Did Kate Spade Company Use Human Skin?


A little bit late and I know I promised but taking the screenshots and putting all material together and reach to a conclusion on the basis of an in-depth research, really consumed my time.

Thank you to all great researchers who helped me in this.

Here is my take on Kate Spade’s suicide. I start with the material that belongs to friends who either sent to me or I came to see them on their blogs.

There is so much and I mean so much in the suicide chain of June 2018.

On June 9, I asked my friends to share whatever they have on Kate Spades’ husband. In the same week and a week before that, we had 4 suicides.



It didn’t take a long to answer the question “Who is next.”


They have mostly suicided by a scarf which seems a very strange instrument to kill. Or maybe it is symbolic? A sign to refer to something or someone?


Photo by Getty Image





@CoreyDigs has done a fantastic work digging in Asia Argento’s Instagram profile and reported all she found in a long tweet which you can click and see but to make it easier, I posted them in the body of the article while crediting her work.

@CoreyDigs: 2) I think it would be a good guess that Bourdain and Kate Spade’s “suicides” were not suicides, and quite possibly connected.

Asia states in her comment, “If you can’t hate it, eat it.”

@CoreyDigs: 3) Don’t forget, Asia is one who claimed “rape” by Harvey Weinstein and pushed the “me too” movement. Did her and others throw him under the bus to take the heat off themselves, or was he part of the “sacrifice”?

@CoreyDigs: 4) Remember the day he was indicted, when he walked in with a black book and a couple others? The one in particular about a Hollywood man who gave up some of his accomplices to cut a better deal? Some thought Harvey was signaling this, but what if…

@CoreyDigs: 5) What if there was already a sacrificial list agreed upon or talked about and he was signaling to carry it out? Were they the weak links? Were Kate & Anthony planning on talking? And who flew to Asia’s rescue? Rose McGowan, who had this to say. https://pagesix.com/2018/06/08/rose-mcgowan-pleads-for-suicide-prevention-after-anthony-bourdains-death/ …

@CoreyDigs: 6) A childhood horror story from Asia Argento:

http://iloveitalianmovies.com/2016/02/01/incompresa-a-childhood-horror-story-from-asia-argento/ …

@CoreyDigs: 7) Anthony Bourdain’s Haunting Tweet Weeks Before His Suicide About How Hillary Clinton’s Goons Harassed Him by True Pundit article here.

………….Start of True Pundit Article……………..

“What in the world was Anthony Bourdain referring to when he said — just weeks ago — he had been harassed by Hillary Clinton’s goons “And it ain’t fun?”
Bourdain reportedly took his own life on Friday. He was 61.”

“Haunting. Bourdain was found Friday after reportedly hanging himself.
It’s no secret that people who cross the Clinton’s wind up dead … mostly from suicide. Just this week, famous designer and Clinton Foundation member, Kate Spade reportedly killed herself. Spade hung herself as well, NYPD officials said. Are Spade’s and Bourdain’s deaths both coincidences?
Seems beyond suspicious. The last thing we need are more conspiracy stories but any good detective would question what has transpired this week.
Something here is amiss.
Back in October of 2017, CNN’s Bourdain made statements regarding Harvey Weinstein, suggesting Hillary Clinton had to know of his history of being a sexual predator. Bourdain’s girlfriend, actress Asia Argento, accused Weinstein of raping her.”

“The tweet angered Hillary spokesman, Brian Fallon. He took to Twitter to tell Bourdain to “eat a scorpion.” Many other Clinton winged monkeys followed suit.”

…………….End of the True Pundit Article………………………….

let’s get back to Corey

@CoreyDigs: 8) I think this says it all. Joking or not, we all know that was a daring move for him.

………………………..End of Cory Digs posts………………..


More on Asia Argento by Yig @yigsstarhouse


And kathleen @gramminy







Now we start with one of my most amazing friends and researchers BaHamm @athenasannie


The link provided by BaHamm takes you here to this email on the WikiLeaks page and shows Droga 5 has ties to John Podesta and Clinton Foundation as at the same time it has with Kate Spade.


The link takes you here. Besides Droga in Italian means drug.




Andy Spade friends, Glenn O’Brien and Mike Figgs have some weird stuff on their hat.

And not enough yet, their friend Jerry Saltz, Senior Art Critic for New York Magazine!!
has really disturbing images on his Instagram. Another “Modern Art scandal” evidence. I talked about “Modern Art Scandal” and the language code for pedophiles to know each other here in this article. Click to read.

If you have time, please go on pages of those people who have liked or positively commented and look for other disturbing pages to expose. I will be really busy in July.

As usual, his Instagram is full of young penises and anti-Trump rants.

John Allen is another Andy Spades friend. As his LinkedInn page says he is a board member of Clinton Foundation from 2014 to the present: Board Member

“Think of Us
2014 – Present (4 years)
Started as an initiative of the Clinton Global Initiative, Think of Us leverages technology, data, and multimedia to improve policy, practice, and outcomes for youth and families. Its ultimate goal is help foster youth successfully transition into a prosperous adulthood.”


UMMM…“Its ultimate goal is to help foster youth successfully transition into a prosperous adulthood.” Does he mean the type of transition from childhood to adulthood which we see above with the disturbing painting on Jerry Saltz page??


But it is not yet the whole story, he is also related to CEMEX and Tucson scandal which BaHamm has linked the information on Elemi Fuentes page. John Allen must be one of the highest rank executives in the entire operation of procuring, delivering, blackmailing and burying using Cemex. He must be very known to the cycle and must have a hell of power.



…………………………..End of BaHamm posts……………….

Now here it comes the grandiose Elemi Fuentes @ElemiFuentes  who is really an awesome digger.

Spade’s people including John Allen have connections to Cemex and Tucson which we already talked about in this article. Our concern in the article was on child trafficking. You have to click on Elemi’s thread and see what a great job he did.


Tee blue frog @macktrump8

Finds another connection between Kate Spade and Clinton Foundation in Haiti.

His links take us here.


It seems Kate Spade has bough Comet Pinpong paintings which the painting that Tee Blue has found is one of them. That means connections to Comet ping pong too. It really feels like reviving the pizzagate.

This is the painting found by Teeblue

And another.

He has also found this disturbing image on David Spade’s Instagram. Davis is Andy Spade’s brother. I highlighted the picture with red.

Now this one is interesting. Clinton Foundation confess to having close ties with Kate Spade in Haiti initiative.

By OCONUS LURES @rapheellaN


The full article on Teaparty.org which you can see here says:

“Yet another Clinton cohort has turned up dead under mysterious circumstances, and while we are certainly asserting no claims here, but there are definitely a few pretty weird things going on here.
Kate Spade, a hugely successful handbag designer who worked with the Clinton Foundation, was found this week in her New York apartment where officials say she had taken her own life.
According to the Clinton Foundation Website, Spade was part of the No Ceilings Initiative and led delegations down to Haiti as recently as 2015.
I would not include the manner in which she died so except for the fact that it is vital to this story:
“A housekeeper found Spade hanged from a red scarf on a bedroom door at her Park Avenue residence Tuesday morning, law enforcement sources and officials say,” reported NBC New York.
It is, first of all, odd that they mention the color. Not damning, just…odd.
Especially when you take into account her husband, Andy Spade’s creepy Instagram account, which happens to include some very bizarre photos. He has a recent image of a red rope, pictures of what appear to be a close up of one of his wife’s eyes, a picture of a body, supposedly Kate, covered in a red scarf on an airplane, a bright red ribbon on, again, a woman who is most likely his wife although it is unclear.
Other red ribbons and red scarves appear in the very strange array of photos.”

Quoted image belongs to the Tea Party’s article


“This is not all. Newspapers all said that Andy was home when the housekeeper found her, but Page Six reported that the two had been separated for ten months.
This was mentioned in an article covering the incredibly strange mask he was seen wearing when photographed by the paparazzi directly following Kate’s death.”

It’s hard to not think something very weird is not afoot here.

…………………………End of TeaParty.Org’s article………….



Now we continue the story with an awesome article by NeoRevolt. To read the article click here.



……………..Start of NeonRevolt Article……………

“SUICIDE WEEKEND Weirdness. Come on up to the Lab. #Bourdain #Spade #Pizzagate #QAnon #GreatAwakening”

June 9, 2018 by Neon Revolt:

“We all know #QAnon’s been calling for it for a while.”

“And with the recent rash of “suicides,” corroborated by some theories from some #Anons, I think we might actually be at the very start of the “Suicide Weekend” on the #QClock right now.
It certainly lines up:”

“Speaking of the QClock – you should really download the new, interactive version I just hyped in my last article:”

“ANNOUNCEMENT: Presenting a Downloadable, Interactive #QCLOCK by @EvilWulf. #QAnon #GreatAwakening

All credit for this goes to @EvilWulf for this. I’m just the hype-man here. In the wake of his #QCipher program, we spoke about the possibility of creating an interactive QClock program – and lo and behold – he actually managed to pull it off. This program is awesome and I don’t say that lightly. Here’s … Continue reading “


“But with that all in mind…
Come up to the lab-
And see what’s on the slab.”

“Gallows humor?
First, let’s get a body cou
Uh… I mean, a head count. A head count, thus far:
Kate Spade
Anthony Bourdain
Inés Zorreguieta, the younger sister of Queen Maxima of the Netherlands
Charles Williams, aka, “Rockin’ Rebel” for ECW Wrestling
And doubtless, we’ll see many, many more.
Of course, the #MockingbirdMedia is priming the population with all kinds of stories genuflecting about what a “crisis” suicide has become in our nation; what a shocking, “everyday” occurrence it has become – all so they won’t sit up and wonder what’s really going on when that little itch happens in the back of their brains and makes them go, “Hmmmmmm…”

Nope! They want those peons programmed! Stat!
But in case you couldn’t guess, I really wanted to focus on the deaths of Kate Spade and Anthony Bourdain because… frankly, I don’t think these are suicides at all.
Well… for one, #CDAN had this to say:

“CDAN 1) cites a group of operatives that go around killing people, and making it look like suicides
2) says that this was planned since MARCH, and,
3) make sure a message was sent to the one who didn’t go down.
Now – you have to remember. When I cite CDAN, I’m not just citing some crazy conspiracy theorist. This is a top, top, top lawyer in Hollywood; very well connected. He called out the likes of Kevin Spacey and Matt Lauer YEARS in advance. His info – I trust it.
So when he posts something like this… I sit up and pay attention.
And then there’s also this:”

“Well now… Both citing operatives.
This is where things get… uhh…”


“Ohhhh, that’s not good.
Remember how the entertainment world operates?
Mutual blackmail.
They want to be able to destroy you at any moments notice if you go off-the-pre-approved-script with anything you do.
And his social media isn’t exactly any more reassuring…”

Old tweets don’t help:”

“And then there’s the matter of his girlfriend, Asia Argento – daughter of horror director Dario Argento, famous for his Three Mothers series of films – one of which they’re remaking right now.”

“Oh, and she’s probably a witch herself, which is very, very common in the entertainment industry.
No, I’m being serious:”

“I really mean it:”

“Aaaaaaand we’re back in Pizzagate territory again.”

“Which brings us to the instagram story image that she posted this morning, but which since has been deleted. Note the caption: “You know who you are.”
Boy, this is an odd way to act on the day the love of your life died.”

“CDAN’s intel is looking more and more accurate by the minute.
Which is what makes this next bit from a halfchan #anon so striking:”

“Remember how we talked about mutual blackmail?
Someone had to carry it out. That would be where #NXIVM, and all the private islands and getaways come into play.
When asked for evidence of this claim, anon responded:”

“Now… if we keep in mind that these guys operated out in the open, on social media sites, sites Q called “honeypots,” does @Jack’s tweet this past morning surprise”

“Anon continues, and earns himself the nickname “ParalegalAnon,”

“And then he drops a bomb:”

“No wonder they’re all protesting Trump so loudly!
But hey, to interrupt and step back for a moment…
Here’s another very odd display of grief in the wake of a loved-one’s suicide.”

“Yeah, I’m sure you’ve all seen this now, but Andy Spade shows wearing this mouse mask right after his wife committed suicide.
Most likely, it’s a sign of submission. If our villains are owls, a mouse poses no threat. If I had to guess, Spade is begging to not be suicided himself.
Also notable is that this is a character from the Disney movie The Rescuers. That’s a Bernard mask. Not exactly easy to find these days, I imagine.
And the significance?
The Rescuers is about two mice who save an adolescent girl named Penny from kidnappers.
So yeah, this is a double-signal to me.
Add this to the strange circumstances around Kate Spade’s death:
She was hung with a red scarf.
Her suicide note was addressed to her daughter, and told her to ask him why she did it.
And Andy Spade’s art collection? I got major Podesta-vibes from that.”

“(That’s a photo of his daughter, btw).
Here he is, posing here with Nabokov’s Lolita:”

“Add that to some very specific imagery for his menswear line…”

“Oh, look at that. Ping-pong.
Yeahhhhh… we just went back into Pizzagate territory again.
For the THIRD time.
But to get back to Bourdain for a moment… why would they want him dead?
Quite simply, because they were breaking the rules of their mutual blackmail world, and publicly going after someone higher up on the ladder: Weinstein.”


“Anon continues, and earns himself the nickname “ParalegalAnon,”



The Neo revolt’s article is long, to read it all click here.

…………………………..End of NeoRivolt……………………

Now let’s start with my take. Before we talk about the above mentioned personages, take note that we have other mysterious deaths which happened during past two weeks.

I am suspicious to one of them which is the murder-suicide of Canadian billionaire pharmaceutical couple,  Barry and Honey Sherman, which should be investigated in time.


But about Kate Spade and the rest.

About Anthony Bourdain.

As his photos and statements show, he was deep into the occult. Meaning, a member of the club. He was accepted and protected. At some point, he turns against not all of them, but some of them. Especially Clinton. those who are for years deep into the system and don’t obey anymore should go. The reason clearly is 1- Non-obedience by itself and 2- they know too much and may talk and in fact, he has started to talk.


About Asia Argento, his girlfriend who is openly a witch and part of deep occultic satanic rituals and attacked Harvey Weinstein only for saving herself. Turning against Harvey  (in appearance) was the decision by the sexual abuse committee’s crisis management. Weinstein was only the safest and easiest scapegoat, prior to starting the suicides. Harvey must have occupied news pages and play the drums to distract people of the scandal which was about to explode in Hollywood and would have led to Clinton Foundation.

What Asia Argento did as an actress, was just a well-practiced scene to push back strongly whatever which might have come back to her after the suicide. She was her girlfriend, she is a deep occultist, she knew it was coming, she rescued herself. Attacking Harvey would have added nothing to him. He already had a lot on his plate. Taking more or less wouldn’t have any impact either on the course of the investigation or his reputation. It was already gone.

As members of a cult, both Andy Spade and Asia Argento knew that it was coming and might have a role also in designing the stage. For Andy Spade who has been separated from Kate for ten months, what was the reason to be at home at the moment of the suicide?  And then leaving home with the mouse mask? These are messages to some people to see and know that they have done what they should have and they are in line with the circle.

With all the material above, we can prove that these people are members of an occult so we should look into the matter with this point of view.


On Queen Maxima’s sister

For this one, I didn’t even search. Don’t need to. Queen Maxima of the Netherlands married to Wilhelm-Alexander, son of BEATRIX, is no search material for me. anybody connected or even not connected to BEATRIX,  ex-Queen of the Netherland can be eliminated with a blink of her eye let alone a sister in law who might have heard or seen something that she shouldn’t or simply because BEATRIX the Phyton doesn’t like her. What should we search when we are talking about “hunting children” on horses and abuse parties behind the doors by the founders of the Bilderberg and the United Nations? Prince Bernhard who founded the Bilderberg was an officially declared EX-Nazi. Queen Beatrix is one of the main roleplayers in the inner core of the inner core of the Cabal. SHE IS THE LAW.

On Jackson Odell, he was a beautiful young boy when he started. He could have been abused in Hollywood boy lovers community. This is something quite regular. But he had a drug problem in recent years. He was vulnerable and vulnerable will talk for a few grams of drugs.

This one also didn’t need a research.

About the Spades.

To make it short, Kate and Andy Spade were not celebrities, Kate was from a middle-class family and Andy was related to some upper families but both hadn’t loads of money and needed a job. Kate comes to NewYork, marries Andy and Andy has the idea and the connections to open a shoe business.

They are in NewYork. I emphasize this.

And it is 1993.

They start the initials to set up their company and talk to anybody who could help them. (We are talking especially about Andy.)


Kate was the talent, Andy was the lobbyist to bridge connections.

They establish the Kate Spade company with the shortage of money.

Then out of the blue, they decide to set up the production factory in RWANDA!


Why Africa?


The branch founded in Rwanda has the logo, paintings and all the characteristics of the Kate Spade shop in NewYork but it is not registered as Kate Spade’s company.


It is registered as “Abahizi.” Those of who you are businessmen know how does this work. If a brand registers as a foreign brand in a foreign country the regulations and taxes are cumbersome and it won’t worth it. Example; If as an American business, opens a branch in France, you will be treated with rules and regulations and tax rates in France which are different for French businesses.

Have a trustable person in France, it is wise to open your branch under his name so you will be able to enjoy as a Citizen and besides, you can remain anonymous towards other business as having no connections with the French company, whenever you assume it is the right thing.


Andy Spade might have had or had been presented to a very trusted man who carried out all the administrative bureaucracies and had all the documents with his name “Abahizi.


Rwanda is one of the strangest African countries who has hosted some of Africa’s biggest genocides.

In 1994 the historic genocide of Africa happens in Rwanda. 800.000 people in 100 days. After the genocide, bodies disappeared.



Look at the Aceof the Spade on the wall. Although it is no secret I want you to focus.

This is the Abahizi website that I took the pictures. Click here to see the main website.

The genocides started with a sentence: “It’s time to cut down the tall trees.” Tall trees was the code for unwanted people. The weapons were the cruelest. Mostly machete. Women were brutally raped and tortured right in their death camp. each one raped by several and sometimes for continuous days while men were brutally murdered. But during 100 days, no Red Cross or United Nations agent put feet on Rwanda. They did it slowly and confident. The death camp was a church. Victim’s clothes were all over the church. After some weeks, the bodies were disappeared.


Twenty four years after the massacre, a mass grave with 2000 skull and bones were discovered in Rwanda. Just one 2000 skulls where the genocide included 800k innocent people and their bodies were never found. Now the discovery consists of just 2000 skulls and bones. This is the state they were found.


Then people separated clothes from skull and bones and honored the victims in a memorial.

The question is:

Where are the rest of 798.000 bodies? What happened to them? Rwanda is not a big country with so many hidden holes. Bodies couldn’t find a way out, in no way. We are talking about 1994. No mass grave has been found on the land of Rwanda or other neighbor countries. What happened to 798.000 bodies of 1994’s genocide?

What happened to their skin?

Why Kate Spade all of a sudden sets its company in Rwanda Not in South Africa, Kenya or other touristic areas but in Rwanda and Rwanda all of  a sudden the same year, faces a genocide which the bodies disappear and the same year, meaning 1994, Kate Spade company which is just set up and makes handbags with “natural skin” and has no money, finds an extraordinary success and its products start to circulate in higher societies? Kate Spade becomes one of the most important icons of handbag couture which after a short time, the company expands and starts to produce natural skin made shoes too.

Photos and great works of friends are presented here to prove the people who have literally suicided, especially Anthony Bourdain and Andy Spade were deeply involved with occultic groups and with ritual abuse which deals with blood and flesh, cannibalism and pedophilia.


Let’s suppose we are watching a movie in 1994 in Africa, and especially in Rwanda where people were butchered in worst manners possible, meaning our characters in the movie are people with no heart and morals,  some of them had their way to the new American shoe company and using those skins was not out of reach. In that case, for how many years could a new handbag company have the free supply of skins with 800k tall African size skins?? Let say each body provides three handbags? the answer is 24k handbags. Handbags which were sold around $400 which makes $9.600.000M.

Matthew 25:46

“Then they will go away to eternal punishment, but the righteous to eternal life”

Rest in peace Kate.




Modern Art Scandal Uncovered: Are Children Shipped In Boxes as “LIVE ART” Under The “ART FOR EMBASSIES PROGRAM” To Feed Pedophiles and Cannibals?


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