Breaking- Georgia Corruption Alert: Stacey Abrams Was John Podesta’s Pick–WikiLeaks

I had a comprehensive thread about Stacey Abrams on Twitter that unfortunately with the suspension of my account it is gone. Probably, I have forgotten to save it and now I learned the lesson. I am trying to use the residue of that report before picking some time to create a new one. Can we get access to people connected to these people in Georgia? In the GA DOJ?

When I created a campaign to elect Brian Kemp (more corrupt than Abrams but a perfect deceiver who deceived us), I made an extensive report on how Valeri Jarrett picked up Stacey Abrams and Planned Parenthood paid her debts.  What I didn’t know was that before being introduced to Valerie Jarrett, Stacey Abrams was picked up by John Podesta. In fact, Valerie Jarrett built Abrams because Podesta picked her.

With this new information, we now have more clues for Georgia’s rotten government. Abrams is very powerful in Georgia but she was built from ashes. She has a network of both political and physical militias but this network comes from the relationships behind Stacey Abrams. Meaning, people who shaped and built her, arrange her network.

Stacey Abrams was first on Emily’s List. A Soros Organisation which produces Democratic candidates. The full research on Emily’s List is here. However, there was another WikiLeaks email that reveals Hillary Clinton chooses her picks from Emily’s List.

EMILY’s List

Re: Re: Re:

Planned Parenthood Southeast Advocates Endorse Stacey Abrams

Planned Parenthood Southeast Advocates has endorsed former House Democratic Leader and candidate for Governor on the Democrat ticket Stacey Abrams.

The announcement was made in a press release Monday:

“I am honored to earn Planned Parenthood Southeast Advocates’ support for my campaign to build a brighter Georgia,” said Stacey Abrams. “Throughout my career, I have worked alongside Planned Parenthood to protect and expand access to healthcare and ensure economic security for all Georgians. As governor, I will continue to ensure women have access to a full range of reproductive health services so they have the freedom and opportunity to thrive.”

“Georgia’s next governor must be an unwavering champion for every person’s ability to make their own health care decisions,” said Dawn Laguens, Executive Vice President, Planned Parenthood Action Fund. “Abrams will fight against any attacks on Planned Parenthood and protect access to reproductive health and rights across the state. Abrams has a proven track record of leadership in support of women and families. For years, Stacey Abrams has been a leading voice for reproductive right and justice in Georgia and across the country. She’s fought against bills that would limit access to abortion in her state and stood up against politicians who threaten access to the full range of reproductive health care services. Abrams knows that having access to the full range of reproductive health care services is key to achieving economic security for Georgia’s women and families. Stacey Abrams is the progressive leader the Peach State needs. It’s time that Georgia had a woman in the governor’s mansion who will be a champion for women and their families.”

“Planned Parenthood Southeast Advocates is proud to endorse Stacey Abrams to be the next governor of Georgia,” said Staci Fox, President & CEO, Planned Parenthood Southeast Advocates. “Stacey Abrams is the champion that Georgia women and families need. She stands with Planned Parenthood and the nearly 8,000 patients in Georgia who rely on Planned Parenthood for reproductive health care every year. She will defend a person’s right to make their own health care decisions, protect patients’ access to care at Planned Parenthood health centers, and fight for women and their families in our state. It’s time for Georgia to elect a governor who’s pro-women, pro-families, and pro-reproductive health and rights.”

EMILY’s List, NARAL Pro-Choice America, and Vote Pro-Choice have also endorsed Stacey Abrams for governor. Congressman John Lewis, Congressman David Scott, Congressman Hank Johnson, Vernon Jordan, Rev. Dr. CT Vivian, Francys Johnson, and Rev. Dr. Joseph Lowery have endorsed Abrams as well. More than 200 state legislators, local electeds, and grasstops leaders support Stacey Abrams for governor. Progressive organization Democracy for America, with over 30,000 members in Georgia and a million members nationwide, MoveOn, GiffordsPAC, Democracy for America, Daily Kos, Mijente, Let America Vote, Higher Heights for America, and Working Families Party, have also endorsed Stacey Abrams for Governor. The Georgia AFL-CIO, Georgia Association of Educators, International Brotherhood of Electrical Workers Local 613, The Georgia State Building and Construction Trades Council, Atlanta North Georgia Building Trades Council, the International Union of Painters and Allied Trades District Council 77, UNITE HERE Local 23, the International Union of Operating Engineers Local 926, Workers United, Southern Region/SEIU, Ironworkers Local 387, Millwright Local Union No 1263, the Retail, Wholesale and Department Store Union Southeast Council AFSCME have each endorsed Stacey Abrams because of her commitment to creating a Georgia that ensures the rights of working families.”


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