Please Sign This Petition Against Nancy Pelosi’s un-American $3 Trillion Coronavirus Relief Package (Which All Goes To Illegals & Dangerous Inmates) For Senate To VETO

Please sign this petition against Nancy Pelosi’s crazy $3 trillion Coronavirus relief package which all goes to illegals and dangerous inmates. It is a Soros dictated bill, and we can’t be over-optimistic and wait to see whether the Senate will veto it or not. We must demand. It takes less than one minute and asks only an email. Any email.

We DEMAND The Senate Take An Urgent Action Against The Un-American $3 Trillion Coronavirus Relief Package & VETO It

Congress passed a $3 trillion Coronavirus relief package on Friday, May 15, 2020, via a 208-199 vote, with only one Republican — moderate Rep. Peter King of New York — backing the legislation. The un-American legislation is all about race politics and social justice, distributing the wealth to illegal immigrants, their shelter, healthcare, business relief, and welfare. This 1800 page- the biggest piece of legislation ever made in history with a $3trillion price tag obscurity to imagine who will bail us out?

To serve the cause of “disparity” the solution of this bill is to supply illegal Americans equal rights to receive their $1200 checks as an amnesty provision for the duration of Coronavirus which probably means several months during summer and fall and ALL illegal immigrants employed and so-called “essential” services would be shielded from deportation. So not the pandemic but the deportation of illegal immigrants is the focus of the bill but it goes further and shields their employers too, basically promoting the employers to hire illegal aliens. An illegal alien who has already occupied ONE American job while the Americans are unemployed will receive a blanked amnesty as a reward. Therefore, illegal immigration will not even be an issue anymore.


Then the bill continues to drill America’s resources and just strip off the American people in favor of other nations as it orders the DHS to grant Guest Visas for people who intend to come to America and work in the healthcare industry. As American health providers are either fired or jobless since the Coronavirus pandemic, what is the necessity for importing healthcare personnel to work in the system? Are American healthcare providers incompetent? Or is there an urge to fill the American health and later other systematic departments with non-Americans and leave our people intentionally unemployed?

It doesn’t end here. The bill promotes cannabis repeating the term for 68 times as to extending access to financial services related to “immigrants” owned minority and women-owned businesses related to cannabis?

The so-called “relief” bill mentions diversity 20 times and orders all federal agencies to DEPOSIT money in all minority-owned bank accounts.

The bill also contains a “prison break” provision by strictly ordering prisons to release every inmate who has asthma, diabetics, or is over 50 years of age that practically means most of the inmates. The bill says the release of the inmates can be rejected if the prison or anyone PROVES that the specific inmate will commit violence against a specific person!

Then the bill directs a million dollars to the National Science Foundation not to assist the science but to study the Coronavirus “misinformation”. The Gestapo censorship of what people think about the pandemic.

Not yet enough, the bill will repeal the CAP on state and local tax deductions which will primarily benefit high-income neighborhoods in overtaxed blue states. That means Democratic donators. The source of their funds.

The un-American bill also makes lobbying shops in Washington DC eligible for small business loans from the federal government. The bill seems to jump out off directly from George Soros’s playbook.

We the people cannot wait to see if lawmakers in Senate kill the bill upon arrival. We can not sit there and be optimistic. We need this bill to go away immediately therefore, we DEMAND the Senate take urgent action against this un-American bill and VETO it immediately.

Thank you, God bless you, and God bless America.