Buyer’s Remorse? Let’s Blame the Press By John Green–An Amazing Article by The American Thinker

Buyer’s Remorse? Let’s Blame the Press

In his first week in office President Asterisk has done his old boss proud.  In just six days, lunch bucket Joe has signed 36 executive orders and put tens of thousands of jobs at risk.  He’s cancelled major construction projects like the Keystone XL pipeline and the border wall — resulting in lost jobs for the very unions who endorsed him.  He is reestablishing a moratorium on energy exploration on federal lands and rejoined the Paris Agreement on climate change.  These orders will cause further job losses in the energy sector and lost revenue in states that supported him.  If that were not enough, his relaxation of border control and immigration enforcement will result in an influx of illegal immigrants competing for the remaining jobs.  Luckily, Joe has also thoughtfully issued and order expanding food assistance programs.  Thousands of unemployed workers may need it.

Even though the Harris/Biden administration is in its infancy, it has already triggered a flood of complaints of “buyer’s remorse.”  It seems many who voted for Joe weren’t expecting this.  In the immortal words of Rahm Emanuel, “never let a good crisis go to waste.”  I say we help those with “buyer’s remorse” get over it.  We should give them a scapegoat.  Let’s blame the press.  It wasn’t the voter’s fault — they were misled.

Biden voters were victims of a four-year propaganda campaign to smear Donald Trump and drag the Democrat nominee  — any nominee — across the finish line, truth be damned.

Mark Twain once said, “If you don’t read the papers you’re uninformed.  If you do read the papers you’re misinformed.”  I submit that in this case, the voters have been subjected to both.  Evidence of legacy news media propaganda during the four years of the Trump administration are legion.

Reporting about the Biden family influence-for-graft business was nonexistent.  In fact, Joe’s brother and his son received millions of dollars from China, the Ukraine, and Russia.  Their business dealings have been highly suspicious and included exorbitant salaries as board members, consulting contracts, and even partial ownership of foreign companies.  Hunter Biden even won many of these opportunities after traveling to these countries with his father — the vice president!  The legacy media mysteriously never mentioned that Joe’s family was getting this money while Vice President Biden was influencing U.S. policy with those very countries.

The legacy media didn’t bother to mention that Hunter Biden is under federal investigation, and that Joe may be implicated.  Hunter Biden’s laptop had been abandoned and its contents were legally disclosed.  The contents revealed that Joe Biden was actively involved in Hunter’s business dealings — even to the point of sharing an office with a Chinese businessman.  The laptop even disclosed that a percentage of the business proceeds were to go to Joe.  Yet Joe has always claimed he had no involvement in Hunter’s business.  The legacy media spiked stories on the subject and social media censored anyone attempting to report it.

It is an established fact that Joe Biden intimidated the Ukraine into shutting down an investigation of his son.  After learning that a Ukrainian prosecutor was looking into Hunter’s business dealings, Vice President Biden threatened to withhold one billion dollars in aid unless the prosecutor was fired.  The prosecutor was fired and the investigation was terminated — within six hours of the threat.  The legacy media have claimed that this story was debunked.  But Joe actually said he did it himself, to an audience, and on camera (what a genius).  He wouldn’t have lied, would he?

The legacy news media made no mention of the fact that Joe has been credibly accused of sexual assault by Tara Reade.  Granted, Joe has not been indicted nor convicted of anything, but Ms. Reade does have corroborating witnesses.  The fact that Joe’s predations may go well beyond inappropriate hugging and hair sniffing seems like something his voters should know — no?

The media has called Donald Trump a racist for four years, with never a mention of Joe’s numerous racist comments.  Aside from insulting minorities with reckless abandon (including his former boss, Barack Obama), Joe has had disturbing associations with known racists.  In fact, he spoke in glowing terms about, and even eulogized Robert Byrd, a former member of the Ku Klux Klan.

The legacy media claimed that President Trump colluded with Russia to steal the 2016 election.  They didn’t bother to mention that Vice President Biden was involved in instigating the FBI investigation that drove the “Russian collusion” narrative.  For three years, the media reported leaks from the investigation that claimed solid evidence of Trump’s collusion was forthcoming.  However, the evidence never materialized.  Funny, they didn’t bother to tell anyone that the Mueller investigation cleared Trump of any such collusion.

And perhaps the worst misrepresentation of all, Biden promised to do everything that he is now doing.  On the campaign trail he promised to end fracking, cancel drilling leases, open the borders, forgive student debt, provide Medicare for all, and rejoin the Paris Climate Agreement.  That this was unknown to his voters is a shocking indictment of the legacy media.

I can certainly see why the Biden voters feel betrayed.  How could they have possibly known what they were voting for?  It wasn’t their fault.  It was all the news media’s fault.  At least that’s what I’m telling them.  They simply had nowhere to turn for the truth — other than American Thinker, Breitbart News, Redstate, RealClearPolitics, Townhall, Newsmax, and 75 million screaming conservatives.

For those with buyer’s remorse, welcome to the conservative movement.  We are the genuine “big tent” of politics.  We don’t care about your nation of origin, race, gender, religion, or orientation — only your values.

John Green is a political refugee from Minnesota, now residing in Star, Idaho. He is a retired engineer with over 40 years of experience in the areas of product development, quality assurance, organizational development, and corporate strategic planning. He can be reached at

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