Soros & Black Lives Matter

“The “Climate of Violence” is one of the greatest results of this demoralization and intimidation of the police. They step back and that is exactly what Soros wants: A spike in violence and bloody crimes which means a closer step to the civil war.”

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Only in 2009, Black Lives Matter (BLM) has received $650,000 from Soros-controlled groups.

His Spider network has targeted the police through BLM. BLM emerged as a social force to politicize the support for the police. “F*** the Police” was the main slogan of BLM which now has morphed to Kill the police.

Tactics, like disrupting rallies and shutting down the freeways by direct attack and interrupting city systems, are meant to trap the police involvement. They attack police, put pressure to trigger the police’s reaction by scaring people and then blame the police for doing their job. Another target for BLM is the white race. They pretend to defend racism while they are reverse racists. They just change the direction of supposed racism toward white people. Other main donors of this extremely violent Group; are rapper J.Z and his wife; Beyoncé. Black Lives Matter has been pushing Bernie Sanders, and Bernie has been pushing Hillary during the election.

As we said, George Soros donated $33million through his “Open Society Foundation” to Ferguson case, violent national mobs, and the death of Freddie Gray; the incident that was used to lead the Baltimore riots. BLM accuses the police as a tool of white repression on black people. To the organization, local police and the FBI statistics proving most crimes against blacks are specifically committed by the black gangs are irrelevant.

BLM puts a negative light on the police criticizing the officers who try to enforce the law. Painting every interference of the police as a skin color related interference is their expertise. This is how the fear of criminal charges on one hand, and public condemnation as “racists” on the other hand pushes the police to back down and prefer inaction when the situation requires them to act. The “Climate of Violence” is one of the greatest results of this demoralization and intimidation of the police. They step back and that is exactly what Soros wants: A spike in violence and bloody crimes which means a closer step to the civil war.

BLM has organized violent events in favor of immigrants. The justification is ”Immigrants are people of color and not white”. Soros backs BLM and has organized a worldwide push to use immigration to undermine the national identity and demographic syntax of the Western democracies. The Soros backed agitation groups work to persuade chaos and paralyze local authorities and make them unable to secure their societies. All he wants is chaos.

Why hate groups like BLM go on extremists? Because it’s a business. To make a name and catch the attention of the funders. There is always benefit hidden behind hate groups. Hate groups are rich groups. If they act like a normal activist, there will be no waterfall of dirty money into their channels.


Western people need to recognize the common foundations of all Soros’s actions. They need to realize that the only response to these blueprints of subversion is to stand up for their national rights and their individual right to security. Can we say all of our soldiers are killed in wars because they hated the race of the enemy? Can we say we should let our countries become occupied because if not, we are racist haters?

Since when occupation means the result of not giving enough love? If we shouldn’t defend our values “inside” our borders, what is the use of deploying troops beyond the borders? To defend what? How many times in history our countries could have been occupied if our army and law enforcement wouldn’t die to keep us safe? Can we go to work,  educate, flourish, and build a family and a future, without being safe? Should more police officers in the U.S. and Europe die until we stand up for them?

We must stand with our national institutions to guarantee security following the rule of law within our borders. We must uphold and defend our national values and traditions within our borders.

We should know if we lose “our identity” the next loss will be “our privacy.” How can we have privacy when we don’t have any specific identity? How do identity and privacy come together?



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Law enforcement officers turn their backs on a live video monitor showing New York City Mayor Bill de Blasio as he speaks at the funeral of slain New York Police Department (NYPD) officer Rafael Ramos near Christ Tabernacle Church in the Queens borough of New York December 27, 2014.  REUTERS/Shannon Stapleton (UNITED STATES – Tags: CIVIL UNREST POLITICS CRIME LAW TPX IMAGES OF THE DAY) – RTR4JDQZ
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If our house doesn’t have a door and 4 walls, anybody can come in. Whether it’s a neighbor, a thief or a government agent. What is privacy? Privacy is protecting our identity and whatever completes that identity. We should completely abolish whatever threatens our identity and privacy. Why Communists insist on confiscating properties? Why is property confiscation one of the fundamental principals of Communism? Because confiscating our property, takes out our wealth and our privacy simultaneously. A slave has no property nor privacy. when there is no door, there is no property too. It is all related. This is the war with Soros and watching ignorant people, defending him makes me sick to my stomach. When you see BLM and Antifa protesting, you should see them as mini Soroses protesting. How would it feel? BLM and Antifa make Josef Stalin very proud.

Nyle Fort, a Christian minister who is an active member of “Black Lives Matter,” argued that: “Under conditions of white supremacist terror, (!! Terror), revolutionary violence can be an expression of Christian Love.”


As you see, they just project narratives, and present them as proven facts which are always followed by violent instructions as a solution while trying to justify it through the use of a social value which here is: Christian Love! This is pure insanity. Putting the word “violence” into Jesus’s mouth? These are the people who would crucify Jesus right here today if he would not accept to be a leftist advocate. If Jesus was here and would disapprove Antifa, BLM or climate change religion, they would have found complicated phrases to justify his crucification.

 Beginning in 2003, Laura Blumenfeld interviewed George Soros for The Washington Post, where Soros said: “Bush is like Hitler.” Bush was a Republican and Soros supports only Democrats, so soon after Bush’s victory, he (Soros) said: “there is a Supremacist ideology which rules the White House.”

He refers to his childhood in occupied Hungary: “When I hear Bush say, you’re either with us or against us, it reminds me of the Germans. It conjures up memories of Nazi slogans on the walls, Der Feind Hort Mit(The enemy is listening) and my experiences under Nazi” (Which he always admitted to be the best year and the best experience in his life!)

 His non-profit organization, immediately after Bush’s presidency launched an ad using the real WWII Nazi footage, with George W. Bush’s photos, comparing him to Hitler. (Isn’t it similar to today and calling President Trump Hitler?) The slogan used in that ad was“A nation warped by lies. Lies fuel fear. Fear fuels aggression. Invasion. Occupation. What were war crimes in 1945 is the foreign policy in 2003.”

God forbid if I be a Bush fan, but this is the exact same thing Soros alongside the mainstream media, Antifa, black lives matter, etc is doing now. His strategy to push his plan comes from here and the mockingbird media follows his instructions mouthed by his canards above.

Lies = fear      fear = aggression      agression= invasioninvasion = occupation.

This is the answer to why the present generation acts like this. They are being played according to the above playbook. As previously stated, by learning his language, we learn his intentions. After that ad, people were furious and asked MoveOn to pull it down, but the “Bush is Hitler” had an impact on the left and took a life of its own. Soros announced that bringing Bush down is the “central focus of his life.” He started to support Barack Obama and designed a t-shirt with the slogan“I supported the other guy” on it.

In Davos 2007’s meeting, which was an extension of Bilderberg and took place during George Bush’s presidency, Soros; a Nazi collaborator at the time of war, said:  “America needs to follow the policies introduced in Germany, we have to go through a certain de-Nazification process.”

So a Nazi sympathizer who loves the Nazi system not only within the national borders but on the world’s scale wants the “denazification” of America. What does that suppose to mean?

I assume you can see, whoever is not on his side, is a Nazi. To study the process of “Nazification” of his opponents, we should ask ourselves; Did Soros hate Nazis and how did he live the years of Nazi occupation in Hungary? Did he lose his beloved ones or is he a survivor of Nazi Concentration Camps?

Maybe George Soros is the only active and alive person who has links to Nazis while openly engaged in politics. None of us worked with the Nazis. He did. George Bush didn’t see the Nazis, Soros did. George Soros, a Hungarian Jew by birth and at the time of occupation but pretending to be a Christian, collaborated with Nazis and as he said in several interviews, he is still very proud of those years. He had fourteen years old. At that age, in that dangerous moment of history, he sold his fellow Jews to Nazis, giving them their information, and confiscating their properties in front of their eyes. He did it in cold blood with great joy and pleasure as when he talks about it, his eyes glitter. Since then, he hates Jews as much as the Nazis did. The reason maybe a psychological push-back of whom he cheated on and the reaction of his fellow Jews during and after the war as they called him a traitor.

He admitted joyfully, in an interview with Steve Kroft in 1998. When Kroft asked him whether he felt any guilt over his acquiescence to the Nazis, Soros proudly said: “No, Not at all. It was the most exciting time of my life.” He continued “what more could you ask for, at the age of fourteen?”

In 1998, when the interview took place, he was not a fourteen-year-old teenage anymore but a 72-year-old senior adult who had 58 years to review what he has done and feel any regret about it. The interview caused so much outrage both from people and journalists so to draw a better picture of him; Soros asked Michael Kaufman to write an acceptable biography about him and named it“The Life and Times of a Messianic Billionaire.”

In those fearful occupation days, when the Nazis were prosecuting and executing the Jews, Soros was the guy who submitted their (Jews) confiscation notices and the only pain for his family was their tennis balls. As he said to his biographer “their inability to obtain their preferred Titleist tennis balls was the only pain.” With his forged documents as a Christian, 1- he was working with the Nazis. 2- He was in command of the situation. 3- He was moving easily and successfully and untouchable as a teen. 4- He was not feeling any guilt for participating in a totalitarian practices.

Other 14-year-olds who were fighting at war in Warsaw Ghetto in 1943 had their family dispersed, killed, detained or died in concentration camps with their empty stomachs under torture. But the 14-year-old George Nazi collaborator Soros was just sad about his tennis balls.

The year after the occupation, Soros and his father didn’t lose a chance to drain the capital out of the Hungarian people’s desperation. He calls that year as: “exciting and interesting in many ways even more interesting and adventurous than the German occupation.” That was the year that George Soros began to learn his first exchanges as a Dracula financer and currency trader in the black market of the growing post-war economy. His father used to send him to the center of Budapest daily to sell their gold and buy currency. How did they have gold in the middle of a tragedy like that? Maybe we have to dig in this too. His father chose him to avoid any suspicion as he was a teen. Otherwise, the Nazis would punish their family. There he learned how to live double face hiding from the same Nazis he was working with. There he learned to say something while doing exactly the opposite will save him and this became his forever strategy. His inclusiveness became excluding the opponent, but he promotes his decisive inclusiveness anyway.

  That year was the breakthrough moment when Soros learned about the bear market. When everybody is down and sells, you buy. His father had precise knowledge about those who were confiscated as his own son was the collaborating agent and knew very well who was on his knees and needed currency and business to boost up his life again. 

“Conscious” is not a Soros type of thing. Once he said, he feels to be “god”, another time he said ”He wants to be the “conscience of the world”. He used the “buy when everybody is down” precept so many times as with Britain in 1992. He put Britain on her knees, and when everybody was squeezed enough, he gained his first one billion in just 48 hours. That’s why the world had no peace since after. Wall Street called it “the trade of the century”. Soros became a currency manipulator who could easily predict the market reactions, but the truth is, he is not predicting the reactions; he is creating the reactions and should be prosecuted as he runs the market by putting his own political and economic agenda in action and takes advantage of it in Wall Street. He is an insider, and that is a monumental crime.

In 1995, in his book, Soros on Soros, he wrote: “I do not accept the rules imposed by others.” When Jews are being deported to death camps, Soros says: “I am above them.”  All that matters for him is his own survival and as he says how“trying to come out on top no matter what happens around you.”…. ***No matter what happens around you***… ummm….***” on top”…no matter”***, that doesn’t seem “humanitarian.” Does it? Remember reviewing his organizational goals which were all humanitarian?



 In the same interview with Kroft, when he asked Soros about his investment in Britain and the manipulation of British Pound, he (Soros) said: “I do investments I don’t care about its social consequences”…This special phrase is what I want to focus on: *** I don’t care about its social consequences***

Back to his nonprofit organizational goals, what we see as goals, are all SOCIAL GOALS. Not one of them is an economic goal. The entire list which we’ve read in previous pages about what his organizations are doing, like social justice, rights, etc. were SOCIAL goals. The main question here is: How possibly, a heartless person careless to ethics with no social commitment to anybody or anything; a person who openly and clearly admitted to having zero concern in social consequences of his “investments” should care about social behavior and social values? How he establishes hundreds of organizations to watch, direct, draw, and pursue strategies for politicians and controls all aspects of human integrity and their values while he has no integrity and value at all??

His organizations are nothing but different offices of his Ministry of Deception. They do nothing but human and planet degeneration through constant agitation and propaganda.

The New York Times, Washington Post, the Associated Press, NBC and ABC are (Soros made them) outlets for political progressive leftopaths. The fake-stream media cry for being victims or even martyrs while it’s them constantly galvanizing people and irresponsibly worsening every situation they interfere. And just imagine their branches all around the world are guided by the same players. We have a man who owns the Democratic party, Mainstream media, Education system, Judicial system, Riots and organizations behind them. A man who destroys the economy by committing White Collar Crime, and overthrows governments and now fights with the elected President of the United States, and we are still glued to our chairs watching. What do we need to lock this drooling 87-year-old man up? The world is burning through the flames of his greed and are we just watching?


Moveon.Org is another Soros’s organization which proudly claims it was behind hacking Fox News. Moveon organization has a childish attitude. It designs petitions and recruits members, which are the same paid protesters who join the petition related events and collects signatures. This naïve organization directly leads us to how Soros thinks and where he wants to take us in his next step. Monitoring the next petition takes us to his next move. Watch out this website and be vigilant. Taking a glance into this website regarding the timing and the political climate of the moment, we will easily find out where the BLM and Antifa are generated. It’s funny because it reflects how these spoiled brats and brainwashed feminists pull their pants up 1…2…3 and run into the streets without even knowing what they are going to talk about. They see it on the Moveon website and bam! they mouth it. I’ve seen dozens of clashes in which not one of those feminists, Antifa or BLM rioters had a clue about why they were there. Shouldn’t they have a philosophy for their protests? 


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