Please Share: Shocking Cover-Up by The COVID Regime. The First Responder Who Fainted Live On Camera After Receiving The Vaccine Is Nowhere Found

Where is Tiffany Dover?


I have received an email where you can see it fully posted at the end of the article. As I was not aware of the incident, I watched all the videos. While searching for articles I noticed the amount of idiotic fact-checking articles and nonsense on the internet trying to dissolve what people have seen is worse than the video itself. There is a maleficent army of fact-chewing punks out there who want to chew meat and squeeze it in your mouth making you swallow it. They tell you how to nod your head and obey their narrative because thinking and seeing are forbidden. 

The sender of the email asked me to check Tiffany, her Facebook, and Instagram pictures and compare them to the robot whom the hospital tries to shove down our throat and yes I have still my eyes working and my brain functioning and the two people are not the same.

What is the story? Tiffany Dover; Nurse Manager and first responder in CHI Memorial Hospital; Chattanooga, took a Covid-19 vaccine shot Live on camera and 17 minutes later fainted as she was on air. 

Minutes after the fainting scene, she gets back her consciousness, holds a second interview, and explains to the audience how she has a “condition” that causes her to faint each time she has “pain”.

I am not sure what pain is she talking about or why someone should feel pain after taking a vaccine shot. Her arm may have some pain for a short while but what kind of pain should one feel to faint right after taking a vaccine? Anyways, as she says she has a condition, we consider it as a reason. However, after that interview which occurred on Dec 17, 2020, nobody has seen Tiffany. She hasn’t posted on her Facebook or Instagram. Her pictures show she is very extroverted and sweet, posting almost regularly but not after Dec 17, 2020. This is her last Instagram post on Dec 14.

As she disappears, concerned people start to contact the hospital, looking for her on her Facebook and Instagram, writing comments, and seeking answers. 

Normally, in such situations, “the person of interest” who is Tiffany appears on one of her social media and posts a video assuring people that she is well and perhaps has fainted as a result of too much work or pressure or whatever. The nature of a first responder results in such behavior because taking care of people physically and emotionally is the reason she has chosen the job. The hospital claims that Tiffany has asked to respect her privacy. Really?
Have you ever met a first responder?? If the answer is yes, you know this is a blatant lie.

In this case, as the vaccine is everybody’s concern and as the incident happened Live on camera during an official interview on behalf of a hospital, the hospital’s professionalism “demands” to take these concerns seriously and directly, arranging to publish another video as a follow-up, featuring Tiffany TALKING on camera and reassuring the worried people that she is fine and there is no reason to be worried and fearing the vaccine.

Instead, CHI Memorial issues a horror show where the hospital’s staff are standing mutely, looking with dazzling eyes, in an angry mood, and someone appears in the middle who according to their buzz should be Tiffany Dover who says nothing, does nothing, and looks like Tiffany for nothing.

Before describing the woman, the first thing that grabbed my attention was the mask. Didn’t Tiffany take a COVID-19 vaccine shot? We all saw that she did take a shot so why should she wear a mask?? Shouldn’t she be protected after taking the vaccine? Anf if not, why would the vaccine help anyone?

The featured woman is 20-30 pounds thicker, has a rounded face while Tiffany’s face is almost oval, straight eyebrows while Tiffany has a bit softer and arched up eyebrows, and eyes… eyes are completely different. They are not Tiffany’s big blue eyes. That is what I believe. You can disagree with it but this is what I see.  Now with the mask trick and going mute, anybody can be anyone, right? Cover the face, shut down the voice, and voila!


She is quite a small girl with big eyes


And very extroverted. Watch the video to see it yourself.


The sender of this email, wrote about Dover’s hair being parted in the middle while her entire social media pictures show her with her hair parted from one side. I thought this might be just a case but watching the video created by Joe Leonard (posted below) I noticed that it is a big difference besides the haircut is different too. 


In the meantime, the amount of assault and harassment by the lamestream media is unbelievable and as you know, whenever they all say the same thing, insist on it, and insult our intelligence means they are at it again. Just watch this Daily Beast reporter and listen to his choice of words. He is a programming machine trying to create the desired perception.


So practically, you see a nurse took the vaccine, fainted, and disappeared but you didn’t see it. I mean you saw it but you have to believe that you didn’t. What they say is the truth and what you SEE is a conspiracy. We are at that level now. As long as they could cut the interviews on CNN and MSNBC, we could say hey you cut it and their response could be: cut what?? Now it happens on camera and it didn’t happen because they say so and if you insist, you are spreading disinformation.

Below is the full text of the email I received. The lady who sent it (and many other people on her social media) believe Tiffany may have died and the COVID regime doesn’t want you to know. I cannot confirm this because I don’t have the means to verify it. However, unless Tiffany Dover doesn’t appear in an interview just as the one she made before disappearing, the possibilities are unlimited.




Who is Tiffany Dover? This is Tiffany Dover: that Tiffany Pontes Dover is dead. She has not released a video of her current status in almost 2 weeks after taking the vaccine on any social media platform, and the place see was employed at, is covering up her death. More details down below. 2 Memorial hospital posted the video on twitter but because of questions and backlash, they have put their twitter account on private. You can see by the url structure, it directs to the CHI Memorial twitter post but since their account is on private, you can’t view the 20 second video post, but can see the replying comments from the video. (tweet has been taken down)CHI Memorial twitter account has been protected because of the backlash ( the twitter video is on private, CHI Memorial posted the video also on youtube in which the link is here DOVER DEAD? ALIVE FOUR DAYS LATER?! strange is the “tiffany” person in the 20 second video has her hair parted in the middle instead of the side, this person looks bigger in weight and more broad in the shoulders, etc. So here are side by side pictures of the real Tiffany dover, and her body double.Aside from that, she hasn’t posted to social media at all. And futhermore all her pictures show her hair parted to 1 side, and never in the middle. You can follow her facebook profile here:

And this is her instagram here:

Another nurse gets Bells Palsy from COVID-19 Vaccination
Backup Vid:

Woman shaking uncontrollably from Moderna COVID-19 Vaccination
Backup Vid:

Her Tongue Spasms
Backup Vid:

FYI: Facebook deleted her update video on her profile, thus the video being uploaded on another persons facebook profile.

Update Video From Her Condition
Backup Vid:

Her facebook profile:

Another woman shaking uncontrollably after Pfizer vaccine shot
Backup Vid:

Update 1-12-21
Mom Is getting even worse today and still don’t have any answers from doctors as to how to fix this. Please pray for her I can’t stand to see my mom this way it makes me want to cry knowing I can’t do anything to help her. Please don’t take the covid19 vaccine. I’m adding a 3rd video that she just sent me.

Son who posted the video of his moms vaccine shot side effects facebook profile:

EXCLUSIVE: Wife of ‘perfectly healthy’ Miami doctor, 56, who died of a blood disorder 16 days after getting Pfizer Covid-19 vaccine

Portuguese Health Worker, Dies Two Days After Receiving Pfizer COVID-19 Vaccine Shot

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