Come My Little Rose; Let Us Walk In The Cool Of The Day: The Gospel According to Matthew, Mark, Luke, and John

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Jesus Christ WAS a great God in the past, but the news is: He has resigned.

Why? Has His hand become short? Are His feet locked? Has His supreme office closed? Has His compassion disappeared? Has His thorn-pierced heart stopped beating for His children? Do His innocent eyes no longer shed scalding tears? Has His Gospel become too small? “I am God, I change not” has now changed? It seems that a scintillating serpent has taken His place.

The great Master today says: Do not ask, it shall not be given, do not seek, it shall be found, do not knock, it shall not be open. Today we are civilized, and miracles, revivals, healings, and compassion are obsolete. Oblivion darkness replaced His tender mercies. He cannot work; He is busy in heaven.

Come, all you lost sheep. Come, sinners. Come, weary and afflicted. Leave behind your online gaming, clubs, casinos, feasts, and music awards because miracles have passed away, signs and wonders are ceased, the church is cold and dead, and Jesus has resigned from being a way maker, miracle worker, and light of the darkness. Come, sinner! Come!

Come My Little Rose is a 110.000-word commentary on the four Gospels aims to highlight the joy and goodness of our Lord in a modern era, just as it was in the early church. The Gospel of doom and gloom preached by some is too small, too short, and too light, as they pick and choose only the doctrine of sufferance and present a rollercoaster of sinner-saved, instead of letting people know that we are made new, remade, and recreated as children with all the gifts of the Holy Spirit. Through His healing, blessings, and deliverance, we can experience the fullness of our new life in Christ.

The gospel has been around for two thousand years, but the JOY aspect of it was always overlooked. We should produce JOY because the gospel is joy; it is God’s work in our lives. It gives purpose, lightens the spirit, and reveals what we can do for others. A gospel without the JOY factor is a small gospel. It is undervalued, therefore, demeans the sacrifice on the Cross. The gospel is the Good News to the poor, sick, and unloved.

While there is no shortage of commentaries on the Bible, many are either too theologically sophisticated or overly focused on doctrine. This book, however, is aimed at Christians who may have gone astray or those who are strangers to the gospel. It offers:

  • A verse-by-verse interpretation of the gospel, highlighting the lost message of Christ.
  • Simplicity, presented in a manner that is accessible to the average reader, with no added inventions or rejections, only the precious word of the Lord as it is.
  • An exploration of why a Christian should be joyfully excited.
  • A discussion on how modernity and Christianity can be intertwined while still maintaining a strong faith.
  • Practical guidance on how to apply the teachings of the Bible to everyday life, with real-world examples and actionable steps.