Planned Parenthood Exposed Again; Video

Although we previously exposed Planned Parenthood in a very long article, as Oprah is begging door to door in Georgia for Stacy Abrams vote, let’s remember the money behind Stacy Abrams, Valerie Jarrett’s puppet comes from Planned Parenthood.

Watch this short videos and if you have time, in this great night before the election, read the old article too.

We gonna win tomorrow.

Praise the Lord.


Videos by LiveAction.Org


Planned Parenthood Promotes Underage Sex (which is called pedophilia), Harvests babies’ Hearts, Invites 14-Year-Old School Kids to Watch Porn & Have BDSM Sex With Whips & Clamps & Pain & Blood, And helps the Pimp to Use His 14-Year Old Prostitudes After Abortion