Human DNA Found In Vaccines

I will have a serious article about human DNA found in vaccines but for now, I want to point out the relationship between Bill Gates and Human DNA.

Where is the most prominent resource for human DNA?

Guess who?

Planned Parenthood

Babies remain in their possession and other than selling baby parts, which is not a conspiracy but a fact registered in Planned Parenthood hidden camera videos which I put together in my old article “Planned Parenthood harvests babies’ Hearts, promotes child trafficking”

, they have also a DNA farm which extracts the embryo’s DNA.

Who builds vaccines? Bill Gates

Who was the President of Planned Parenthood?

Bill Gate’s father

In other words, Bill Gate’s father and Margaret Sanger created a place for their eugenics purposes and harvesting DNA. They called it Planned Parenthood. More dead babies mean more DNA-Eugenics resources.


Wikipedia: “William Henry Gates II (Bill Gates Sr) has served as president of both the Seattle/King County Bar Association and the Washington State Bar Association. He has also served on the boards of numerous Northwest organizations, including the Greater Seattle Chamber of Commerce,[6] King County United Way and Planned Parenthood.[1][7][8] In 1995, he founded the Technology Alliance whose mission is to expand technology-based employment in Washington.[6]


William H. Gates Sr., visits the Naz Foundation’s care centre for HIV Positive children, The Naz Foundation (India) Trust (NI) is a New Delhi based NGO working on HIV/AIDS and Sexual Health since 1994.


This is the connection That I am pointing out here in this article. Planned Parenthood is actually a big warehouse for eugenics experiments of the elite including Bill Gates, the Rockefeller Foundation and Ford Foundation. It is like a farm. They plant and they harvest.

What do they plant? Advertises, protests, lawsuits, Satanic Temple’s activism, Democrat lawmakers and bills on the table of Congress to convince mothers to abort their babies.

What do they harvest? Babies’ DNA!

This is eugenics in the government, House, Senate, Health organizations, DOJ, FBI…everywhere!

Why does the Satanic temple has become a progressive and partisan organization throwing lawsuits in favor of Planned Parenthood and Republican lawmakers? Because they all work together. They all provide together. They all use babies for the same satanic purpose which is eugenics.


Why should vaccines contain other human’s DNA? Why should another human’s DNA enter the cycle of my body with my DNA? Why should I have two DNAs or a stranger DNA? This is pure eugenics.

Now, what is the Obama foundation’s connection to this? Just as Al-Waleed bin Talal reportedly groomed Obama & paid his Harvard tuition, Obama is now grooming young progressives to become his “Million Obamas.” Now in Chicago, Obama is recruiting future never Trumpers. And in the meantime, Bill and Melinda Gates Foundation donates more than $1 million to the Obama Foundation.




And not yet enough, Eric Holder’s wife owns a whole building of a corrupt abortion clinic. So Bill Gate’s owns the industry, pays to Obama Foundation & now Obama’s AG owned an abortion clinic. How deep is this?

They are a gang and abortion is their currency.




But this is not the whole story. The DNA belongs to both sexes. In other words, there is a mix of male and female human DNA planted into the vaccines and when the DNA of a female is injected to a male body and vice versa, what can be the odds?

Just look into your neighborhood and see the results.



What’s THE SCARIEST ingredient in vaccines in your opinion?
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First of all, there shouldn’t be ANY human DNA in vaccines. Another human DNA interferes with our cycle of DNA. Our genetics and the blueprint of how our different organs operate is written on OUR chain of DNA. Another DNA has its own codes written on its loops and any interference of these DNAs is eugenics in action.

Now a possible two different sexes DNA in our body and interfering with our DNA is the main cause of this social degeneration that we are witnessing. Macaroni men and hellish women. This gender engineering is not only intentional but unconstitutionally imposed on people since birth without their consent.


But getting back on our article, this industry is all related. The abortion enterprise, vaccine propaganda and trans agenda are all related because who is making vaccines know exactly what they are putting inside and why they are putting inside.


Will have a full article about Human DNA in Vaccines. Stay tuned.



Planned Parenthood Promotes Underage Sex (which is called pedophilia), Harvests babies’ Hearts, Invites 14-Year-Old School Kids to Watch Porn & Have BDSM Sex With Whips & Clamps & Pain & Blood, And helps the Pimp to Use His 14-Year Old Prostitudes After Abortion


The Satanic Temple Works With Planned Parenthood



“Aborted fetal tissue” and vaccines: Combining pseudoscience and religion to demonize vaccines


Problems With Human DNA Contaminated Vaccines

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