm: Who?





66 David. Solomon: Stein?





67 Richard. Gnodde: No!





68 H. Clinton ((Holding up hands for order)) =This is currently very unlikely.= Please(.)





69 Lloyd. Blankfein: EVERYBODY





70 H. Clinton While it is incredibly unlikely that a democratic insurgent could overcome our selection

71 system, it is not impossible. A strong far-left candidate could gain purchase with many of

72 these losers creating a window of viability. It’s also possible that, in the general election, we

73 could see strong 3rd party candidates splitting votes, winning states, and so on. It’s even

74 possible that one of these could arise from the right (.) although our loyal opposition has

75 been rather efficient in destroying their Tea Party Insurgents.


76 D. Solomon What groups are in this-these-buckets of losers? Who are we dealing with?

77  H. Clinton There are three groups in the bucket. Firstly, the NEETs. These are people without social,


78 economic, or intellectual capital. They are often possessed with both a very poor self-image

79 and, paradoxically, a high degree of entitlement. They have nurtured a victim-mentality.


80 S. Smith: Well they have been victimized?





81 H. Clinton: No. Not in a traditional manner. NEETs are societies’ drop-outs and they are largely

82 responsible for their own conditions. We should not be especially sympathetic to their

83 plight. They are usually angry, often involuntarily celibate, and yet believe themselves to be

84 the future of our nation.

85 (laughter)

86 H. Clinton The NEETs are represented with a Swarm Information-Pattern. They are active and

87 anonymous online and can self-coordinate in a way that could be problematic if there is a

88 potential ungoverned for them to align themselves with. Furthermore, they are, by being

89 extremely low-caste, un-shamed. This makes social control methods less useful against

90 them.

91 (General agreement)

92 H. Clinton Next are the Millennial-Narcissists. These are children of privilege such as Occupy Wall Street.

93 Almost entirely white save for some highly-valued token minorities, they are insulated from

94 the impact of a 3rd party vote due to their Caucasian-Male privilege. In other words, they cn

95 afford to vote for disruption because their parents paid for the iPhones.

96 S. Smith 〫Shit〫

97 H. Clinton What?




98 S. Smith My daughter attends Brown. I just bought her a new iPhone. She’s pretty much a communist

99 politically.

100 H. Clinton ((Nods))

101  The MNs are dangerously hard to reach and influence. They don’t consume traditional



102 media. They have incredibly high expectations in terms of employment but they are the

103 next available labor pool.


104 R. Gnodde What about imports? We are bringing in the next generation.





105 H. Clinton ((Shakes head)) There’s going to be a massive backlash. With structured unemployment, we

106 can keep people jobless without standard reporting but we do not . . . We think the political

107 climate will prevent this.


108 D. Solomon My projections agree.

109 H. Clinton We are going to need to break the NM’s spirits. Make an example of the NEETs.



110 D. Solomon There is a very strong debt-leash in place. Do you think?

111 H. Clinton Our data shows that may be a weak point.

112 D. Solomon How can it be?

113 H. Clinton These Millennial-Narcissists can be expected to vote their pocketbooks. Someone could

114 offer forgiveness.

115 L. Blankfein: Not on my watch.

116 H. Clinton: That depends on who is in the White House, doesn’t it?

117 (Chaos)



118 L. Blankfein PLEASE. QUIET. Thank You (0.5)

119H. Clinton We will bring these Millennials to heel, I promise, but we are going to need your

help. There

120 will need to be a great deal of shadow-funding and coordination and we cannot do it alone.

121 (General agreement)

122 H. Clinton Finally, we are dealing with White-Male-Feminines. These are potentially the most

123 dangerous group. They are utilizing left-wing Social Justice momentum which we have


124 intentionally energized.

125 L. Blankfein =I’ve explained why that was a bad idea.

126 H. Clinton =Done is DONE, Lloyd= We play from where the ball lies.




127  They are exhibiting traditionally female logic patterns while exercising cis-white-male

128 privilege. This was unexpected, frankly.

129 G Palm: Declining testosterone.

130 H. Clinton ((Nods))




131 This bloc will be easily manipulated by candidates that are able to appeal to social justice

132 while operating without any governance infrastructure. Someone ((Makes air quotes))

133 divorced from Wall Street. Small-donor-funded. Like that.


134 G. Palm Jill Stein?

135 H. Clinton Or someone else. Yes.




136 We are working to get them under control but it is a vulnerability. We are going to need to

137 suppress anyone showing promise along those lines. Make sure they are no-platformed.

138 Have emergent seemingly organic efforts against them. Distract them.

139 S. Smith: If they are really that trad-feminine in logic how effective can they be?




140 H. Clinton Environmentalists, Social-order saboteurs, and Internet leaders are very effective at

141 manipulating this group. More so than we are.




142 T. O’Neill: Can we go back to the bronies for a moment. My kid watches that. Should I be

143 concerned?



144 H. Clinton: Forget about the bronies. That’s just an example.





145 T. O’Neill: Look all I’m saying is that if they are counter-educating our-

146 H. Clinton: WE WILL TAKE CARE OF THE BRONIES= ((Sudden silence))




147  We are going to need your full investment in this election. You will get to continue business

148 with your bonuses and your executive islands and so on, but let me be clear. ONLY if I am

149 safely positioned as the Chief Executive of America. Are we clear?


150 L. Blankfein We are. And just so that you’re clear, our support is a two way street. Yes?

151 H. Clinton Always has been, Lloyd.




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