It’s White Supremacist & Elitist to Mark Down Bad Spelling

The British academia starts the trend, and the American blue states eat what they chew. In the name of being anti-white, widen the gap between different ethnicities and colors. The woke culture can not survive without peddling on the color of skin. Now grammar is white because minorities and immigrants probably have had poor education so glorify poor education instead of promoting good education and forcing them to move the lazy bottom and do something about it. Lower the standards to hurt society. Pour immigrants into countries and instead of raising “their” standards, lower citizens’ standards to fit the lower culture. It is the cultural difference, but blame the race and the color of skin.

For now, punctuality means white supremacy. In a short future it will be also transphobic. When these kids enter the workforce, attack the employers and shut them up so the employer would be racist if they dare to demand the results and ask these brats to accomplish the job. Create chaos in society, in workforce, in politics, and especially in homes. Literacy is elitist. Find excuses to change the very foundations of our civilization and when you do not find an excuse, create one and it’s working.

Not only woke academy and bratish intelligentsia (not British) are peddling this but also the grifters. This is a very designed, all-encompassing phenomenon. Up to know, pronouns were transphobic. Now the right pronoun is white supremacist. Woke supremacists have their eyes on losing productivity by loosening the standards. Everything is elitist so abolish everything and rebuild the fundaments. Wasn’t it Joe Bama’s campaign slogan? “Build Back Better”? What is ruined that needs to be build back?? Well they are professional in ruining so if they need to build back, they first need to ruin and they are doing it at light speed. The puppet handlers’ executive orders are defining our laws, and the most extreme and esoteric nonsenses are stepping into law and becoming the norm.

Where is the silent majority? I find silence but not the majority. It seems totally lost or hidden or invisible.

The silent majority…..whatever it means….until when this silent majority tends to remain silent?? 

In RING OF THE CABAL about the cultural differences I wrote:  (All Rights Reserved)

“Culture, a combination of different elements obtained and evolved in a country “within” its borders is a gradual product made in centuries and has its roots deep in society. These roots make one culture different from another. As time passes, permanent elements of culture remain the same. They remain the same as the soil remains the same, as the wheat growing in that soil remains the same and as the water in their lakes remains the same. Those elements are beyond the “individual”. they are the warp and weft which shape the mentality of the individuals of that special area as they are.

In old times, before the invention of the automobile, people had to travel miles on horses or in carriages to the nearest city so it was so difficult that just a few could afford it. At those times, cities seemed different countries and the difference in culture was so distinguishable. People, who were born in a certain place used to eat the same ingredients, breathe the same air, cultivate the same land with the same seeds, live the same lifestyle, dress the same manner, respect the same traditions; participate the same local ceremonies and churches and believe in the same beliefs or superstitions. They even had the same anatomy; the same jawbones and height or color so tangible at the first sight traveling from one city to another and this is why we have a treasury of historical books demonstrating all these habits and differences.

Difference is not an inequity. Life emphasizes our differences. How would a world be if everything was similar and uniformly shaped? If all people did the same thing, ate the same thing, had the same habits and looked the same? There no exactly similar things in nature. Our ten fingertips have different patterns. That’s why they are used to identify people. Learn from nature. Learn from Mathematics; the wisest professor of the world. There is not one number equal to another. It’s always a plus or minus. A world with equal numbers would be anti-knowledge, anti-progress, and anti-philosophy; as philosophy is the manifestation of mathematics through words. An absolute death would be the result. Nada. 

What makes this colorful world beautiful is not the lack of difference but to “respect” the differences. A mathematical equation offers so much to learn and is fun to discover and decode. One can evolve and move to the next level of creation and nascence through the “respect for rules and relations” between different numbers. So if an unprivileged human in need of help or even to fulfill his dreams, comes to a country with a “different” culture should first of all; respect the host culture by trying to integrate and assimilate and second; should be grateful and humble for the opportunity offered to him/her.

This transformation is not easy but it is the price to pay. It demands effort and determination as the newcomers should learn the culture of their new country and it includes the language as the main way of communication, outfits, trendy habits routine within a nation that help assimilate faster. There is no doubt that the hosting country will be any way affected by cultures of newcomers in time, but that is a gradual process while the adaptation of the hosting culture for the immigrant should be a must and should be fast and not a gradual one. So there are two processes of integrations. First; for the immigrants which is a duty and an obligation and second, for the host nation which is not a “must”, “duty” or an “obligation” but happens naturally and by their own will as many immigrants bring their new talents, creativity, and interesting social differences into the hosting country. 

 Every hosting country needs dynamic change and innovation in their culture as this is a natural process of growth and evolution and nobody can stand still and firm forever. People will putrefy due to stagnancy and lose their ability to upgrade and council with modern dynamics, but the process should take place with all due respect to the host country’s culture. It is a nonverbal agreement:  If you come to my house, you should respect my rules.

Besides, people don’t flee to a country with an inferior culture to theirs. They choose a better country and adding an inferior culture to a better one means degrading the “better culture” if there is no assimilation.

If the society just as it is at the moment, is not appealing to those intending to immigrate, then don’t do it. Being aggressive, oppressive or offensive; having an attitude of superiority and demanding to change the hosting country is beyond narcissism. On top of that, claiming that all hosting countries should someday come under their flag and believe what they believe, requires one solution and it is “deportation”. No political correctness here, no subjection to “Xenophobia” is valid. All is nonsense, and irrelevant as accepting an immigrant is not a “Right” but a “Grant”.

Article below appeared on the

It’s elitist to mark down bad spelling, universities insist

Billy Kenber

University students will not be marked down for bad spelling because it would be ELITIST

  • Academics have been told that insisting on good written English discriminates 
  • Some universities have been adopting so-called ‘inclusive assessment’ systems
  • Regulator wants to reduce gap between white and black student attainment rate 


PUBLISHED: 18:33 EDT, 10 April 2021 | UPDATED: 05:47 EDT, 11 April 2021

University students will not be marked down for poor spelling, grammar and punctuation in exams because it would be ‘elitist’.

Academics have been told that insisting on good written English discriminates against ethnic minorities and those who went to ‘underperforming’ schools.

The Office for Students wants to reduce the gap between the proportion of white and black students gaining good degrees and cut dropout rates among poorer students.

In response, some universities have been adopting so-called ‘inclusive assessment’, a more flexible scheme first introduced to level the playing field for students with conditions such as dyslexia.

At Hull University, a new policy says the requirement for a high level of proficiency in written English can be seen as ‘homogenous, North European, white, male, and elite’.

At Hull University (pictured) a new policy says the requirement for a high level of proficiency in written English can be seen as ‘homogenous, North European, white, male, and elite’.

It adds that students with English as a second language or educated at poorly performing schools can be discouraged if high standards of written English are required.

Instead it plans to encourage students to develop a ‘more authentic academic voice… that celebrates, rather than obscures, their particular background or characteristics’.

At the University of the Arts London, guidelines on marking written work say staff should ‘actively accept spelling, grammar or other language mistakes that do not significantly impede communication unless the brief states that formally accurate language is a requirement’.

It warns academics to ‘avoid imposing your own idea of ‘correct English‘ on student work’.

Academics at Worcester University have also been told that if spelling, grammar and punctuation are not ‘central to the assessment criteria’, it is fairer to judge students only on their ideas and knowledge of the subject.

The move comes as universities come under increasing pressure to boost the progress of ethnic minority, disabled and disadvantaged students, as well as ‘decolonise’ courses. But critics have rounded on the erosion of standards.

‘Inclusive assessment makes me want to weep,’ said Professor Alan Smithers, an education expert at Buckingham University. ‘Exams are there to discriminate between those who can and those who cannot, including being able to say clearly what you mean.

‘This approach won’t do the students any favours in getting and keeping a job.

‘Gaps will only be truly narrowed by supporting students more and teaching them to write well rather than ignoring mistakes.’

Professor Frank Furedi, of Kent University, added: ‘Inclusive assessment is an instrument of social engineering that violates the norms of academic education.

‘Lowering standards of assessment lowers expectation of what students should achieve. Worse, normalisation of illiteracy flatters instead of educates students.’

Hull University said the new rules would be implemented in courses only where no external body insists on good written English. However, it declined to say which subjects would be affected – or even whether the relaxed marking would apply to those studying English.

And a spokesman for the University of the Arts London said the guidelines depended on the subject and ‘should be seen within the context of blended learning and our ongoing work to narrow/close awarding gaps’.


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