Video: Empty Hospitals All Around The World!

So we asked our readers to record nearby hospitals, and they did. Add to them, we included other videos from #EmptyHospitals and reported them here.
The question is why are they lying? Why do the hospitals are empty and why the mainstream media sold the fear as we reported in our previous 7 articles?
But another more important question is why the people, while they are seeing with their eyes, still continue to say this is a cover-up and it is Ok and Trump is rescuing children?? Why are people going crazy and hypnotized that they see, but they do not see, they hear, but they do not listen?

The deep state is taking over and the people are doing what they did with Julian Assange, while when they see him locked in Obama’s prison, tortured and hurt, they continue to say “Assange is Ok”…..

OMG! Bullsh*t. Assange is NOT OK. This virus IS NOT a cover-up to overturn the deep state. The virus is NOT a cover-up to rescue children. This is an organized movement of the deep state to subdue the nations and nullify our rights and take us one step closer to AGENDA 2030.

Trump is the President. He has a responsibility. With fear-mongers who have sold the fear across the world, with the people who attack us just because we say the hospitals are empty, what do you want Trump to do? To come and say “Hey you know, this is fake and get back to work”? Trump is not a physician, he doesn’t go hospital after hospital, he is logic not sensational, he sees the numbers, not conspiracies, he is called in a “Situation Room” day and night, and he has to do what he is already doing. Imagine the world, including Europe, especially Italy and the Middle East or the Blue States watch him saying “All is Ok and there is no pandemic”, what will happen?? Of course, he has to cooperate with CDC.


Congress and the pencil-neck Adam Schiff are already preparing a resolution to investigate Trump’s performance handling the pandemic. What do you expect from him, people? If some crazy conspiracies have woven fantasies that Trump is doing this and that in tunnels behind the curtain and his “operations” are taking down the cabal, it is not Trump’s fault that you believe this bullsh*t and expecting him to do so.

Why don’t you give him credit for all the good things he has accomplished as a President and not as scammers behind the PC “military operation” JFK Junior alive… Lol… Crazy Stuff….are telling you?? You made up these stories not him! Seeing him still in position and not Hillary Clinton is already too much, don’t you think?

Now let us watch the videos. Of course, we recorded them again from Twitter so if Twitter takes them down you know we have them here.