Witness Opens Up About Killing Children During High Profile Hunting Parties

This is an interview with Toos Nijenhuis; a 45-year-old psychologist and daughter of a noble pedophile family, for doctor Kevin Annett from The International Tribunal into Crimes of Church and State or ITCCS  in conjunction of The International Common Law Court of Justice of Brussels” ICLCJ which I have also reported in my book RING OF THE CABAL published in 2016.

I just need to emphasize that I don’t want to make this article long. I receive many emails concerning the complexity of some of our topics. People ask us to divide our articles in 3 or 4 smaller articles with different titles specifying each part as a different topic so after each long article, we’ll try to extract some smaller but definite subjects out of it. On the special subject of Royal Human Hunting and Satanic Ritual Abuse (SRA), if you need the big picture, you have to read RING OF THE CABAL.

As many of these whistleblowers claim, the old tradition of the black nobility of Europe and the founders of the cabal known as “Hunting” or as they call it amongst friends as “the little seek and hide game”; (where the landlords ride horses, chase children while they run for their lives naked, hide and wait to be found), is one of the famous practices amongst the top-ranked twilight elites happening in their Satanic garden parties. The game takes an entire weekend or even longer.

In this video, Toos Nijenhuis; daughter of a very rich and noble pedophile family explains what happens during the game when the children are found. She also recounts her personal experience as a daughter of a Satanic family who has been forced to start her practice at the age of four.  According to Toos, she was raped by his father and grandfather at the age of four in front of all members of the family to prepare her body for the luciferian indoctrination.

Toos says when children are found during the seek and hide game, they are raped, tortured, killed, cooked or eaten raw. She explains how some of these elites are engaged in necrophilia and rape their preys’ dead bodies. Witness Toos Nijenhuis told Dr. Kevin Annett from “The International Common Law Court of Justice of Brussels” ICLCJ in conjunction with International “Tribunal Court into Crimes of Church and the State” ITCCS Central Office of Brussels. Toos was offered by her own family to the black nobility of Europe as the family’s custom of reaffirming their satanic covenant and child offering for their rituals.

Here is the video of Toos and her memories.

It seems that the same tradition continued to be hot amongst the European elite and if the same nobility constituted the European Union, should their private parties be different if the people are the same people? It was on the news where some people did/do the job of providing children for the elite commissioners in Brussels. Tony Blair’s senior politician who was noticed by the Scotland yard for crimes against children before being identified by the FBI as a member of the Thomas Hamilton pedophile ring and you can read more about it here in these articles.

Madeleine McCann and Connections to Thomas Hamilton Pedophile Ring and Jill Dando’s Assassination


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