Bono Advocates For Uniting Against Trump & Conquering The World By Internationalism

In an article by Voice Of Europe (see the article here) titled:


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“Bono wants Africa and the EU to join forces against Trump and the US and “take over the world”

We read:

Prior to U2’s latest tour, Bono, U2’s frontman and co-founder, wrote an article in the German newspaper Frankfurter Allgemeine.

In the article, which basically is a “love letter to the EU”, he is harshly criticizing nationalists and “extremists”. And at the same time, he announces that the band will be waving an EU flag at all concerts throughout the tour.

This week he was invited to the European Parliament, where he held a speech and shared his views on world politics.

He propagated for internationalism and more cooperation with Africa, which, according to him I, is the future. “People are nervous about nationalism, I’m really excited about internationalism,” he said.

He also highlighted the explosive population growth in Africa, and that the continent soon will have two billion inhabitants, which, according to him, is fantastic.

“People are nervous about uncontrolled immigration, and I understand that, but I’m so excited about what’s happening on our neighboring continent. I see incredible opportunities.

There are nearly two billion people in Africa. As we grow older and gruyere, they grow younger and more vibrant,” he continued.

According to Bono, Europeans and Africans should see each other as brothers, and “take over the world” together.

“While America is on its holiday from big ideas, we should sit across the table with our African partners, as equals and take over the world”, he explained.

He also said that “the European Union must join forces with Africa to sideline Donald Trump and the US”.



But when he says Africa, who does he really mean? From my prospect, Africa only has two meanings: Bono and Gates and with their hands in governments and strategies, nothing will come to pass in Africa which is not defined and determined by these two men. So uniting Africa and The European Union against the US means? Use your common sense and don’t forget to look back at this article.


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