The Black Race Produces Calcified Adrenochrome Which Is Thicker, Stronger And Creamier

Black Adrenochrome, The Unholy Walnut Secret of The Elite

If the Mockingbird media sheds light on these two organizations; Planned Parenthood and Child Protective Service CPS, people would know two criminal enterprises are the biggest child providers for the criminal elites.

Our source had witnessed stealing hundreds of black babies at the borders. Why black babies?

Why could we feel “the predators’ saliva running off their mouths in Podesta’s emails when talking about black babies?
The answer is the Walnut Sauce.

This was my big question in 2016 which took me through medical researches but I didn’t have it organized until last night when some informant at the border told us: “they are stealing black babies right after birth here… hundreds of them.” The person who is still not safe, and we are trying to find her a shelter can’t be disclosed but her statement urged me to get organized and put this out.

The Adrenochrome produced by the pineal gland of the black race and Asians is thicker and more creamy.



I try to be short in this article and point out just the necessary lines. The report by “Journal of the National Medical Association” is downloadable here for more details.

Download (PDF, 1.47MB)


The key points of the report explain that a clinical study in 233 pineal glands of black patients reveals that in 70 percent of the subject, there is evidence of calcification in the pineal parenchyma. As compared to males, females show a higher frequency with a peak of severity in younger age but males in older ages. The results of this study emphasize the important role of sex hormone in genesis of pineal calcification. Therefore, as the report declares, the discharge of sex hormones intensifies the process of calcification and as we all know what we are dealing in sex cults is the sex hormone. The sexual abuse of children as a physical stimulator of the body results in the production of sex hormones and consequently, during the abuse and traumatization it (sex) leads to the production of Adrenochrome by the pineal gland which regard to  biological-physical differences between the races, the black and Asian races as we see later in the report, produce calcified Adrenochrome which is thicker, stronger and creamier.


Pinealectomy experiments have revealed that the pineal gland is hyperactive in children at puberty. That can be another reason for the criminal interest in children between 12-16. Experiments indicated that the pineal gland functions as a neuroendocrine transducer, translating neural impulses into hormones responsive to rhythmic diurnal phototic stimulation.

Another recognized factor according to the report is Melatonin. The pineal gland regulates the entire endocrine hypothalamus and/or pituitary gland and many hormone-related substances have been identified in the pineal tissue which Melatonin is the most important one. Melatonin is also another changing factor in Adrenochrome’s structure. Higher the Melatonin, thicker the Adrenochrome texture.

In another report on American journal of medical genetics 1985, Page 69, we read: “-Melanin in the brain and body does more than just “make it darker”. Melanin on the inside as well as outside protects against DNA degradation, it enhances, speeds up the transmission of messages to the brain and body…”

Take into account  that Melatonin is the substance that regulates Melanin.


Pineal calcification starts in early childhood and progress with age. According to the report, “the frequency of pineal calcification increased steadily throughout the life in males and fluctuated markedly in females. This study indicated that pineal calcification was rather a common phenomenon among blacks (only 30 percent showed no calcification). Apparently, the low incidence on skull x-ray films was due to proportionally large numbers of undetectable calcification in the pineal glands of blacks.”




pineal hormones (melatonin and/or peptides) could affect the menstrual cycle by its inhibitory influence on ovulation. The marked fluctuation of frequency in various age groups and more severe degrees of calcification in the pineals of younger females probably reflect the interaction of the pineal and the relatively unstable female hormones. This view is also in keeping with a report using different methods.”


So my understanding according to this part of the report is that the melatonin can have an effect on women’s sexual cycle and therefore on their entire sexual activity.


In another part of the report we read:

“In ancient pre cartesian medicine, the pineal gland was regarded as the “memory valve” supported by the observation that men often shook or struck their heads as if to free a stuck valve to remember something.

It is conceivable that the pineal stalk area is more subjected to chronic repeated physical strains of torsion and/or traction, especially for those who involve more violent physical activities in their lives. It is reasonable to believe that the calcification seen in the stalk area is a dystrophic one due to chronic tissue damage. This hypothesis is also supported by the observation made by Poltera and Mugondi2′ (1976) who found more frequent calcification in the stalk area in African males than in females.”

Hmm… Walnut hot dogs??



“Memory valve?” Is there anybody asking how the Nazi-CIA MKUltra “scientists” created this mind control system? I am sure most of you have the answer, yet let’s repeat it for the minority who don’t: –Because the pineal gland is the humans’ “memory valve” and MKUltra system directly plays on the pineal gland by unnaturally activate this gland through sexually abusing and sodomizing the victim-.



Taking the phrase: “It is conceivable that the pineal stalk area is more subjected to chronic repeated physical strains of torsion and/or traction, especially for those who involve more violent physical activities in their lives,” one can result that the process of Adrenochrome production is violently done in a gradual build of the circumstances and it does not occur at a fast pace. The children subjected to this inhuman cruelty are kept in “productivity” situations which means they are not only traumatized during the ritual abuse, but they are also pre-traumatized in their period of “storage” in order to produce more pineal calcium. Imagine a hen house with baby chicks waiting to go broody. The process is almost the same with the difference that the baby chicks are not abused before the killing. Sad truth.




According to Journal of The National Medical Association, the black and Asian races’ pineal glands are more calcified. The study reveals race and melatonin are two factors which affect the amount of calcification in the pineal gland. The report also reveals that the pineal gland which was referred to as the “memory valve” in ancient days is hyperactive in children at the age of puberty, melatonin affects the sexual cycle of black women, and also that sex hormones and trauma both intensify the process of the calcification of the gland. The report proves that black and Asian races have a more calcified pineal gland because of the high amount of melatonin.


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