Madeleine McCann and Connections to Thomas Hamilton Pedophile Ring and Jill Dando’s Assassination


The official story of the Thomas Hamilton pedophile ring is that on 13 March 1996, Thomas Hamilton, a man, a lone wolf (as usually claimed by the media)  appeared at a primary Queen Victoria’s school in Dunblane; Scotland and shot dead 16 kids between a 5-6 year of age.


But the real story is that Thomas Hamilton was in that school at least once a week, seen and identified by all neighbors who reported to the Scotland Yard, always with very fancy vehicles chauffeur driven and displaying pennants and snuggling with children. Sometimes he was accompanied by people holding badges of office. Hamilton was supplying children for pornography, and providing young boys for the British elite including nobles, judges, law enforcement officers, and politicians.

Hamilton was a programmed patsy to be at the school and shot the children so the police would shot him too as his expiration date was over. He knew too much.


Reasons for me claiming this are many, but the first one is because reading the entire dossier, no one could identify the shooter police who shot Hamilton.

And because Queen Victoria School’s housemaster Glenn Harrison testified that sexual abuse was taking place in the school by celebrity pedophiles who picked up children away for weekends…(Hmmm..hunting survivors?) Harrison kept films from abuse scenes as a life insurance for his family but as usual with Britain, the police raided his home and confiscated the videos and he lost his job.
The Chief Officer investigating this case was Lord Cullen, a high degree freemason serving secret societies. He has overseen the entire Dunblane case from the beginning in 1996, its peak in 2002 and until the end when the entire case became upside down, victims were forgotten and predators became the victims.
But nobody can cover up one exposing fact, that Lord Cullen “physically walked Hamilton to the massacre.”
Well if you are procuring children for monarch pedophiles in the government, sure you have an expiration date.

Although the investigation was silenced and went absolutely nowhere, it turned to become a global crusade to hunt the pedophile elites around the world. Not all policemen have sold their souls so there were investigations here and there which led to uncovering other pedophile rings connected to the UK which one of them linked to Texas in 2002 and the arrest of 36 online pedophiles in junction with Operation Ore which was another pedophile hunting operation starting in the UK and ending in America. However, these operations have become just an alarm on these pedophile rings. They didn’t lead to exposing child traffickers or their eradication but played an important role to awaken the people and the police. The abuse in Dunblane school was going on for a long time, and yet until today, we don’t hear about any critical operation to hunt the pedophiles. Well, if pedophiles run the country, run the police, the courts, the government, the European Union, Brussel, and kingdoms so what do we expect…

Now…all above being said, what is the connection between the Hamilton pedophile ring and Madeleine McCann??


Madeleine’s mother, Kate McCann had a doctor. The doctor delivered the baby Madeleine.



The doctor was the Queen’s close friends’ gynecologist.

Alan Farthing, Jil Dando meet the Queen; Celebration of Scouting at the Natural History Museum in London
The doctor was Alan Farthing.
Here in this picture, Alan Farthing, Jill Dando’s fiance is posing beside her. The high profile BBC reporter that we talked about in our last article ( BBC, The Pedophiles Sanctuary). Jill Dando was murdered in front of her doorstep after she found a pedophile ring related to Jimmy Savile, active in the BBC and started to investigate on the ring.

Considering the timing of her death and the timing of the Hamilton Scandal, she should have been investigating the same pedophile ring. According to the police reports, on the day of the murder, Jill left her fiance’s home in the morning heading for shopping and then her own home in London. When she arrived in her London home, the assassin was already waiting for her at the doorstep and fatally shot her. People heard only a scream but no shots.


Dr. Farthing was accused of being involved in the assassination by friends and people. Rumors were everywhere and in fact, in any other investigation, Jill’s fiance would have been investigated but here, for an elite doctor, that didn’t happen and rumors were ignored. Why the police ignored the rumors??


Instead, they (the police) pointed out to a man and falsely charged him with murder which was proved to be false. The police focused on Barry George and sentenced him to life in prison which in 2008, his conviction was overturned on appeal.  Barry George after spending seven years of his life innocently in jail for a crime he never committed was finally acquitted.

I am just an intellectual journalist and never worked for the police but how possibly the investigators working on Madeleine’s case haven’t brought this up??

Now here comes the bombshell. Alan Farthing suddenly climbed the ranks of the medical profession and became the Queen’s personal gynecologist in 2008.

After this triumph, together with another Doctor; Dr. Marcus Setchell they became the royal gynecologists for the royal baby;  Kate and William’s first child.




Was this promotion linked to Jill’s murder?

So Jill Dando’s fiance, the same doctor who gave birth to Madelene McCann, was also Kate Middleton or Catherine, Duchess of Cambridge’s doctor (and I don’t want to go there about the rumors of her pregnancy being fake but if true, we have a valid cause for this doctor.)

The problem is Jill Dando, and Princess Diana had a familiar friend: Cliff Richard the singer who was a mind control tool, and he himself was related to the notorious boy-brothel Elm Guest House (which was another pedophile scandal), where vulnerable children were trafficked from local care homes to be abused by filthy VIPs.

Today with a lot of information from child protective services and care houses we know they are only a cover-up for kidnapping children. Diana and Jill must have both known many secrets of the British establishment going in an out in this brothel. Secrets which may have helped Jill to find the head of the snake in the pedophile where ring she was investigating about Jimmy Savile and the BBC.

Cliff Richard and Princess Diana


Cliff Richard and Jill Dando




Now the weirdness is this Cliff Richard also owns a home in Portugal close to where Madeleine McCann disappeared in 2007.


The McCanns, after the kidnapping were immediately given high-level support from the UK government and an elite tool named Clarence Mitchell was assigned to them to act as their spokesperson. (similar to Seth Rich case! Where the spokesman was the one to decide whether or not there should be an investigation) and not yet enough, Mitchell was the first reporter present at the scene of Jill Dando’s murder. Same doctor, same reporter. Hmm.. many bizarre connections.

What happened from the moment he started his “job” was just twisting of the data either by the police or by the media. The case has obvious links to the British elites and no one goes there but rather spinning back and forth on details which don’t matter, leaving behind evidence that matter.
The piece of filth Tony Blair, former Prime Minister, David Cameron-the cousin of the Queen and many British super elites were on the list of Jill Dando.
Just three days before Jill’s murder, Tony Blair called her name on the phone talking with the metropolitan police. The call was intercepted by the police. He called her name, she was shot three days later.
Cliff Richard, a masked tool was pimping Jill’s information. From one hand he was giving her information to pull out what she knows more, from another hand he was selling her out to the elite who were monitoring her. He was a controlled misinformation agent. She was in possession of many names that she didn’t disclose to the police and the BBC but she told Cliff Richard and what I think is that she absolutely told also her fiance Alan Farthing and they were both pimping her info.
Rumors say as soon as Jill informed Richard that she knew all about the BBC pedo-ring run by Savile and the British establishment, she was shot dead.
Jill Dando was assassinated on April 26, 1999. The Dunblane massacre happened on March 13. 1996. From 1996 to 1999, Jill must have found many clues connecting people in high offices.
So, up to here, Jill Dando discovers details about a shocking pedophile ring (Thomas Hamilton) which operates inside the BBC, provides children for the elite and his fiance who is the Queen’s gynecologist delivers Madeleine McCann in 2007 when Jill was already murdered.
In Madeleine’s dossier, witnesses identify a man and a woman who was watching her apartment 3 days prior to the kidnapping. Both recognized as”the ugly man” and “very ugly woman.”





Both suspects were identified by the police as Michel Lelievre of the horrific Dutroux Dossier which I referred to in RING OF THE CABAL and Michelle Martin, wife of Marc Dutroux, the protagonist of the Dutroux Dossier himself.



The Dutroux Affair was a vile pedophile ring that finally came out and the European elite, including Prince Andrew, Queen Beatrix and many of the Bilderberg group were involved. But as usual, the case was silenced and none of the black nobility was arrested.
“It was shocking when the WikiLeaks linked Prince Laurent, King Albert’s son; to the scandal but more shockingly, was the testimony of the abused victims which makes your hair stand up on its end. Even King Albert himself was linked to the allegations. Among the names listed by the WikiLeaks was: US NSA’s General Michael Aquino which according to Cathy O’Brien was the torturer in her case, and had an important role in the military psychological warfare. As we stated before, he was involved in “Project Monarch” and is the subject of many videos and web pages who fight child abuse and satanic rituals.  Michael Aquino was openly a devil worshiper and a high priest of the church of Satan. Other big names involved were Leopold Lippens of the Bilderberg group, Paul Bonacci victim of Monarch brainwashing himself, Willy Claes Secretary General of NATO in 1994-95 and Elio di Rupo; Prime Minister of Belgium. These people were all named by the witnesses.”–RING OF THE CABAL.
Madeleine McCann was kidnapped on the evening of May 3, 2007, from her bed in a holiday apartment in Praia da Luz, a resort in the Algarve region of Portugal.
Bilderberg’s group met on May 12, 2007 –  meeting in Sintra, in Portugal.
This is my assessment. If the thieves watching Madeleines apartment were key players in Dutroux Affair, then Madeleine McCann’s kidnapping is related to the main global pedophile ring and the old chain of abuse parties. The Hamilton Ring could not be separated from the Dutroux Affair and the pedophile ring in the DC as the final child takers who have taken Madelene out of Portugal are recognized as these:
Who doesn’t recognize the Podesta brothers?
These rings should be connected but how can we connect the Queen’s gynecologist and Jill Dando’s fiance to this? Is there any connection?
Princess Diana was killed on August 31, 1997, one year after the Thomas Hamilton pedophile ring scandal was exploded.

As I said from this part ahead, this is only my personal observation. Linking Madeleine to Jill Dando is the key. If I can discover this, the police had definitely discovered it before me but they don’t want to go there. The Queen’s Gynocologist should be a key figure. He knew about Madeleine’s Coloboma; an eye condition with a brown spot on her right iris and in eugenics culture, she belongs to the “pure race.” Probably when asked by his elite clients, he (Alan Farthing) had referred to Madeleine and the rest is just a click by the professional pedophile ring to locate, watch and kidnap her. I believe Madeleine is alive. She was probably kidnapped for the purpose of breeding the children of “pure race” therefore, she might have been kept safe. This, however, doesn’t change the fact that she was kidnapped by an important ring and we may feel that this special case may lead to unmasking a part of this evil ring. If anybody really wants to know where is Madeleine, they should investigate Jill Dando’s murder.

I also have an unofficial picture of a girl who looks like Madeleine. I repeat, she just looks like Madeleine, I am not sure, nobody is sure but she seems to have the brown spot on her right iris, right age, and the person next to him is John Podesta, the head of the ring in the United States.
Download the PDF here. Download PDF
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