Hunter Biden’s Book Under “Chinese Biographies” Pictures a Kid

This article was posted on General Flynn’s telegram and he is (like all of us) very concerned about the issue. These people are sick and they don’t hide it. They co-communicate through cryptography, use a typical style of photography, and their “artistic” Morse-codes let them stand out from the crowd and send the message (read modern-art scandal). However, despite being conscious about what is going on in their secret communities, it still makes me sick to my stomach when they arrogantly put it up on their page and laugh at our pain. These people hate humanity. You must understand that this is an ancient spiritual reality and these entities HATE humanity. That is the core of their doctrine. When they do it, they do it with extreme pleasure. When they hurt a human being, they do it drooling with ecstasy. We can never put ourselves in their shoes to picture their mentality because we are human, children of Almighty. They are children of the wicked one. Unless you do not internalize this concept, you will NOT enter their horizon. What you think is impossible is their routine lifestyle.


What is exceedingly disturbing is the reality of having the likes of Hunter Biden in the White House. Watching them on TV, reading news about them in papers, and listening to the abhorrent voice of their bottom-wipers praising them. Twitter killed my account. Google killed my Parler. Seems we scream in an empty vase and nobody hears as they manipulate the search engines. Now wizards officially perform their witchery and sacrifice to their religion of cruelty. I am sick of those who must see what they believe. They will never let them see. Instead, they are removing old reports, videos, interviews, statistics, and official papers that have traces of all gangs, cults and satanic rituals and whatever have been published in the 80s and 90s. Yes, they are sweeping the internet you have no idea how fast the cleansing process will take place. Think of how google manipulated the algorithms of family concepts like marriage or Trump supporters and conservative news titles. Think of Hunter Biden’s laptop articles. For each ONE revelation, there are hundreds and hundreds of monologues like these:

Fact Check–It is not true that Hunter Biden’s laptop bla bla bla

Reality check–another right-wing crazy conspiracy about how Hunter Biden’s laptop bla bla bla

Did Hunter Biden’s laptop point to anything illegal? Conservatives are obsessed with Hunter Biden’s laptop trying to make a scandal of some “tax issues”…

Just insert Hunter Biden’s laptop in your browser and watch what will appear. Do you think that is accidental? No, it is a business paid by activists who spend hours and hours of these trolling titles. It is a job. They work fiercely and endlessly. The result? They get what they want.


I’ll better stop. Here is the disgusting news by The Truth Defender


Look: Hunter Biden’s Biography Has Most Disturbing

“Label” Ever on Amazon

You just can’t make this stuff up

Hunter Biden is gearing up to release a new book, and already, it’s receiving some strange attention.

Online sleuths have discovered that Hunter’s book, which is set to be released in April, is somehow an Amazon “#1 bestseller.”

But that’s not the strangest part…

What’s got most people scratching their heads is that the book is filed under “Chinese Biographies.”

Check it out:



At the time of writing this article, the link to the Amazon listing of the book still shows the same information as above.

Conservatives on social media are of course having a field day with this one and the jokes are beyond epic.

Of course there’s a kid on the front

Who would buy this book? Pedophiles? Drug addicts? Oh, that’s just the author

I suppose smoking crack and a footjob could be considered beautiful things

“Best Sellers in Chinese Biographies” – Now that’s funny… I don’t care who you are.

He can write a book but can’t answer questions regarding his missing laptop?

I was expecting the cover to be a pic of him doing blow on the backside of a stripper…

Original title “my beautiful thing” pictures of my penis in various public locations

Should be titled: Being A Biden Really Pays Off

This Amazon listing has gotta be a troll.

I mean…#1 in CHINESE biographies?

It’s shocking that someone hasn’t change this yet.



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HE raised them “all.” It doesn’t matter how big is your problem, and how hopeless you are because Jesus is the resurrection and the light."-Ella Cruz World's events are happening so fast. Putting Global Governance 2015, Agenda 2030, Agenda 2050, Antarctica, Mars, CERN, G5, The United Nations, The European Union, the Club of Rome, and the false prophets of the Vatican all together, we see that the satanic global government is imminent and it shall come to pass. The mark of the beast will be obligatory. You are either a Christian and believe this because this is what was predicted 2000 years ago in the Bible, or you are not a Christian but you read all these articles and connect the dots to notice that the satanic world government is their agenda and with President Trump, we had 4 years and this was God's mercy on us. Their Global Governance 2025 is terribly close. Their Green New Deal's 12 years matches the agenda 2030. The immigration and devouring of America and Europe all go according to the blueprint of one world satanic government. We have a short time to prepare ourselves. Why are we, born-again Christians happy and calm? Why do we joyfully dedicate ourselves to the nation, knowing that we will be chased and prosecuted for NOT taking the mark of the beast? Because we are dedicated to the Kingdom. "Your kingdom come, Your will be done." 1- We believe Jesus Christ is the son of the Living God. 2- We believe the Bible is the word of God. 3-We believe God had so much loved us that HE sent his only begotten son to die on the cross for our sins. Through his blood, all our sins are washed away and forgiven. 4- We believe the price of our salvation, health, prosperity, happiness, and eternal life is paid by the blood of Jesus. We have all these gifts in us when we are born again by GRACE. 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