Alarming: Democrats Silently Move to Ripping the Black Rule of Law and Reinventing the Country From Scratch Through Eliminating The Filibuster

They won’t give up until they have it. Democrats want to get rid of the filibuster and they are serious.

After the flood of draconian executive orders, there are two major steps to take: Packing the Supreme court and getting rid of the filibuster and you know where it comes from:


The filibuster is a rule that allows an indefinite debate in the Senate. Anyone can debate a bill as long as they want unless a three-fifths supermajority of the members votes for ending debate through a mechanism called Cloture. The Senate has always been a place to debate on a legislative proposal as long as a Senator chose, but some abuse of the debate to just delay the process brought us to the filibuster. So now the debate on a certain proposal goes forward unless there is a strong opposition that stops it through Cloture. If a lawmaker proposes to change the country, he better be sure that 60 Senators have to confirm that change. What does that mean? That 60 people’s representatives (aka the majority of the population) agree with it.

For 240 years this supermajority was necessary. It is central to American belief. If a moronic lawmaker does not think of the consequences of his bill or tries to manipulate the system then the debate comes to hunt him. If he intends to rule by force, Senators will stop him. If legislators find their way in the Senate and attempt to grab power, Senators will stop him. This is the filibuster’s legacy. 

What is the use of having two houses of law if one proposes a bill and converts it to law with no obstruction in another house?

That’s why power grabbers hate the filibuster and are desperate to eliminate it. They so despise the debate that its elimination remains the only solution and we see it not only in the House of the Senate but everywhere across the street. Just cut out the dissent’s voice and have their way is their religion. Now they need to nuke an America system that has worked for 240 years and they need to have an excuse otherwise, how can they justify the move?

Make no mistake; ending the filibuster is the high-end legislative equivalent of Antifa smashing your phone when you film them. It is just the same.

The filibuster is the last check and balance that limits the activity of the democrats. Without it, the democrats will remake the country. They will criminalize any speech/thought that doesn’t fit their agenda, turn gun owners into criminals, and declare the dissent as domestic terrorists. They told us what they would do, we just didn’t listen.

Now the recent shootings have become the vehicle for the democrat party. They are coming after your guns and this time they are really coming after them but first, they need to get rid of the filibuster, and immediately after, the flood of their gun control legislation will become law. 

Article below by the Red State

Morse: Democrats Use the Boulder Shooting to Attempt a Massive Power Grab

AP Photo/Evan Vucci 

The filibuster is all that stands between the Democrats and every radical piece of legislation they want to push. Never letting a crisis go to waste, the Democrats are using the shooting in Boulder, Colorado to push extreme gun control measures, but first, they have to get rid of the filibuster.

In the latest video, I dive into the Democrat’s plans and why the filibuster is important in stopping them.

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