Destroying the Army & the Police, the Biden “Transmission-Facilitator” Ignores Iran, China & Russia Lining Up Against America

It would help much if people would develop a thought foundation or a belief system to let them see the world events through the lens of the oligarchs. If we base our mind upon a fundamental belief that some people in DAVOS, the Trilateral Commission, and Club of Rome decide and their handy tools like the United Nations, the World Economic Forum, the World Health Organization, and appointed governments execute their mandates, then each of their moves can not only be predicted but also dealt with.


Read Your Future Written by World Economic Forum AKA DAVOS

We are at a historic moment. Whatever is passed, is passed and we only have this present moment and to act, we need an in-depth vision. That’s why the Bible says: Without vision, people perish.”

If we look to the Joe Bama administration from the standpoint that this is a “Transmission Facilitator”, then reading their seemingly nonsense attitudes makes complete sense.


The man is indeed a fake president. One who doesn’t know where he is or what he is stating, and his babbling gaffs in an empty town hall manifest how cartoonish and jibber-jabber he is.  But if we see through the eyes of the oligarchs, who put him in position just as a faithful puppet, stupid enough and unable enough to make any move without them, a man buried in dirt up to his neck with no balls to resist them, then the big picture becomes very clear.



The blueprint they are following is not new. “They” have been subduing America the last 50 years but forcefully since 2008 after Barack Obama’s victory. These people need to get rid of America.

Below is part of a leaked document of Soros Open Society Foundation named Dissolution America. To read the full document click here. 

  • “The Dissolution” According to the terrifying Soros’s OSF leaked document “U.S Termination 21, The Last Election” (page 9) THE FINAL ELECTION will be accomplished by a collision of factors that will strike simultaneously to create a fracture in the American Dream.


  • (Page 3)Simply put, if the United States is to be moved towards progress, regular free elections must be abolished. This
    project began with The Brookings Institute’s Engines of Atrocity (2003, Brookings) and the creation and election
    of Barack Obama. Now, having reached a crisis–level inflection point, the country is situated for a Final
    Election. This document is the Executive Protocol that will be used for action planning, goals modeling, and
    prioritization of resources. It is also the grounding philosophical document for the new Reach of the Next 100


  • (page 4) In order to terminate the Democratic Process, the concept of a Final Election has been created
    and will be exported to America At Large using a Crisis Model / Schelling Point to drive large-scale
    behavior. This involves:
     · A House Divided: The Obama Project has been very successful in dividing once homogenous Americans by race and class. This will be improved on with H. Clinton adding gender to the primary divide.
    · Crisis Levels of Domestic Unrest with Visual Impact: In order to create the political atmosphere for change, there will need to be “tanks in the streets.” This requires a domestic enemy with paramilitary capabilities.


  • (page 4 Note) NOTE: In the Black Swan case, Open Society Institute will work with Media to ensure catastrophic negatives for whoever is counter-nominated. (Donald Trump’s case) · Dissolution: The final phase of The Last Election will be the creation of wide-scale Crisis Escalation followed by False Dawn. In this narrative, control of the nation will be ‘temporarily’ ceded to the Federal Government and restructuring will begin.
     · Rebirth: In concordance with Agenda 21 (Global Sustainability), we will rebuild America.


Leaked Open Society Foundation Document; The Last Election

The Dissolution Of America; According to The Terrifying Allegedly Soros’s OSF Leaked Document

Their blueprint needs to destroy America’s economy, imposing chaos, eliminating the internal and external defense (the police and the military), sparking national hate and division towards the American values and one against another, changing laws that prevail the American values, opening her doors to cultural infiltration with the intention of weakening it from its roots and starting wars. When you look into the Biden’s administration, that is exactly what they are doing.

We have talked about all the above in previous articles and here we want to talk about this administration’s actions to slide the country into a war.

Unlike the old patterns of traditional colonies, or modern “divide and rule”, “terrorist attack scare” and proxy armies, this time they are wounding America and enforcing her enemies. If you cannot see this, then you have to change your world-wide view.


The Biden administration not only treats the army as hostages, but it has also started to hammer the army with blistering strikes of critical race theory and transgenderism, policing the soldiers’ thoughts and adjusting the young men and women to their cultural modification and shifting their focus from serving America to hating an invasive America. Then cutting the budget and subjecting the armed forces to humiliating environments, “the establishment” has loaded a psychological war on the armed services. Once the army is under their claws, perturbating all sorts of mental and physical harm to these soldiers and controlling them have been the administration’s strategy. This is how they feed them.



biden treatment of soldiers

Biden’s treatment for the American troops in a parking garage near Dirksen Senate Office Photo by POLITICO


At the same time, the Biden regime is empowering China to gain military superiority either in national armed forces or informatics, feeding Iran with money and protection and giving them the greenlight to raise influence in the middle east through Hamas, Hezbollah, and Intifada in Palestine. If people knew the Palestinian regime belongs to Ayatollah Khamenei in Tehran, they would change their position toward Israel.


The Gateway Pundit writes: 

After years of working to re-legitimize America’s credibility and strength when confronting foreign policy, Donald Trump moved to make good on his promise to end the ‘forever wars’ and called to have all of our brave sons and daughters return home.

Trump was lambasted by just about everyone in the media for his actions

Now 6 months later, as Biden is cheered for pulling the remaining US forces out of the region, Beijing is gleefully stepping in to invest $62 Billion in Afghanistan to continue furthering its 60-country, $3 trillion ‘Belt and Road’ Initiative.

Of course it would be a 180 degree difference between the US troops leaving Afghanistan under President Trump,  with his “peace through strength” strategy or under creepy Joe. Trump would create fear even in his physical absence in Afghanistan but now, cleansing Afghanistan from the Chinese’s army will mean WAR.

Then there is the Russian problem. Iran, during her 40 years of Islamic oppression, was always behind Russia and China and the Biden regime is openly giving them a pass to line up against America. While Russia was willing to change this dynamic under President Trump and stand besides him to fight the global regime, with the new administration, Putin sets back and thinks of securing his position against the Joe Bama-United Nations regime.

While Russia was willing to change this dynamic under President Trump and stand besides him to fight the global regime, with the new administration, Putin sets back and thinks of securing his position against the Joe Bama-United Nations regime.


Just look into Afghanistan right now. For those of you who remember the Communist USSR occupation of Afghanistan was a key point for Zbigniew Brzezinski to offer the land of Iran to the Islamists and remove the nationalist king, just to hold the ground against the USSR and design EURASIA, then you analyze how significant that part of the world is.

Unfortunately, the world’s vision will not grow until the whole world understands that major shifts of power and the global dynamics will always depend on the middle east, particularly Iran, Iraq, Afghanistan, Syria, and Israel. As you see, I did not name Palestine because she is only a proxy army to provoke other actors mentioned before.

major shifts of power and the global dynamics will always depend on the middle east, particularly Iran, Iraq, Afghanistan, Syria, and Israel

Imagine China on top of the Middle East. The result will be bigger than a third world war. It would be devastating.

Now let us go back to America. With all the mayhem and chaos that we are witnessing, Soros has pledged one million dollars to defund the police movement. On May 14, Soros gave $1 million to Color Of Change PAC (defund the police) according to records filed with the Federal Election Commission.

That translates to blowing up streets, car burnings, hate-mobs establishing a non-reversible chaos, which leads to the United Nations interference. In other words, the Chinese Communist Party through the United Nations. It is well known how the United Nations is owned by Soros, running by the CCP, waiting for the right opportunity to act against America.


I do not want to be a doom and gloom preacher. I call America to open her eyes and see the things as they are. Believing in an invisible force who will save America behind a closet is a false hope. See through and act upon because it is the matter of now or never. Besides, the only unseen power who is forever on the throne and controls the heaven and earth is the Father. Blessed be the name of His Son Jesus Christ; the real happiness and hope. Find Him, feel the great relief in the midst of this chaos and equip yourself to navigate through this mayhem powerfully and full of joy. God bless you. Amen.



The Big Picture of George Soros’s Statements About “Destroying America ” Alongside His Payments to “Destabilizing America & Defunding the police”



The Role of The United Nations In Destabilizing The World


Destructive Philanthropy

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