Cannibal Club in Los Angeles Offers Young Healthy HUMAN MEAT to The Elites and Hollywood Filmmakers




In the previous article (link here), taken from my book, RING OF THE CABAL, we saw that according to former U.S. House Majority Leader Tom DeLay’s claim the Obama Department Of Justice had drafted a memo to legalize 12 “perversions,” including bestiality, pedophilia, and polygamy.

The left’s rhetoric regarding Delay’s secret memo is first insulting him and then accusing him to be a liar as he never exposed the secret memo. As we witnessed with Devin Nunes; Chairman of the House Intelligence Committee and the secret memo secret memo, issuing a secret memo is considered a National Security concern and a severe crime unless the President authorizes its issuance.

It doesn’t need to be a politician or a lawyer at this point to figure out who should have authorized the secret memo which House Majority Leader; Tom Delay was warning about. President Obama.

And it still becomes more predictable why an administration who drafted a memo to legalize 12 extreme perversions, would have never authorized the issuance of the memo.

But what were the rest of the 12 perversions? Tom Delay referred to pedophilia, bestiality, and polygamy. Was cannibalism included in the memo? With high probability, the answer should be positive. Cannibalism probably has been legalized in total silence; otherwise, how we start to hear about cannibal clubs, restaurants, and even handmade human leather??

Why do we see these ads and from the bottom of our hearts beg the Lord not to be true? Why don’t we face the truth and act upon? You should believe people. Believe the unbelievable. The previous administration has not only cheated on American people but also worked to promote bestiality and inhuman behaviors under the label of modern art, liberation, elitism, rationalism and breaking taboos. The previous administration has worked so hard to derange the culture into a satanism culture whether you like it, believe it or not.

I am asking you to understand, how I felt when I saw this article on an Easter holy Sunday which I should have been normally resting and spending time with my family but I couldn’t keep my fingers from running on my keyboard in fear, desperation, and anger when I saw this disturbing article just one day after I published the article about Tom Delay’s secret memo. Isn’t this the proof that cannibalism was included in that memo and all other perversions are somehow and to some degree not illegal anymore? How many perversions do exist in s human society to make twelve if cannibalism is not one of them?? Name them. It’s impossible.

In the video and the soundtrack of the “publicly declared satanic artist” who performs in this horrific cannibal club, talks about butchered meat sacrificed to Satan. What else you need to see, hear, and read to smash your default beliefs and accept these perversions not only exist in higher places but also, you ex-President in the Oval Office used your taxes and trust to legalize Satanism?? And fight Jesus Christ by claiming to worship the Anti-Christ? No news media will connect these dots for you to help you see the big picture as long as they work for the deep state system and their Shadow President which is still Obama.

They have the staff working like normal people, taking salaries to butcher humans and provide meat for the elites and as they claim for Hollywood filmmakers and celebrities by calling you bigots and irrationals who believe in religious beliefs and are less entitled!! They publicly declare that the meat belongs to very young and very healthy. Where do they come from?????

As they say below, somebody has bequeathed them the bodies. How people can bequeath bodies to be eaten?? According to Which U.S law? If they claim bodies are young and healthy why should they die? and who can bequeath a young healthy body? The website says there are “administrations” and businesses who provide them the bodies.

What type of administrations? Who authorized their license? What is their license? Did you know there are administrations who offer dead bodies to eat? Do they mean administrations like Planned Parenthood? Where do the fetuses go from Planned Parenthood? Can you imagine what are we talking about? Legal young body donations to be sold as a meal on a table of a restaurant while a satanic creature screams that “I am a butchered meat offered to Satan”???

Mercy my Lord, Mercy.

If once in centuries God is asking you to stand up and fight for him and give your life that ONE TIME is now!

Wake up!

Act. This is where a brave hidden camera should go!

Get on the Offensive!

Attack whatever is destroying the nature of humanity!

Have no fear. God is with us!






Below is the sound of one of her videos Titled: I am Anti-Christ. As the video is disturbing, I just added the soundtrack.

In her Italian lyrics, she says:

I am the butchered meat

I am the sacrifice

to the Anti-Christ

I am the Anti-Christ


See the Canibal Club Los Angeles website here.


Former U.S. House Majority Leader Tom DeLay claimed the Obama DOJ had drafted a memo to legalize 12 “perversions,” including bestiality, pedophilia, and polygamy