Media Matters is a Domestic Anti-Government Organization and Should be Stopped

While we fully explained how and why this organization is breaking the law here in this 80pages extensive article (click here), today they had another victory in removing Scott Pruitt which was their target from day one. When they attack, they win.

Their next target is Rep Senator Jim Jordan who recently attacked the deep state constantly.


I wrote so many letters to Senator Jim Jordan and if he doesn’t stop them, they will bring him down.


I actually don’t care about what we see on the media about Scott and numerous fake scandals. When Media Matters puts its finger on someone; that by itself means that the person is extremely dangerous to the deep state and Media Matters agenda, period.

I am so sorry and so sad today. When it comes a day that John Podesta, David Brock, and James Alefantis can decide for every important issue in America, that day is the saddest day for America.




Dangerous Leaked document! Share this before they suspend my account. This is the document I was working for 10 days