The Oligarchs’ Secret Weapon: Social Distancing

The first time I heard the term “Social Distancing” I knew it was an engineered key. A key to unlock many steps forward and I knew this very carefully designed key was not our temporary guest. It came to stay.

Social Distancing, wouldn’t come in my mind unless somebody has made it. In previous outbreaks like in 2009 H1NI when I was working to prepare a report on the spread of the disease and clinical data, every number and detail was critical but the social behavior never implicated anything regarding “distancing”. We didn’t wear a mask but hand-washing gels and hygienic products were heavily used. Even then the fear was greater than the virus itself and many pharmaceutical companies cashed billions on hygienic gels and sprays and then vaccines. However, nobody distanced himself from society unless he was sick. If you were sick, you were at home, otherwise, life was as it was before with some cautions to doing.

When I heard Social-Distancing from the mainstream media it sounded like the first time I heard the “Russian Collusion”. A term prepared, measured, politicized, and more importantly weaponized to authorize the following operations. My gut hated it, my mind remained vigilant to the sound of this phrase and my eyes drilled the news.

They have a perfect reason for distancing people but let’s see what does “the distance” can do to a society?

Humans are social creators so, to begin with, distancing is against their nature. Primitive people in caves lived in groups, and they did it naturally not because of any laws but natural components of nature including threats, caused this natural reaction.

Surely, a world of hermits isn’t our idea of a world. Newborn babies are a good example of this. They don’t demand feeding and changing as their main needs but physical contact.

Even with the society as it was before, we were not yet at our best. We looked for people who are more interactive and social to employ them. We looked for more interactive and “smiley” people to sign a business contract with. We used to wait eagerly for the first smile. Now with facial masks, all people look robotic, cold, angry, but this not accidental. This is what they wanted when they engineered the term “Social Distancing”.

The elders and those with chronic diseases are more susceptible to the virus but the younger generation is frozen and locked down by something not necessarily dangerous to them. With measures taken by the authorities to closing bars, restaurants, gyms, internet café, galleries, and all healthy places that they can ease their pain and pass their time, how should they manage their time, panic, struggle, sufferance, stress, and anxiety? Are these preventative measures going to do more harm than good? What about people with mental diseases? What about children under home abuse with parents who were already sick abusers and now with this lockdown will be more angry, aggressive, and abusive?

With the current death percentage of 4%  among those infected which is a very low ratio don’t the young have a higher chance of becoming depressed, hurt, anxious, drugged and dangerous than without the gym and possibility to run and meeting new people? What does the young generation do other than meeting new people? The damage this moral hazard will cause to the economy and the mental health of those who aren’t likely to die from the virus is monumental but it seems these damages are not worthy to consider. Is there a “selective” healthy behavior that is running under, which determines what is healthy and what is not regardless of the health parameters that we have known to this date say?

What is under attack at most by social distancing? Social Trust.

The coronavirus has stopped normal life by trapping people in their homes, and there is a threat of another health issue: loneliness.

Feeling cut off from the others is one of the greatest disorders which psychiatrists are dealing with daily. The Problem of this group of people was distrusting society and the people. How can a society act against itself by destroying social trust after years of social life and building confidence? So how do we curb the virus’ spread by adding to loneliness?


There is a COVID-19 crisis but my position is not to trust experts who seem not to know what they are talking about. A virus has swept the world but can’t travel more than six feet so we have to obey 6 feet social distancing? Supposedly, the extraordinary measures are being taken to combat the spread of coronavirus and to prevent the loss of human life but not adequately discussing the flip side is not wise either.

From what are we protecting ourselves and what is the end game? If the end game is to protect humanity’s health, then what are the real factors we need to consider? If overall health including both mental and physical draws the full picture of our health, then why are we destroying the MENTAL HEALTH of the society by taking measures to supposedly protecting the “probable” physical health of the society?

Remember none of the measures are essential for a non-infected individual so why should a non-infected be imposed to what is not essential for them?

Mental and economic prosperity have a direct relation to human health. We don’t need rocket science to estimate this. The social distancing measures is going to destroy a lot of wealth and therefore a lot of mental health. How many industries rely on person-to-person contact? Travel? Food? Leisure? Sports? Education?

According to the Brigham Young University survey, loneliness is a bigger cause of early death than obesity. Being aware of obesity death numbers which are mind-blowing, what happens when people with smaller homes especially in Europe can only travel from bed to sofa and sofa to bed and loneliness and obesity both together act as the worst poison that they have to take every hour and day and week and months and who knows for how long?

And what about the elderly? Is this social distancing their kill-switch? What do they prefer? To live shorter and meet their grandchildren each week or to live longer in loneliness and obesity? Do we think about people who are stuck in nursing homes or orphanages and places where the complete authority of the organization is exercised on them and have no voice to object and how this social distancing has shrunk their world? No visitors, no leave no communal activities? What are we doing to these people?

Now apart from all above let us look into social distancing from another perspective.

How will we discuss the authority of the state or the government when we can’t leave our house? How can we protest about anything? How can we disobey? How can we organize events? How do people meet to get to know each other and marry? How we practice sports? Where do we socialize?

You would probably say we can do all the above, except physically meeting people and exercising sports, on the internet. You may be right but how will we do it when there is no internet in the future, or we should meet special criteria to use the internet, or we should practice “an appropriate” use of the internet? Do you rely on Facebook? Twitter? Google? YouTube? How many times did they suspend people because we didn’t comply with their community lines? Aren’t these giant companies the same funders of international organizations like WHO and the United Nations? Bill Gates, Jeff Bezos and Mark Zuckerberg are three of the biggest donors to WHO. So where does this “social-distancing” come from?

It comes from themselves.


That this is just the beginning.

Social distancing is the key to eliminate not only individual rights but also human productivity both from the creativity and child-birth point of views because how a man and a woman are going to trust each other to take a further step? No smile? No-touch because you may be a silent transporter of the virus? Until when? Forever? Do you see where it goes?

How many people will suicide due to loneliness, lack of love, depression, or abuse?? Who benefits from this? The authority, the monopolistic philanthropists, and their technocratic technology and the depopulation agenda.

When Bill de Blasio gleefully announced a new measure by asking people to report their neighbors or anybody in the streets, malls or parks who doesn’t obey the social distancing hammer, it was clear that this is going to stay and although he was scorched by many bottom and genital pictures, the “snap and call the police if encountering social proximity” is still out there well and alive and there are always little tyrants whom the situations like this give them the pass to let their big nodulistic ego emerge and nanny other people and prove they have a say also. So people on people, brother on brother, neighbor on neighbor and citizen on the citizen is the result of this cultish division. Breaking the trust not on a home level but on an international level.

This is not socialism. This is technocracy which is imposing fascism in a modern world through technology by the oligarchs, executed by their tyrant little goons.

We don’t want this to become a culture, do we? The future of this culture is a horror show. Don’t let it happen. Nobody can add or extract ONE day of our lives. Nobody will die ONE second before or after God’s timetable. Don’t fall into this trap because as it is unfolding every day more, the agenda 2030 has been thrown at our face with a price-tag which is Coronavirus, and we are at the crossroad of the history where if we lose the ground today for fear, we’ve lost it FOREVER.

Stay strong, hold your position. Liberty for safety is a myth. No slave is free.

God bless you.


Comrade deBlasio Introduces New York City Snitching Program – Take a Photo of Non-Compliant Behavior…

Comrade deBlasio Introduces New York City Snitching Program – Take a Photo of Non-Compliant Behavior…
Posted on April 18, 2020 by sundance
Comrade Bill deBlasio in New York City is making it easier than ever to snitch on your neighbors. If you happen to spot someone not obeying social isolation orders, or if you spot someone without a mask, the mayor is now asking people to take a picture of the rebellious activity and text it to the New York Division of Compliance Monitoring.

(text with video)

(text with video)

Comrades, please note: in the interests of the state any pictures showing non-compliant NYC activities can be sent by any concerned citizen with a phone from any location.

Embedded video


Welcome To The prison planet

As PC plods in the UK and keystone cops in the US continue to bumble around trying to operate Chinese made drones, numerous tech companies are developing more sophisticated tools that will allow big brother law enforcement to more effectively police social distancing rules.
Californian software developer Landing AI has created video surveillance software that watches people and sounds the alarm if they get too close to one another.

“Landing AI has developed an AI-enabled social distancing detection tool that can detect if people are keeping a safe distance from each other by analyzing real-time video streams from the camera,” the company proudly boasts in a statement.


Landing AI explain that the system works by using an artificial ‘neural network’ to detect each person and puts them (oh the irony) in a box. Then, if two boxes get too close to each other they change from green to red. At that point it will be up to the police to send in compliance robots, kill squads, or whatever they have decided we deserve.

A similar technology is already being introduced by Amazon in its warehouses, with the company threatening workers with the sack, if they violate social distancing “guidelines”.

Police in Westport, Connecticut are also going to be testing a “pandemic drone” that monitors citizens’ temperatures from almost 200 feet away and detects sneezing and coughing as well as heart and breathing rates.

Developed by Draganfly Inc., the software loaded onto the drone cameras also identifies individuals, whose safe distance areas turn red if they get too close to each other.

With the justification of the Chinese coronavirus now firmly embedded in society, there is a rush on to profit from stripping away privacy and personal freedoms.

If this is our future, we truly have arrived at the prison planet.


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