Pedophiles Claim Sexual Orientation Rights Because Obama Signed The “Pedophile Protection Act”


As Obama wins the presidency in 2008 and enters the White House in Jan 2009, the House of once people becomes the House of Black Cards. The Tsunami of UnAmerican bills and proposals hit the Congress and the House confirms the unconstitutional bills one after the other. 

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Why all this rush? Because the people who have spent millions and influenced the election of a Community organizer Senator, Barack Obama have not paid to be kept in a waiting line. It was time to return the favor.

During the past two years, pedophile sympathizers and MAP AKA minor-attracted people have been popping up like toxic mushrooms from every corner and it seemed they have been activated by a code or a secret authorization which protects them.

But what was the authorization?

When we learned about the former U.S. House Majority Leader Tom DeLay who claimed the Obama DOJ had drafted a memo to legalize 12 “perversions,” including bestiality, pedophilia, and polygamy, we were convinced that this might have been the turning point for these pedophiles to find the courage to come out and announce their glorious identity of being a pedophile child molester-raper but Nah… it was not it. It was way older. Obama didn’t make them wait.

It was 2009 when the bill to protect pedophiles was introduced and passed by the Congress. Were we aware of the nations first pedophile protection Act?

According to the disgraceful Act, it is necessary to enable doctors, teachers and others who work with children to perform their work without fear of wrongful accusations.

Umm… Did we hear right? Adults working without fear of wrongful “accusations” not wrongful actions.

The bill was not “to protect children against doctors-teachers’ wrongdoings but protects molester doctors and teachers from being “accused.”

So the bill which became law shuts up the children who may have been molested and protects the pedophile doctor-teacher who have molested them. Isn’t that a beautiful justice system? Was this the reason for the abuse when Project Veritas caught the Teachers Union President and the school system enabling child abuse, cover it up and let it pass because “nobody was there to witness the abuse”? And as they said nobody will believe the child?


The despicable bill offered by Rep William Marsh was defended by him with this statement:

If the person charged is innocent, they will have little ability to defend themselves, as the only testimony is that of a young child who may not be able to provide a reliable story,” 

Pay attention to this phrase:as the only testimony is that of a young child who may not be able to provide a reliable story,”


This is literally saying “Don’t listen to the molested child as he-she is just a child and shouldn’t be considered as reliable.”

This was the first Pedophile Protection Act in the history of America. But not the only one. Take a look at the first one before we go through the rest of them.



See the related article here.

“A piece of proposed legislation in New Hampshire was reportedly introduced with the intention of protecting against wrongful convictions, but opponents are saying it will protect pedophiles and sexual predators.

According to local news reports, lawmakers held a hearing on Tuesday on a proposed bill that was designed to protect against wrongful convictions in sexual assault cases.  The bill requires victims of sexual assault to corroborate their allegations if the accused has no prior convictions.  However, the bill does provide a definition of corroboration.

The bill was introduced in the aftermath of the conviction of Foad Afshar, a New Hampshire psychotherapist who a jury found guilty of molesting an underage client during an appointment. Afshar claims he was wrongfully convicted.

Opponents of the bill appeared at the hearing and denounced the proposal.  The harshest criticism appears to have come from a police sergeant from a department in Concord, NH.

The bill’s sponsor, Rep. William Marsh, and other supporters of the proposal believe it is necessary to enable doctors, teachers and others who work with children to perform their work without fear of wrongful accusations.

“If the person charged is innocent, they will have little ability to defend themselves, as the only testimony is that of a young child who may not be able to provide a reliable story,” Marsh said.

Opponents, including prosecutors and police, generally oppose the change because they believe it will make it more difficult to obtain convictions and cause already reluctant victims to come forward.”


Why didn’t we hear about this bill which should have been on every news agencies’ first page? Why did CNN, MSNBC, CBS, BBC and none of the major news outlets not publish the report? Just some local news agencies? Because they are protected and run by these people. Why should they shed a light on it and give a platform to opponents? Wasn’t this the reason for us to know about it just now in 2018 after almost 10 years?

With all my dislike for the daily beast, it was the only newspaper to report it in 2017.


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Status: Dies on Table but presented later by another sponsor later and passes amended.



Lawmaker to Rape Victims: ‘Prove It’

A new bill by a New Hampshire Republican would force rape victims—including children—to give extra proof of assault before a case goes to trial.

Read the article by The Daily Beast here.

Photo Illustration by Elizabeth Brockway/The Daily Beast

“Though sexual assault is rarely reported—and even then, only occasionally prosecuted—its victims have had it way too easy for far too long, according to a New Hampshire Republican representative. He’s made it his first legislative order of business to pass a bill that would require more proof than just a victim’s testimony before a rape case could be brought to trial.

Sponsored by Rep. William Marsh, the vaguely-worded HB 106 requires a victim’s testimony in a sexual assault case to have “corroboration,” at least in cases where the defendant has no prior sexual assault convictions.


Afshar’s conviction, in Marsh’s opinion, is a miscarriage of justice—one that should be rectified not in the court of appeals, but with a change in state law.

“My daughter Emily’s friend from NHIA [The New Hampshire Institute of Art], Dr. Foad Afshar was convicted in June without corroborating evidence—the case is under appeal,” Marsh explained on his website. “Consequently, NH Psychologists are afraid to treat victims of sexual abuse fearing a similar fate. Left untreated, these victims are likely to become the next generation of predators. This bill would ensure due process.”

“Yes, children who are sexually abused are innocent victims, but they are not the only innocent victims,” Marsh said in his official testimony. “I think we would all agree that if a person who has not committed a crime is found guilty and sent to jail, then that person also is an innocent victim.”

Whatever side one rests on concerning Afshar’s conviction, Marsh’s claim that state psychologists “are afraid to treat victims of sexual abuse fearing a similar fate,” seems to be a stretch. Criminal cases against mental health providers in New Hampshire are incredibly rare; Afshar’s is is the only complaint that has led to criminal prosecution since the New Hampshire’s Board of Psychologists began regulating the profession in 2013.

The bill’s co-sponsor, Republican Jess Edwards, testified that without a change in law, retirees like himself could be dissuaded from working with troubled youth in programs like Big Brothers, Big Sisters of America because of the chance of being falsely accused of sexual abuse.

“The social cost of discouraging adults from engaging youth populations is extremely high,” Edwards wrote in his official testimony.

A third sponsor, Democrat Mary Heath, withdrew her support in response to fierce opposition. Objections came from varied organizations including the New Hampshire Coalition Against Domestic and Sexual Violence, the County Attorney’s Association, The New Hampshire Chiefs of Police, and the New Hampshire Psychologist Association, which wrote in a statement that “Sexual assault victims already face significant challenges when seeking justice, and corroborating evidence is not always available. This proposed change places a higher onus on victims and may especially disadvantage children.”

Sexual assault—especially of a minor—is a clandestine crime, as the bill’s opponents have all noted. Bruises ripped clothing, or eye witnesses are hard to come by. Child molesters aren’t known to commit their crimes in the presence of others, and often exert power over their victims by telling them that no one will believe them.

This bill, its opponents argue, seeks to formally codify that threat by resurrecting so-called corroboration rules, laws that legal experts and advocates have fought against since the 1970s and that most states had entirely banished by the early aughts, according to a 2004 paper by Michele J, Anderson, now president of Brooklyn College and one of the country’s foremost experts of legal issues surrounding rape.

With HB 106, Marsh wants New Hampshire to go further than any state has sought to in years. “What New Hampshire is considering, requiring corroboration in all cases where the defendant has not been convicted previously, goes far beyond the requirements of any state I can think of,” Roger Canaff, a legal expert on sexual abuse cases, told the Concord Monitor.

Whether his bill will ever escape committee remains to be seen. Considering it faces vocal opposition, goes further than any other corroboration standard in the country, and its Democratic co-sponsor has removed her support, its chance for passage looks bleak.

Not that it bothers Marsh.

“I never had any illusions about the chances for my bill,” Marsh told me. “After all, they advise us not to submit bills in our first year and I’m in my first few weeks. But that won’t make the issues go away.”



There was a bill presented by California lesbian Senator Sheila Keuhl (D) promoting Senate Bill 1313 which was the equivalent of the bill above in 2004 in the State of California. The bill has gotten past both houses of the Democratically controlled California State Legislature and was on its way to Arnold Schwarzenegger’s desk for signature.

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In 2013, California Congresswoman Jackie Speier, Democrat, proposed another bill to federalize a state law that protects pedophiles.  The bill is known as SB1172 in California.  Speier’s bill was designed to prohibit counseling to change a person’s sexual orientation.  But “Sexual orientation change efforts’ means any practices by mental health providers that seek to change an individual’s sexual orientation.”  According to this bill, a mental health provider should not” do any attempt to change the client’s “sexual orientation” and if he does, according to this bill, the counselor could be sanctioned if there was AN ATTEMPT to get a pedophile or gay individual to change his behavior or speak negatively about their behavior as it relates to sexuality.

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Status: PASSED.

This bill was passed in California. Again here, Republicans tried to add an amendment specifying that pedophilia is not covered as an orientation, but the Democrats again defeated the amendment. The Democrats knew that by labeling pedophilia a sexual orientation, discrimination laws apply and pedophiles cannot be barred from jobs such as teaching preschool based solely on their pedophilia.

How many bills like this have been passed in different states?

This is why we see what we see today.

This is why they have become so arrogant to have pages and websites and attack us claiming we are subjected to hate speech as we offend their sexuality. This is THE LAW and we didn’t know it.


Although the law does not specifically mention pedophilia, in its explanation, pedophilia is named as one of the protected sexual orientations.

The next Pedophile Protection Act not only protects pedophilia as a “sexual orientation” but also considers the objection of opponents as “hate crime.”

These quoted articles were sent to me by my friend @GodSentUs777  . He is a great researcher and a good follow.


The degradation of morality in the Obama era, under this sinister bill that accompanies H.R. 1913 (Hate Crimes Bill), S. 909 Criminalized Christianity and gave a special protection to pedophiles. A combination of the Pedophile Protection Act along with the Hate Crimes Bill presented below was the turning point towards criminalizing Christianity, and protecting sexually deviant activities as sexual preferences.


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It was Senate Majority Leader Harry Reid (D-NV), to add the “Matthew Shepard Hate Crimes Prevention Act,” (which is better known to conservatives as the “Pedophile Protection Act,”) to his short-term legislative list.

A bill which makes 547 deviances as legal sexual orientations and opposing them will be convicted as “hate crime.”

The list can include all of the following;

Incest – sex with one’s offspring
Necrophilia – sexual relations with a corpse
Pedophilia – sex with an underage child
Zoophilia – bestiality, a crime in many states

Voyeurism – a criminal offense in most states
Fronteurism – a man rubbing against an unknown woman’s buttocks
Coprophilia – sexual arousal from feces
Urophilia – sexual arousal from urine

Here again, attempts by House Republicans to add amendments stating “pedophilia is not protected as a sexual orientation” were blocked. Hey, folks what’s going on? Why all Republican attempts to remove pedophilia from the list were blocked? This time it was Lesbian Congresswoman Tammy Baldwin (D-WI).  She claimed that pedophiles would not be defined within “sexual orientation,” but wouldn’t put that in writing, and refused to define that phrase “sexual orientation.” Do you see the hypocrisy? Why other Republicans didn’t offer a clear definition of pedophilia? Where does it stand? Why twisting?

How should they announce they NEED to legalize pedophilia people? What do we need more than this??






See the WND article here.

Please read this article very carefully, especially the segment related to Rush Limbaugh and Eric Holder.

The Senate approved the measure 68-29 today after Democrats strategically attached it to a “must-pass” $680 billion defense appropriations plan.

Most Republicans, although normally strong supporters of the U.S. military, opposed the bill.

“The inclusion of the controversial language of the hate-crimes legislation, which is unrelated to our national defense, is deeply troubling,” Sen. Jeff Sessions, R-Ala., told Fox News after the vote.

The plan also hands out federal money to states and local governments in pursuit of “preventing” hate crimes.

Sen. Jim DeMint, R-S.C., said the move is a step toward criminalizing thought and suggested the bill will be a threat to those to speak out about their religious faith.

Obama was strongly supported during his 2008 presidential campaign by homosexual advocates and has expressed a willingness to act on the proposal, calling it an “important civil-rights issue.”

WND reported days ago when several organizations urged their members to contact Congress to oppose the plan.

The bill – which creates federal protections and privileges for homosexuals and other alternative lifestyles but denies those protections to other groups of citizens – earlier was approved in the U.S. House.

When the Senate earlier approved a key move, Mathew Staver, founder of Liberty Counsel, said, “In … months President Obama and the Democratic-led Congress have forced on the American people the most radical and immoral agenda.

“The administration and the Democratic-led Congress are out of touch with the mainstream. They represent the most fringe extreme elements of America. They will not be able to continue their efforts to undermine moral values, socialize the economy and trash American pride and heritage.

“The people will not remain silent forever,” he said.

The House vote prompted the American Family Association to alert its constituents and create a procedure for them to send e-mails to Washington about the plan.

“In its never-ending quest to shred America’s Judeo-Christian value system, the left is planning to hurriedly push through a ‘thought crimes’ bill,” the alert said. “So-called ‘hate crimes’ laws are really laws that criminalize thought because they punish an individual not for what he did but for what he thought. Politically incorrect thoughts about homosexual behavior will result in enhanced criminal sanctions under this law.”

The AFA said, “Everywhere hate-crimes laws have gone into effect, they have been quickly used to intimidate, silence and punish people of faith who express deeply held religious objections to the normalization of homosexuality.

“Such laws not only punish officially disapproved speech and thought, they create two tiers of victims. Under hate-crimes laws, some victims get more protections than others, which violates the fundamental American principle of equality under the law,” the alert said. “In fact, such laws actively discriminate against heterosexual Christians who are victims of crime, since they will get less legal protection than homosexual victims.”

The American Family Association said since “sexual orientation” nowhere is defined in the law, “this law will give pedophiles, voyeurs, and exhibitionists special protections, which is why the bill has correctly been called ‘The Pedophile Protection Act.’”

Also offering an online “contact Washington” process is the organization Pray in Jesus Name, founded by former U.S. Navy Chaplain Gordon Klingenschmitt, who was involuntarily removed from the U.S. military after he prayed “in Jesus’ name.”

His organization submitted via fax almost 400,000 petitions to Washington opposing the “hate crimes” law.

Also, a separate larger FedEx campaign to warn U.S. Senate members of the dangers of the “hate crimes” plan dispatched more than 705,000 letters to senators.

The letter-writing effort was organized by WND columnist Janet Porter, who also heads the Faith2Action Christian ministry. It allowed citizens to send individually addressed letters to all 100 senators over their own “signature” for only $10.95.

Klingenschmitt said there is a remote chance Obama may not like the proposal, since it is linked to funding for an engine for the F-35 fighter jet, which he has opposed.

“If President Obama vetoes the F-35 second engine, as he promised when speaking in Phoenix last spring, he will ironically kill the homosexual agenda and their evil ‘Pedophile Protection Act,’” he wrote.

Attempts by Republicans to add amendments stating “pedophilia is not protected as a sexual orientation” were blocked by House Democrats.

In fact, Rep. Alcee Hastings, D-Fla., said all alternative sexual lifestyles should be protected.

“This bill addresses our resolve to end violence based on prejudice and to guarantee that all Americans regardless of race, color, religion, national origin, gender, sexual orientation, gender identity or disability or all of these ‘philias’ and fetishes and ‘isms’ that were put forward need not live in fear because of who they are. I urge my colleagues to vote in favor of this rule,” he said.

Further, the proposal has a broad definition of “intimidation,” so a Christian pastor’s sermon could be considered “hate speech” if heard by an individual who then acts aggressively against someone based on “sexual orientation.”

The pastor, Klingenschmitt said, could be prosecuted for “conspiracy to commit a hate crime” or “inciting violence against gays” for quoting the Bible.

As it went through the House, the version was H.R. 1913, or the Local Law Enforcement Hate Crimes Prevention Act of 2009. The Senate then worked on its own version, and it ultimately was added as an amendment to a defense spending plan.

As WND reported, U.S. Attorney General Eric Holder admitted a homosexual activist who is attacked following a Christian minister’s sermon about homosexuality would be protected by the proposed federal law, but a minister attacked by a homosexual wouldn’t be.

The revelations came from Holder’s June testimony before the Senate Judiciary Committee, which was taking comments on the proposal. The measure also was the subject of discussion on talk-radio host Rush Limbaugh’s July 3 show.

The question,” Limbaugh said. “(Sen.) Jeff Sessions (R-Ala.) presents a hypothetical where a minister gives a sermon, quotes the Bible about homosexuality and is thereafter attacked … by a gay activist because of what the minister said about his religious beliefs and what Scripture says about homosexuality. Is the minister protected?”

No, said Holder.

“Well, the statute would not – would not necessarily cover that,” Holder stated. “We’re talking about crimes that have a historical basis. Groups who have been targeted for violence as a result of the color of their skin, their sexual orientation, that is what this statute tends – is designed to cover. We don’t have the indication that the attack was motivated by a person’s desire to strike at somebody who was in one of these protected groups. That would not be covered by the statute.”

Continued Limbaugh, “In other words: ministers and whites are not covered by the hate-crime statute because we’re talking about crimes that have a historic basis, groups who have been targeted for violence as a result of their skin color, sexual orientation. So hate crimes are reserved exclusively for blacks and homosexuals. Everybody else can get to the back of the bus on this one.”

The bill was nicknamed “The Pedophile Protection Act” when Rep. Steve King proposed an amendment during its trek through the U.S. House that would specify pedophiles could not use the law to protect their activities.

Majority Democrats flatly refused.

Erik Stanley, senior legal counsel with the Alliance Defense Fund, told WND the move is alarming because “this would be the very first governmental and societal disapproval of a sincerely held religious belief, held by a majority of Americans, namely that homosexual behavior is immoral.

“It’s the first time the federal government is writing into law a disapproval of that belief,” he said.

While he said he doesn’t believe there will be “immediate” prosecutions of pastors and churches for teaching the biblical injunction that homosexual behavior is a sin, “I think the effect on speech and religious speech is nonetheless real.”

He said he does expect that pastors soon will begin being called to testify in “hate crime” cases in court “as to what that pastor preaches, what the church teaches, what the Bible teaches.”

“When this happens, there will be a shock wave through pastorates in America,” he said.

Ultimately, he warned that the homosexual advocates who have pushed the “hate crimes” plan consider this law just the first step “toward silencing Christians.”

That development already has been observed not only with the enactment of “hate crimes” laws in other nations but in the “hate crime” related speech codes existing on many university campuses in the U.S., Stanley said.



See the article here.

Monday, May 11, 2009
Congress votes to protect pedophiles against ‘hate speech’
By Andrew Walden @ 5:20 AM :: 14601 Views :: FamilyCongressional DelegationFirst Amendment
by Andrew Walden

The US Senate Judiciary Committee is now considering the so-called Hate Crimes Prevention Act passed by the House April 29, under the sponsorship of Rep John Conyers (D-MI) and 120 other Representatives. Dubbed the “Thought Crimes Prevention Act” by some House Republicans, HB1913 includes pedophilia as a protected sexual orientation.

Prior to approval by the whole House, a party-line 10-13 vote of Conyers’ House Judiciary Committee April 23rejected a proposal by Republican Rep Steve King (R-IA) “to define the term `sexual orientation’ as used in the bill to explicitly exclude pedophilia.” Wisconsin Democrat Tammy Baldwin, an open lesbian, called the amendment, “unnecessary and inflammatory.”

When judges are required to interpret any Act resulting from passage of HB1913, they will refer to this vote and see that the intent of the lawmakers was to protect pedophiles. This could lead to federal felony prosecutions against anyone who acts to expel a pedophile from his neighborhood. Federal felony convictions require a minimum one-year incarceration in a federal penitentiary.

Catholic League President Bill Donohue explained:

“The debate is over: for liberals, child molesters should be given the same rights as homosexuals. Moreover, they should be given more rights than pregnant women and veterans; the latter two categories were explicitly denied coverage under the hate crimes bill. Even worse, an amendment that would bar prosecution based in whole or in part on religious beliefs quoted from the Bible, the Tanakh (Judaism’s sacred book) or the Koran was defeated by Democrats along party lines, 11-8. In other words, religious speech may be denied First Amendment protection.

“There would be national outrage over this if the media were to report on it and the public were allowed to weigh in on it. But the clock is ticking and freedom and morality are hanging in the balance.”

As Congress acts to protect pedophiles, Senator Barbara Boxer (D-CA) is renewing a push for so-called “children’s’ rights”. She is advocating passage of the so-called UN Convention on the Rights of the Child—signed by then-President Bill Clinton in 1995 but never approved by the US Senate. The UN Convention can be interpreted by liberal busybodies to interfere in parental rights in Western countries where the rule of law is upheld. But in Islamic countries such as Pakistan—a Convention signatory– pedophilia is rampant with as many as 1/3 of marriages between adult males and girls as young as six.

Fox News February 25 reports:

“Critics say the treaty, which creates ‘the right of the child to freedom of thought, conscience and religion’ and outlaws the ‘arbitrary or unlawful interference with his or her privacy,’ intrudes on the family and strips parents of the power to raise their children without government interference.”

An underage girl could be considered to be exercising her “freedom of religion” by “converting” to Islam and upholding the Koranic example of six-year-old Aisha who was married to the then-40-or 50- something Mohammed.

Children’s “right”–to be recruited by pedophiles–has for decades been a rallying cry of the North-American Man-Boy Love Association (NAMBLA) – itself for years a leader of the gay rights movement. Now after 40 years of secular humanist assault on the moral structure of America, several key pieces of the NAMBLA pedophile agenda are coming together at one moment on state, national and international stages.

Fox News reports:

Because of the Supremacy Clause in Article VI of the Constitution, all treaties are rendered “the supreme law of the land,” superseding preexisting state and federal statutes. Any rights or laws established by the U.N. convention could then be argued to hold sway in the United States.

“To the extent that an outside body, a group of unaccountable so-called experts in Switzerland have a say over how children in America should be raised, educated and disciplined — that is an erosion of American sovereignty,” said Steven Groves, a fellow at the Heritage Foundation, a conservative think tank.

Parental rights groups are similarly stirred; they see in the U.N. convention a threat that the government will meddle with even the simplest freedoms to raise their children as they see fit.

“Whether you ground your kids for smoking marijuana, whether you take them to church, whether you let them go to junior prom, all of those things . . . will be the government’s decision,” said Michael Farris, president of

Some of the secret history of child molesters in Democrat special interest politics has come to light with a series of molester-related cases in Hawaii.

On April 1 Maui Democrat Legislator Joe Bertram appeared in a state court on Maui to ask for sentencing leniency on behalf of his 30-year friend, convicted child predator Mark Marcantonio. In 2008, Bertram was the sole vote against creating a 10-year mandatory sentence for anyone convicted of first-degree electronic enticement of a child.

The office of another Hawaii Democrat Legislator, Rida Cabanilla is managed by Leon Rouse, a convicted child molester who pioneered gay rights legislation in his native Wisconsin over 27 years ago and then immediately began using gay rights as an excuse to drive the military out of the University of Wisconsin-Madison–located in the center of what is now Tammy Baldwin’s Congressional district. Rouse has worked for several Hawaii Legislators—including an earlier 2005 position in Rep Rida Cabanilla’s (D-Ewa) office and a 2006 position working for a Senate Committee controlled by Senator Roz Baker (D-Maui). In 2004 several Democrat Legislators threatened to impose new taxes on a cruise line which had fired Rouse for sexual harassment.

Why would Democrats take such political risks for a child molester? Perhaps because Rouse’s sexual activism has contributed to the national Democratic Party in ways which may be decisive to its very existence.

Rouse is credited by some for the 1982 passage in his native Wisconsin of the nation’s very first so-called “gay rights” law. Such efforts are integral in the formation of those who engage in homosexual acts into a political interest group tied to the Democrat Party—and to the image transformation of homosexuals from predators to victims. The creation of such interest groups was key to the party’s continued electoral survival after the collapse of Democrats’ system of segregation had led to the loss of their previous white racist base.

The newly passed Wisconsin law was just the beginning. Gay magazine Blueboy describes Rouse as the first to use gay rights as an excuse to drive the military off campus:

The current nationwide movement to force ROTC, and by extension the Department of Defense, to stop discriminating against sexual non-conformists or to get off campus began in 1982 when Wisconsin became the first state to pass a lesbian and gay civil rights law. Two students at the University of Wisconsin at Milwaukee, Eric Jernberg, and Leon Rouse, decided to ask their school to adhere to the spirit of the new law by suspending participation in the ROTC program if that program continued to violate the terms of the statute.

The anti-military campaign started by Rouse in 1982 was finally killed 24 years later by the unanimous March 6, 2006, Supreme Court ruling upholding the Solomon Amendment which requires federally funded colleges to allow access to military recruiters. But in those 24 years, anti-military efforts were a key tool in the establishment of the modern-day Marxist academic monopoly on US campuses—another key to the construction of the post-segregation Democrat base.

(Service to the Democrat Party might also explain the decision of 2004 Democrat presidential candidate, Massachusetts Senator John Kerry, to supply a March 18, 2009 character reference statement to the California judge sentencing Kerry campaign spokesperson Wade Sanders to prison for kiddie porn possession. In addition to being part of the team providing critical political cover to Kerry against the Swift Boat Veterans, Sanders was also a Clinton administration official and a Democrat commentator on veteran’s issues. Addressing the court, Sanders issued a rambling statement blaming PTSD and Republicans for driving him to collect kiddie porn. On May 3 Sanders was sentenced to 37 months in a federal penitentiary.)

The Legislative staff directory for 2007 shows that Rouse was also employed by Rep Joe Bertram (D-Maui). And Bertram’s other child-molester connection? Similar to John Kerry’s kiddie porn friend, The Maui News April 2 reports:

State Rep. Joe Bertram III urged leniency Wednesday for a Makawao man who was sentenced for using the Internet to arrange sexual contact with someone he thought was a 14-year-old girl, saying the defendant shouldn’t be sent to prison for an “imaginary crime.”

Bertram, a Democrat who represents South Maui, said he was the only representative who voted against changing the law last year to make a 10-year prison term mandatory for someone convicted of first-degree electronic enticement of a child.

“This is a bad law,” Bertram said. “It’s an imaginary crime. I feel very strongly that people should not be put into prison for an imaginary crime, especially when you have somebody who’s so committed to correcting this mistake.”

Child protection advocate Mark Klaas denounced Bertram in a radio ad which began running April 7: “I’ve seen some bad politicians. But State Representative Joe Bertram stands out. Just last week, Bertram went to court to help a child predator avoid prison-time. A 52-year-old man tried to lure a 14-year old girl over the Internet for sex. And Bertram didn’t think he should go to jail. That hits close to home… Polly was 12 when she was killed…..”

The Honolulu Advertiser reports: “Bertram said that since there was no minor actually involved in the crime, ‘it’s thoughts that are being policed.’” Defending Bertram, anti-Superferry protester Andy Parx called Maui authorities “thought police”. This, as Congress seeks to outlaw constitutionally protected speech deemed ‘hateful’ to pedophiles. Remarkably this inversion of victim and victimizer mirrors the method of argumentation used to legitimize “gay rights” outlined in the 1987 article “The Overhauling of Straight America.”

Bertram also has appeared in court on behalf of another friend–a marijuana grower–and has advocated construction of a state-run marijuana farm in his district.

With the media attention to Bertram, Rouse might be expected to keep a low profile. But according to multiple sources within the Legislature, Rouse was rehired earlier this year to work as office manager for Hawaii Legislator Rida Cabanilla (D-Ewa) and has worked for her throughout the legislative session which ends in May.

Rouse’s employment is confirmed by staffer Rose Martinez answering the phone at Cabanilla’s office. Neither Rouse nor Cabanilla responded to a request for comment. Rouse may be the only Legislative employee anywhere in the US to have a criminal record as a child molester. Hawaii’s House Democrats pushed hard in a failed attempt to pass HB 444—Gay Civil Unions—in this year’s legislative session.

Rouse’s service to his party may explain the help he received from many elected Democrats in the US Congress. According to the May 22, 2005, Honolulu Advertiser:

U.S. Sen. Dan Inouye, D-HI, and U.S. Sen. Daniel Akaka, D-HI, informed a friend of Rouse’s on Maui that they had written to the Philippine ambassador to the United States. Both the late U.S. Rep. Patsy Mink, D-HI, and U.S. Rep. Neil Abercrombie, D-HI, wrote to the State Department.

In Rouse’s home state of Wisconsin, U.S. Sen. Russell Feingold, D-WI, and U.S. Sen. Herb Kohl, D-WI, along with several U.S. House members, wrote letters for Rouse. (Former) U.S. Sen. Rick Santorum, R-PA, one of the most conservative members of the Senate, wrote to the State Department, as did U.S. Rep. Jerrold Nadler, D-NY, among the most liberal members of the House of Representatives…

Former Big Island [Democratic] State Sen. Andrew Levin wrote to the American ambassador in Manila to look into whether Rouse was denied due process. Levin also asked then-Gov. Ben Cayetano’s office for advice about whether the Democrat-controlled state Legislature should pass a resolution requesting that Congress investigate Rouse’s plight.

The Clinton-era U.S. Embassy in Manila contacted the Philippine authorities on Rouse’s behalf.

Rep. Tammy Baldwin appears in another part of the Rouse story as well. According to an October 29, 2002, article in the Wisconsin gay community newspaper In Step:

Rouse has been actively pursuing his case from prison, personally and through family and friends, contacting several members of the U.S. Congress for help. Rouse and supporters wrote letters to Rep. Gerald Kleczka, Rep. Tom Barrett, Rep. Nancy Pelosi, Rep. Tammy Baldwin, Sen. Russell Feingold, Sen. Herb Kohl, and Sen. Daniel Inouye. Personal pleas were also made to the Philippine Ambassador to the United States and other government officials, all to little effect.

Rouse also corresponded with [then-] Milwaukee Archbishop Rembert Weakland. Weakland wrote a letter to Cardinal Jaime Sin of the Philippines, asking for help on Rouse’s behalf.

Weakland, one of the most liberal Catholic Archbishops, resigned in disgrace in 2002 after revelations of a gay-sex-and-hush-money scandal.

After being released from prison in late 2003, Rouse was immediately deported and banished for life from the Philippines. But returning to Hawaii after nearly 8 years out of circulation, Rouse was quickly able to receive employment references from several legislators which he used to land a job at Norwegian Cruise Lines starting May 2, 2004. He didn’t last long. On June 11, 2004 was fired and thrown off the ship in California after being accused of sexually harassing his male coworkers.

When news of Rouse’s firing reached his friends in the Hawaii Legislature, they immediately sprung into action. According to a January 19, 2006 article in Hawaii Reporter:

(Former Senator Brian) Kanno asked his colleagues, both House and Senate elected officials, to sign a letter demanding that the company rehire Rouse or pay him restitution and travel expenses. In addition to Kanno’s signature, the letter dated Aug. 24, 2004, to Norwegian Cruise Line (NCL), was signed by Democrat Senators Roz Baker, Suzanne Chun OaklandBrian Taniguchi and Carol Fukunaga – all chairs of their respective committees. In addition, House Chairs Roy Takumi, Kenneth Hiraki and Eric Hamakawa [all Democrats] signed the letter.

Kanno also introduced a resolution (SR65) requiring the cruise line to detail its sexual harassment policy, and demanded that the state Department of Taxation consider mandating the cruise line pay Hawaii’s 7.25 percent transient accommodations tax. The Senate members who signed the resolution include: Sens. Carol Fukunaga, Roz Baker, Brian Kanno, Gary HooserClarence NishiharaRon MenorRussell KokubunKalani EnglishColleen Hanabusa and Brian Taniguchi. [All are Democrats.]

When NCL refused to bend over to the legislators’ demands, Sen. Kanno helped Rouse get a job as office manager for State Representative Rida Cabanilla, D-Waipahu starting in January, 2005. As news of his criminal record came to light, Rouse quickly became a political liability—but even then still had his defenders.

Former Hawaii State Democratic chair Richard Port wrote an April 15, 2005 opinion column in support of Rouse. The AFL-CIO backed him. But he was forced to resign his position working for Cabanilla. According to the April 9, 2005 Honolulu Advertiser:

“Rouse said he did not tell Cabanilla, D-42nd (Waipahu, Honouliuli, ‘Ewa), about the conviction for fear he would not be hired and said she was upset when she first heard. ‘The lady is a sweetheart,’ he said. ‘I didn’t want to be on her back. I didn’t want to taint these people who had nothing to do with it.’”

In an April 23, 2005 letter to the editor of the Star-Bulletin one of Cabanilla’s supporters claimed, “The fact is, Cabanilla did not know of the incident in the Philippines (where Rouse spent eight years in prison).”

Apparently those excuses are no longer available to Cabanilla. Neither she nor Rouse returned this reporter’s phone call requesting comment about her decision to re-hire the convicted molester. Personnel answering the phone at Cabanilla’s legislative office did confirm Rouse’s employment there but refused to answer any questions and hung up on this reporter.

Cabanilla is not the only legislator to employ Rouse. In full knowledge of his criminal record, Rouse was hired for the 2006 session in a new position as a legislative committee assistant serving one of his original backers, Sen. Roz Baker. Rouse is also credited for helping launch Kanno’s abortive political career.

Given these levels of support one might expect that Rouse had an exculpatory story, but even the UN High Commissioner for Human Rights, in a July, 2005 report on an appeal by Rouse – a report which Rouse claims proves his innocence – describes the circumstances of Rouse’s arrest in damning terms:

Around noon on the day of arrest, he [Rouse] arrived at Pichay Lodging House, where he saw Harty Dancel, a former acquaintance, accompanied by two individuals, Pedro Augustin and Godfrey Domingo. The four of them had lunch in a restaurant, where Dancel offered Godfrey to have sex with the author. The author refused, arguing that the latter was too young, even after Dancel insisted and assured him he had reached the age of majority.

Later in the day, the same three persons waited for the author at his hotel. Dancel had them invited to the author’s room. After the author [Rouse] had taken a shower, Dancel and Augustin left the room, leaving him alone with Godfrey. The latter requested to use the bathroom, where he undressed. When there were knocks on the door, the author opened, and police officers entered. At that moment, neither the author nor Godfrey wore clothes.

In the initial Philippine court decision the events are described thus:

On or about the 4th day of October 1995, in the City of Laoag, Philippines, and within the jurisdiction of this Honorable Court, the herein accused did then and there, willfully, unlawfully, and feloniously by using his adult influence and promising to pay 200 pesos ($3.79 US), engage one Godfrey Domingo, a male child who is below 18 years of age, as in fact he is 15 years old, for lascivious acts and committed said acts by masturbating and sucking the penis of the child and inserting his penis into the anus of the child all of which acts were committed by the accused on said child at Room 205 of the Pichay Lodging House at Laoag City, but which acts although already performed by the accused on the child was discontinued due to the intervention of the police who apprehended the accused who was then naked and in the company of Godfrey Domingo who was also naked in Room 205 of the Pichay Lodging House.

Rouse appealed all the way to the Philippine Supreme Court where his appeal was denied on April 23, 2003. He served eight years of a 10-to-15-year sentence in New Bilibid Prison in Muntinlupa City. After complaining of kidney stones, Rouse was released by the Philippine authorities on September 29, 2003 and immediately deported and banished for life from the Philippines.

Back in Hawaii, the political agenda of Mr. Kim Coco Iwamoto, transsexual member of the Hawaii Board of Education goes beyond the schools and reaches into the home. Iwamoto was elected with support from the hotel workers union and leaders of both the Hawaii Libertarian Party and Grassroot Institute of Hawaii.

At a May 18, 2006 BOE meeting, Iwamoto presented written testimony which seems to imply children should be taken from “homophobic” or “transphobic” parents. Coming about the time Iwamoto was filing papers to run for the Oahu BOE seat, Iwamoto’s testimony reads: “I am writing to you today as a licensed foster parent of gay, lesbian, bisexual and transgender youth. Many of my foster children have come to me after being removed from homes that were abusively homophobic and transphobic.”

It is not clear how Iwamoto (or the State) defines a “transphobic” or “homophobic” parent and under what conditions Iwamoto believes such parents should have their “transgender youth” taken away from them by the State. Is a “transphobic” parent one that opposes his son’s desire for sex-change surgery? Is that to be grounds for the state to remove your child?

Given the treaty and the bill now before the US Senate, it may soon be.


Vote tally on HB 1913:

World Net Daily: Filibuster Pedophile Protection Act!

Call your two U.S. senators right now at 202-225-3121. Then I recommend you communicate another message to them. Perhaps something like this:

Dear Senator:

If there were ever a time for you to stand and fight, it is now. In addition to criminalizing speech, S. 909, “The Local Law Enforcement Hate Crimes Prevention Act,” gives an elevated level of protection to pedophiles (as was demonstrated in the House version) and must be stopped.

We are counting on you to stand against this with a filibuster.

If you won’t stand to fight a bill that provides pedophile protection, just what will you filibuster? Hearings to expose this dangerous bill must also take place before any vote is taken.

Please respond to me regarding whether you will stand and filibuster the pedophile-protecting Federal Hate Crimes Bill, S. 909, and insist on Judiciary hearings to debate this very dangerous freedom-threatening legislation.



This is not a joke.

The hate crime Act takes directly on Christians and considers the anti-homosexual verses of the Bible as hate speech. Therefore, the Act is the first step to criminalizing the thought. One of the main opposers of the bill was Jeff Sessions, then Alabama Senator, but the bill was approved 68-29 in The House.

That is the danger of a House under Democratic siege. If you think that losing the House in Nov 2018’s election was a victory! then wait for it and see a House that passed several pedophile acts, can do way more with the majority of Democrats occupying those seats.

This specific Act seems to give federal protections and privileges to homosexuals and nothing more but looking deeper it says homosexuals and “other alternative lifestyles” Then at the same time offers federal money to states and local governments in pursuit of “preventing” hate crimes, meaning the opponents will be charged and prosecuted using the federal budget.

As The American Family Association said; since “sexual orientation” is nowhere defined in the law, “this law will give pedophiles, voyeurs, and exhibitionists special protections, which is why the bill has correctly been called ‘The Pedophile Protection Act.’”

The statement by The American Family Association was perfectly approved when Attempts by Republicans to add amendments stating “pedophilia is not protected as a sexual orientation” were blocked by House Democrats.

Don’t you still fear a House conquered by the Democrats? In fact, they not only blocked the attempts but also Alcee Hastings, D-Fla., claimed all alternative sexual lifestyles should be protected. What do you think he meant by “all alternative sexual lifestyles?” Why did they create hundreds of categories inside the LGBT community? Did they do it because they felt sympathy for bizarre genders that were non-existent in 2009? or did they do it to box the pedophilia in the list and protect it?

I think we should search the answer in what “really” happened since 2009 and stop speculating about it. What really happened was thousands of pedophile websites promoting, debating, advertising, recruiting and even proudly announcing to be a pedophile and proud.

What really happened was the shameless Ted Talk and other speeches protecting pedophiles as people with an “alternative lifestyle.”


What really happened was the LGBT community presenting MAP AKA minor-attracted people as a sexual orientation. The irony is the LGBT community advertises for MAPs then claims it has nothing to do with them, then advertises again and rejects again and this rollercoaster game playing has created a false confirmation-rejection process, and an accept-deny pattern that lets the pedophiles to attack people who claim MAP category comes from LGBT community. They attack you by saying: “no LGBT is against this category” then tomorrow you see a MAP advertisement on LGBT platforms.

This is a big theater folks. We shouldn’t fool ourselves and believe their CLAIMS. We should only believe what we SEE with our eyes which is what I gathered below.



I followed these hashtags and in different tweets, all these pages which belong to LGBT community were claiming that these websites are fake and the LGBT community has never accepted nor claimed to have any connection with these websites. Meanwhile, an article on Daily Caller says otherwise:

Read the Daily Caller article here

Pedophiles Believe They Should Be A Part Of The LGBT Community

Pedophiles are rebranding themselves as “MAPs” or “Minor-Attracted Persons” in an effort to gain acceptance and be included into the LGBT community.
According to Urban Dictionary, the blanket term MAP includes infantophiles (infants), pedophiles (pre-pubescent children), hebephiles (pubescent children), and ephebophiles (post-pubescent children). Some MAPs also refer to themselves as NOMAPs or “Non-Offending Minor-Attracted Persons”.
These pedophiles seek to be a part of the LGBT+ community, even going so far as to make a “Pride” flag for Gay Pride Month.

The “MAP/NOMAP community” tries to pull at people’s heartstrings by claiming that pedophiles are misunderstood marginalized people and that as long as their attraction to children is not acted upon — or in some cases when they get permission from the child — that they should not be villainized.
Sites such as “The Prevention Project” claim to be aimed at helping children, posting quotes like the one below, reminiscent of testimonials of struggling gay youth, under headlines like “everyone needs support”.

“John” was suicidal. He had been bullied by trolls on social media for most of his life for being different. The bullies were primarily people who claimed, based on their religious beliefs, that “John” was going to hell and deserved to die. They described how they would kill him on his twitter page and people supported their hate. Desperate for help, John sought treatment for his shame, depression, and suicidality. Although he was scared to share about himself with a stranger, he felt desperate for help as he had NO desire to harm anyone, ever. Once he shared about his attraction to children, his therapist told him, “I don’t treat sex offenders.”

Many blogs exist on Tumblr showing support for MAPs, claiming that they should be a part of the LGBT community and attempting to create “safe spaces” for these “minor-attracted persons”. The blog “Pedophiles about Pedophilia” also presents many sob stories of “marginalized” pedophiles in pretty pastel colors, claiming that they mean no harm and just want to be loved like everyone else as shown in such headlines as “Why Pedophilia And Pedophiles Are Not A Risk To Children”, “Growing Up A Pedophile” and “How I came out as an anti-contact pedophile to the woman I love”.
This name change seems to follow in the liberal trend of rebranding things by giving them more “politically correct” names, but is the next step really normalizing pedophilia?


Just look at the collection I provided here, starting from Judges, celebrities, actors and unknown pedophiles and see the dimensions of this catastrophe.










NAMBLA; The Pedophiles’ Website Right In Our Faces















And there are thousands and thousands of them…

Thousands of websites and blogs condoning pedophilia appear everywhere.

The scary picture not to underestimate reminds us of the Right’s rhetoric that “this is never going to happen.” How many times we said the same thing and it happened?

Can you compare today’s world with the 1980s? No!

–“Only the small secrets need to be protected. The big ones are kept secret by public incredulity.”

— Marshall McLuhan

Just stop the disbelief and start a  360 degrees WAR on pedophilia.

An Anon sent me a link regarding a woman who calls herself “Pam.”

Pam entered the dark web using TOR and has encountered a safe haven for pedophiles. She infiltrated amongst them and witnessed a distinction of two categories: Child Lovers and Child Molesters.

Child lovers are again two categories; those who claim to have never touched a child but are attracted to children and enjoy watching the movie featuring the children and child lovers who in terms of their sexuality, talk like they have a love relationship with the child whom they are molesting. These child lovers and child molesters include married couples who breed children into this purpose and start to have sex “relationship” with these children as young as infants which is called infantophilia.

The child molesters instead, are those who want to hurt and rape the child or even torture and kill them and make snuff movies.

I am not sure why this lady Pam didn’t inform the FBI as soon as she entered the dark web and I am not sure if this lady ever did so. However, every little piece of information can help us but I am sure the law enforcement knows better than us but as with TOR, it seems there is no way to trace them. The woman reports that the use of a very restricted code language is common on the dark web because, after the pizzagate, the pedophiles are exactly aware of the risk of sloppy hashtags and codes which may lead to their arrest.

“Undercover Researcher Infiltrates The Deep Web. This Is What She Finds — Pedophile Haven
07/06/2018 By Stillness in the Storm Leave a Comment
(David Cohen) The Deep Web is not The Dark Web. The Dark Web is the encrypted network that exists between Tor servers and their clients. The Deep Web is simply the content of databases and other web services that cannot be indexed by conventional search engines. You can only access 0.03% of the Internet via search engines; the rest is what makes up The Deep Web used mostly by pedophiles.
Related Child Porn Sting Hits Disney World, Legoland, and Local Boy Scout Parent
Source – Anonews

by David Cohen, June 24th, 2018
Cracked’s source, “Pam”, spent months undercover in an online community of child molesters, learning their lingo and studying their ways as part of an undergrad research project. She shares some of her horrifying experiences of visiting the dark side of the Internet …

#5. The Dark Web Has A Whole Pedophile “Community”
Child pornographers have their own Wikipedia, which is accessible through Tor, named “Hard Candy”. There is also a discussion forum called 3DBoys, which is full of erotic art; however, there isn’t any actual po*rn on 3DBoys. There is also a site called 7axxn, essentially the Mos Eisley Cantina for child pornographers. Since its membership was heavily restricted, the only way to get into 7axxn was to get an invitation from a current member and gaining their trust would require breaking the law. This whole “incriminate yourself to get inside” attitude was common among pedophiles of The Deep Web. Pam got lucky though; someone invited her on the third day and she was in. The further in she got, the more terrifying the implications of her research became.”

#4. There Are “Child Lovers” And Then There Are “Child Molesters”
7axxn is a community of over 90,000 registered users, filled with gigabyte after gigabyte of child pornography. Most users are just there for the po*rn, but hundreds of them also contribute to a lively set of discussion forums. There are even polls, breaking down the popularity of things such as “Hurtcore”, which is the charming shorthand term for pornography featuring the violent physical abuse of children. Within the “community” there are people who are sexually assaulting victims who were incapable of giving consent (real rape), and those who are having ‘mutual’ sexual relationships with children (real se*x).”


#3. It’s A Family Business
Pam found a moderator on 7axxn with the moniker sarahthecunt, who claims to have been molested by her dad as a young girl and enjoyed it so much that she grew up taking pride in her identity as a pedophile. She has three children that she and her husband are “bringing up pedo” (her husband is a member, too). This is another way of saying they rape their children and convince them that they’re enjoying it. She posts videos she and husband make; according to her, the kids are willing participants (obviously they can’t be). Here, in sarahthecunt’s own words, are the rules they set for their children:

“#2. Child Molesters Have A Handbook
How does she manage to stay hidden from the eyes of the law for so long? Because people like her have a handbook that includes bits on argumentative justifications for pedophilia. Among other things, it advises buyers of child po*rn to do their business in Bitcoin and teaches readers “… how to have se*x with children, and hide it from a significant other”. The handbook also keys newbie pedophiles in on helpful hints such as using the shorthand acronym CP, instead of actually typing “child pornography”. Another term the community uses to avoid suspicion is “young friends”, which refers to the children they’ve either abused or wanted to abuse. The community further protects itself by carrying out all their communication anonymously on Tor and keeping vigilant moderators.”

“#1. They Are Very Good At Staying incognito
One day, Pam discovered a thread about the best way to drug children (one quote: “[Drug name removed] does wonders. Very mild and relaxes muscles too … Btw [removed] only make them tired and lethargic. Not a good choice for a light sleeper unless mixed with etoh (alcohol). Be careful.”). Disgustingly, those posts were right alongside those insisting that kids just love se*x.

Pam looked for any court-admissible evidence, location data, ID information… but she found nothing. People in The Deep Web are very open about what they want to do to children, but also very careful about not mentioning where they are located. And the credit goes to Tor – that’s why it is next to impossible to stop the spread of child p*rn across the hidden reaches of the Internet.
Buy Book Captive: A Mother’s Crusade to Save Her Daughter from a Terrifying Cult.”


Former U.S. House Majority Leader Tom DeLay: The Obama DOJ Drafted A Memo To Legalize 12 “Perversions,” Including Bestiality, Pedophilia & Polygamy



Since 2004, legislators have presented many bills which nullify the article 3 of the universal declaration of human rights, in which you’re entitled to live with both freedom and safety and leads to the correct assumption that if one is affected by a horrible mental disorder they need to immediately seek help in order to protect those around them and themselves and also the Mandatory Reporters of Child abuse and neglect which obligates All States, the District of Columbia, American Samoa, Guam, the Northern Mariana Islands, Puerto Rico, and the U.S. Virgin Islands have statutes identifying persons who are required to report suspected child maltreatment to an appropriate agency, such as child protective services, a law enforcement agency, or a State’s toll-free child abuse reporting hotline. According to Mandatory Reporters of Child Abuse and Neglect, all individuals designated as mandatory reporters who typically have frequent contact with children like Social workers, Teachers, principals, and other school personnel , Physicians, nurses, and other health-care workers, Counselors, therapists, and other mental health professionals, Childcare providers, Medical examiners or coroners and Law enforcement officers  are mandated by law to report child maltreatment.

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The Pedophile Protection Act nullifies the Mandatory Reporters of Child Abuse and Neglect if the person in contact with the child has no criminal background.

“Pedophilia is the same as homosexuality,” is a claim that pedophiles appear to be trying to rationalize their perversion by claiming that their “sexual orientation” fits in the LGBTQ+ community.

Being attracted to the same gender is not the same as being attracted to someone who cannot consent. There are several Acts passed by the Congress without our knowledge. There has been no publicity on them by the media. They have remained in dark but the pedophiles have been well aware of them through their communities and informants so they have grown in numbers, published their networks, claim to have only a sexual preference like any other and now claiming their “rights” as pedophile rights equal to human rights. They are now claiming to suffer from discrimination over their “sexual orientation.”

Their activists seek the same rights for pedophiles as heterosexuals claiming the desire for children is born with them as a “deep-rooted predisposition that becomes clear during puberty and does not change” and claiming to be tormented by this attraction.

That means if somebody is born with the desire to steal or kill, he not only should be free to express this desire but also shouldn’t be subjected to any mental health treatment. Great justification huh? Moreover, this sexual orientation mania will include Incest, Necrophilia, Pedophilia, Zoophilia, Voyeurism, Fronteurism, Coprophilia, Urophilia, and any unimaginable “lifestyle” as they like to call it.

As you saw in the New York Times article above, in Justice Ginsberg’s attempt to lower the age of consent to 12, or in sexualizing children by the entertainment industry, everything is in place to serve pedophilia. Many articles are popping up referring to old pederasty in ancient Romans. The idea of having a love-sexual relationship with whom we are parenting is just horrendous but as we wonder why this argument is so vastly proposed, the credit goes to the Obama Administration which was secretly paving the way and legalizing one act after the other to completely decriminalize pedophilia and make it a norm to have sex with children.

The Obama administration legalized the Pedophile Protection Act which has been proposed in different bills since 2009 by different sponsors until completely passed and became law in 2017 just before leaving the office. It was a dead or alive issue for him. Any website, celebrity, newspaper, Tv series, Nambla, and Hollywood movie which glorifies pedophilia and promotes rights for pedophiles owe their courage and dare to the combination of these bills presented and approved by Obama Administration.

Obama had ordered American soldiers in Afghanistan to ignore “bachebazi” by Afghan “allies” on U.S. military bases in deference to “cultural sensitivity. Bachebazi means raping young boys.

The media have largely ignored hundreds of sexual assaults against children. MTV, NETFLIX, and Hollywood broadcasted many cases of abusing children as a norm.

A child can not consent nor prove what the predator has done to him/her. There should be no word accepted over the word of an innocent being who has been abused by a perverted adult.


Mark 9:42 – And whosoever shall offend one of [these] little ones that believe in me, it is better for him that a millstone were hanged about his neck, and he were cast into the sea.

Matthew 18:6 – But whoso shall offend one of these little ones which believe in me, it were better for him that a millstone were hanged about his neck, and [that] he were drowned in the depth of the sea.


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