A Tunnel Baptized By Satan. Would You Pass Through It?



Gotthard Tunnel
On June 1, 2016, Gotthard Tunnel in Switzerland near Cern, the largest, longest and deepest railway tunnel in the world, was inaugurated.



Let’s start with its Phyton head shape. Does it not look like the Pope’s Audience Hall in the Vatican?? A Giant Phyton?



Leaders of Germany, France, and Italy (Angela Merkel, Francois Hollande, and Matteo socialist Renzi) have participated in the opening ceremony. The ceremony was 5 hours long which included an openly satanic entertainment and a dinner party. The satanic entertainment was very carefully morphed to transmit a visual image of the New Word Order to the leaders present, and to those of the Cabal non-present but watching from a distance.





Each gesture, outfit, song, sound, visual effect, design and instrument used during this entertainment had a precise meaning. The show seemed to be a theater based on the book of the Baphomet. There was nothing to leave us confused about its satanic theme and nobody cared if we accept it or not.





600 dancers, acrobats, and dramatic actors move to horror music under a purple light, performing a variety of eerie displays including perversions, occultist signs, and displays. The spectacle surpasses the occult presentation seen in the Hunger Games movie. Adding to the ominous atmosphere, miners in orange safety apparel move like the walking dead, their rhythm of axes synchronized with a military march and the distant sound of helicopters buzzing overhead, an oversized and demonic naked baby with a mask, a Baphomet parade with Satan jumping and dancing in the middle, while having sexual intercourse with a girl from behind, all and all were impressing scenes and a revelation of what the Cabal has orchestrated for our future. The central theme of this bizarre and dehumanizing performance was the notion of human submission to a Satanic and mechanical lifestyle. The dancers, who were portrayed as hybrids, appeared to have no free will as they performed their zombie-like dance. The show conveyed the message that humans have surrendered themselves to this way of life and believe they have mastered it, but in reality, the ontology of the human race is nonexistent. The focus is solely on the machine and its perversion, resulting in complete submission and surrender of the human race.



AFP Getty Image published in dailymail.co.uk See the photo here.



The ceremony was a highly significant event at the time, yet very few people have truly understood its meaning. All major newspapers covered the ‘bizarre’ inauguration, but its true implications have remained largely unrecognized. It was a time-consuming project for me to put together, as I had to download the video and divide it into several episodes, each with a clarification note. This process took me two years to complete. However, now that it is finished, I urge you to share it as widely as possible. It is crucial that people understand how their future faces, jobs, relationships, and behavior will be impacted if they do not awaken to the reality of the situation. Please help spread the word.



Do you see what I see in this pictures?? Is it possible that all male genitals are in this situation at the same time? Did they consume any substance to be like this during their performance? And why??

Photo by EPA published in dailymail.co.uk. See the photos here. 



The glory of Satan and the idea that Satan was not defeated by Jesus

Photo by EPA published in dailymail.co.uk. See photos here.



Please understand that what you are witnessing is not merely a theater performance taking place in a hall for those who have purchased tickets. Rather, it is an official form of entertainment that has been deliberately organized with a specific purpose in mind for European leaders and especially Angela Merkel whom you can somehow consider her as the head of the EU. This is serious folks.


Let’s start to read the episodes.


The inhabitants of ‘smart cities’ are strictly controlled and limited in terms of the jobs they are allowed to perform. They have no autonomy over their work, and their clothing choices are heavily regulated, resulting in a uniform appearance for all residents. A manifestation of Communism and Fascism. Hammer, orange mining apparels, powerless. These people are frightened by sounds and orders. A visualization of the novel: 1984 by George Orwell.  Their “smart cities” are cold, dark with neon and ultraviolet lights to control. They may live in underground tunnels. No private house, no family, no property. Just microchipped citizens of the state.




The residents of ‘smart cities’ are only allowed to use public transportation, further limiting their freedom of movement. The public’s preoccupation with perversion is all-encompassing, with these deviant behaviors openly displayed. In one particularly disturbing scene, a demonic child with wings and a grotesque face flies above a struggling mass of people who are hung and trapped in chains. Despite their daily struggles, they are left to fend for themselves, with little to no assistance. Those who manage to survive continue on, while the demonic child watches over them and is seemingly worshipped by the masses.




The mass appears to be completely unaware of their surroundings, consumed by exhaustion from their demanding work. They resemble prisoners who are being whipped by their jailer with chains. Though the man is not physically harming them, the coordinated movements of the chains create the illusion of a violent attack. The flying demonic child continues to observe everything from above. The people on the ground appear injured and beg the child to cease its brutal assault, yet they continue to worship it. As new demonic entities arrive, the scene becomes even more chaotic and disturbing.




People are all hypnotized. A parade of subjugation. They have to prove their servitude every day in life just as Communist countries. They all have Baphomet horns. A lamb to be sacrificed is in the hands of a woman. Satan arrives. All have their hands on their horns to prove submission. How many things does a lamb stands for as a symbol? JUST ONE: The Lamb of God, Lord Jesus.




Satan dances with the rhythm of the drums while the demonic creature praises him. The horror-epic music implies normal ordinary people being taken to FEMA camps. There is a big decapitated head they are taking with them. The head goes up and floats in the air. The flow of blood is down the head. A man in a red coat commands ordinary people to coerce. They seem not to know where they are going.






The atmosphere becomes like a FEMA camp. Drums play. Everything is red implying blood. Remember the last episode ended with a bloody head in the air. You see blood everywhere while a man drills holes in metal implying torture rooms that we’ve heard in sacrificing rituals. In rituals, they use axes and drills to separate body parts. This is the second instance in which the performers’ use of chains or drills creates a disturbing atmosphere that implies their use as weapons against people.




The common people mindlessly continue living their lives, believing themselves to be content and happy, all the while being manipulated by those in power such as royalty and the cheerful Pope. A Pope who is Ok with everything that is going on and sits with kings and queens in power. Meanwhile, a girl dressed in red prepares to ascend upwards. The music echoes church-like chords, as the people are paraded around by their rulers and their offspring.




The people appear to be controlled like zombies, moving and walking in a trance-like state to the rhythm of war drums. A mountain looms before them on the big screen, and they seem to be working in mines or attempting to climb it, but they fall one after another, their lives seemingly having no value. They look so weary. As each one falls, others take their place like chopped onions, no value, no difference, just a number. Seems like the labors’ fight for survival. Suddenly, the screen shifts to show a naked man moving erotically, and the audience begins to be influenced, removing their clothes. This society is hypersexual, with every vulgarity on full display. It’s as if they are in the midst of a war.

“The whole world lies under the sway of the wicked one” 

John 5:19




Soldiers play a military march while people, who all have the same appearance; meaning naked with nude under wears men and women the same, do strange motions. They appear to be caught in a state of chaos and disaster, struggling to escape but unable to do so. They pull and hurt each other, running and bending but with nowhere to run. The drums imply a military dictatorship. Three orange miners are suspended on metal wires in front of the big screen, seemingly either asleep or dead, implying exhaustion from their work. Suddenly, three white robed figures appear like white angels appear before the screen. A giant “eye’ is on the screen. The problem is the white angels look like three white Crosses where the Cross in the middle stands much lower and the Crosses descend. So many witchcraft symbols. Brides of Satan follow closely behind, and Satan begins his dance again with loud cries. He seems to be warming up for a party with his brides.




Satan and demonic creatures dance while the picture of Jesus appears on the big screen. If anybody had any doubt, now they make it clear what this show is all about. The noises made by Satan become a mockery of Jesus while three big ladybugs appear on the face of the Lord. Then the face of Satan emerges from the face of Jesus. Implying Satan defeated Jesus. He seems angry, very worked out but finally satisfied. Now he prepares himself looking at the brides. He wants them. He takes one of them in the middle of the scene. Touches her private. The demonic creatures running around making sounds and symbols of satisfaction.





Satan lies on the floor, claiming victory over the eleven remaining disciples. A woman sings as people walk by with nests on their heads, resembling the Apostles and Lord Jesus. The show portrays Satan’s triumph over Jesus as its main theme. The previous scene did deal with the Lord, now is the apostles turn. The big screen displays five pistons with men on them that resemble chemtrails from a distance. These pistons are imposed upon the population, going up and down at their discretion.





The scene changes as three miners are depicted floating in space, and suddenly, the stage transforms into a clock or time machine shaped like an owl, with piercing eyes watching over the audience. People begin to fall from it, signifying the passing of time. Then, a pregnant woman dressed in red enters the stage. Another woman who is dressed like pole dancers and has her second half body-naked is on her knees moving sexually begging to get laid while making noises. Satan is aroused again with these women. He kneels behind the naked woman and makes moves. Then he goes under the skirt of the pregnant red woman while the naked woman makes sounds and moves of an animalistic intercourse. A man in a ballet tutu lace is next to them implying transgenderism and group sex. The pregnant woman in red had a purple shopping bag in her hand with a Cross on it. What was the use of that shopping bag? Why did they show it? I feel nauseated. To me it looks the whore of Babylon: The Vatican.

Rev17: 1-4 “Come, I will show you the punishment of the great prostitute, who sits by many waters. With her the kings of the earth committed adultery, and the inhabitants of the earth were intoxicated with the wine of her adulteries. Then the angel carried me away in the Spirit into a wilderness. There I saw a woman sitting on a scarlet beast that was covered with blasphemous names and had seven heads and ten horns. The woman was dressed in purple and scarlet,”





Satan touched the breasts of another woman next to him and then goes down again. He appears tired yet satisfied, as the music reminiscent of church hymns glorifying saints fills the air. Three puppet leaders make an appearance, and the people hail them. Their movements seem so stiff and controlled that it appears as though they are dancing on strings.




The scene is surreal and disturbing. Men and women are moving robotically, men dressed in white tutus, helmets, black masks, and women have chemical masks, and scarves. The big screen displays the red woman, and at one point, a biohazard symbol appears on her dress. The pregnant woman is in the center of the stage, about to give birth, and everyone is gathered under her skirt while she screams in agony. Suddenly, a man rushes forward and takes the child, a big girl, away from the scene. The music continues, a haunting melody that adds to the eerie atmosphere of the performance. Just like when they’ll do this with our children in future. To breed for them and they take them away as their labor bees. The horned naked woman is before the diplomats who are sitting to watch the show at the front row and is moving like a pole dancer to arouse them. Diplomats are laughing. The screen transforms into a clock, capturing everyone’s attention. People appear to be sliced by the clock’s hands, falling with each strike. It implies that there’s a particular moment in the future, and when that time comes, people may face their demise.





All hail. Everyone kneels, including the puppet leaders, as they anticipate the big moment. Suddenly, they all jump up and start dancing frantically to the beat of a wild drum. The big screen displays a train emerging from a tunnel. The inauguration of the Gotthard Tunnel is compared to the opening the portal to the dark universe in CERN and we are actually in CERN. At the same time, the event refers to the moment of victory of anti-Christ and the final three and half year on earth where everybody will kneel to the image of the beast and when the beast’s  kingdom will officially be announced.


As you have noticed, the main theme in two hours of the show was Satan, the victory of Satan and the slavery of the human race. Make no mistake. This was not a joke but a message.

Be a messenger. Tell your brothers and sisters and spread the word. The clock is ticking and we are that close.


“Then I saw another beast coming up out of the earth, and he had two horns like a lamb and spoke like a dragon. And he exercises all the authority of the first beast in his presence and causes the earth and those who dwell in it to worship the first beast, whose deadly wound was healed.” (Revelation 13:11, 12, NKJV)


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