Mysterious European Coronavirus Lockdowns Coincide the 2020s Election Day & 2021s Inauguration Day

Europe’s very strange lockdowns impressed me since the beginning but it was the chain of European lockdowns close to the election that confirmed my theory. The idea that the global covoid-19 across all nations was a tool to steal the American election was absolutely insane but it was a project that I was working on and in fact, I put out some reports on its birth and diffusion. It is not necessary now to rehash all of them but to give you an idea, I believe “there is” disease but not as it is echoed, or described. The existing virus, which is a virus-like other, doesn’t have a personality. It can’t attack people when they don’t wear masks but don’t attack them while they are eating with their masks below their chin! It is simply foolish.

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(Photo by Bradley Weber/Flickr).

However, the terrorized mass took every step that the “science” people asked yet the virus is still there and miraculously performs its mutilation dance, and each day a new version of it emerges just as this virus is so up-to-fashion and the trendiest trend. It runs and the science guys run after it while it changes appearance and is not recognizable anymore.

A global takeover dressed as a pandemic is hard to swallow but I had already predicted it and knew where would it go. However, as much as the election-grab through a pandemic was mind-blowing, the existence of puppet governments in almost ALL countries is just unexpected. Canada, Germany, the UK even after Brexit, France, Australia, and many more including Italy…Oh Italy, all involved in a global takeover?

It seems ballistic. We should be weaving  “conspiracies” in our little cocoon minds to imagine such a Wizard of Oz level theory but it was so. Where is the best place for a criminal to hide? Right before our eyes in public because nobody would go there. People search hiding places, not obvious ones.


Could the election be stealth without a global organization? Can you imagine for a second how the idea of mail-in voting would look ridiculous if not be compared to other countries with a long list of deaths and people in shelter? These people are master false-flaggers and we saw it in Mandala Bay and Florida Broward County’s shootings and Notre dam’s burning. The Obama’s took a trip in Europe, particularly in the UK and France with the excuse of Michelle’s new book tour and every city that embraced their footprints, the disaster fell. On the same day in the UK, Julian Assange was arrested and in 2 days in Paris, the Notre dam burnt in ashes and everybody forgot about Assange. Just like that.

It must have been difficult becoming Michelle!


Anyways, let’s get back to our smart virus. I have never seen a virus that respects me while I am eating, have you?

I have never seen a virus that respects mosquitoes and flies either. The populace goes crazy watching a “mask-less” selfish human being who spreads “chemical warfare” as the new lunatic lawmaker Ayanna Pressly says. Meanwhile, a mosquito flies over people’s apartments and sits somewhere. That mosquito could have just sat on an infected person.

Rep. Ayanna Pressley, D-Mass., said Wednesday that Republican colleagues who did not wear a mask while they sheltered during last week’s Capitol riots had engaged in “chemical warfare.” “It’s criminal behavior,” she told CNN’s Don Lemon.



Ever considered making sense? Did you know broadcasting 24-hours made-up-gossip from the TV bullhorns transforms it into science?? Magic No?

Well…stupidity has no bounders. Has it?

So, could the coronavirus be just a local phenomenon and change the result of an election? With a nation like Americans; could the system of ballots in person be changed for any reason? No way. Could the election still be stealth if there were no mail-in ballots?

Today I was checking the timeline of all lockdowns in Europe, Canada, and Australia around November 2020 and Jan 20, 2021, the inauguration day and this is the result:

After a 3 months lockdown almost all across the globe, the second waves were always magically around the election day and the new one super magically around the inauguration day. Both in a manner that those special two days (the election and inauguration days) always fall in serious lockdowns.

Piero Cruciatti/AFP via-Getty Image


30 October that would last until at least 1 December 2020 (the election day falls in between)

The new Lockdown started: Jan 19, 2021 (just ONE day before the inauguration)


November 2, 2020, to December 1, 2020. (the election day falls in between)

New lockdown: January 19, 2021, for four weeks. (just ONE day before the inauguration)


Nov 2, 2020, until Dec 13 (just ONE day before the 2020 election)

Last: Jan 19, 2021 (just ONE day before the inauguration)


On October 26 a very restricted lockdown started and continued until Nov 30. (the election day falls in between)

Christmas lockdown from December 24th – 27th, and December 31st – January 3rd.

Italy now: The last lockdown starts: Jan 19 up to Feb 15 (just ONE day before the inauguration)


Canada Oct 21,2020 to Nov 21 (the election day falls in between)

Now: Dec 26, 2020, to Jan 23 (the inauguration day falls in between)

Australia was the only country that was not under covid-restriction on the election day.

Australia new lockdown: Jan 2, 2021, to Jan 22 (the inauguration day falls in between)

My theory is a precautionary operation. Global army in standby mode (the UN army). Restrictions and severe lockdowns largely contribute to invisibly staying in position, having the situation under control, and keeping freeways open.

Looking to the long lockdown in Italy starting from today Jan 19 to Jan 31, considering the corruption within the government and its involvement in the election fraud, I would say they are strategically preparing for something. A few people have ever been hated in Italy as Giuseppe Conte but he is a good puppet for the Vatican, maybe as good as Renzi. However. I am not sure for how long can he escape the Italian wroth. It wouldn’t take much longer before people’s wroth take him away.


Tomorrow is a big day. Not-a-pedophile, Not-a-rapist President-select is waiting. Perhaps creepiest than ever and perhaps some half-man, half-goat people will be escorting him.

Gosh, it is hard to imagine.

Let see what happens.


Preserve me, O God: for in thee do I put my trust

Psalms 16:1 KJV

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