When The Oligarchs Stage A Coup d’etat Without Shooting A Single Bullet

This video (by Dana Ashley) is a collection of police tyranny and infringement of rights of all people and violating all constitutions regarding the individual sovereignty going on throughout the world with the excuse of a virus. My surprise here was Brazil. It is really refreshing to see Brazilians stand for their rights. Also, Germans with such tyrannical government like mommy Merkel. (Because of these patriots we just added a translator at the top right of the page with the ability to translate to ALL languages of the world. Of course, as this is a bot-translator, it can never be the same as a real translation but to transmit the key points, it is better than nothing.)

Kudos to all of you brave people. If you lose liberty for security, no slave will be ever secure. Whatever ground you lose today for fear, you will use it forever.